25 Top Anime Romance Sad Ending List

Top Anime Romance Sad Ending List
Top Anime Romance Sad Ending List

Best Anime Romance Sad Ending, is an anime with full emotional stories that make the audience's feelings change because the stories given are made in a sad, moving, and other way that makes the hearts of the audience touched.

Usually, anime like this has a drama genre because an anime story will not be interesting if there is no drama touching it. For this time Noemnime will give a list of the best anime romance sad endings that are guaranteed to make your feelings get carried away to feel upset that cannot be lost in a short time.

What is Anime Romance Sad Ending be like?

Please note, that the presentation of the ending in an anime is very different, especially for anime romance. It aims to provide its own uniqueness so as to broaden the taste of the audience so that they will not be bored because they are often presented with happy ending stories. Especially for sad romance anime romance, the usual thing that happens in the story is:

  •  One of the main characters died
  •  The character pair failed to resolve their conflict
  •  The couple cannot be together or in other words separate
  •  and others
That is how the story of the anime romance sad ending. Immediately, here is a list of Anime Romance Sad Ending!

25. Charlotte

Charlotte - Top Anime Romance Sad Ending List

Number of Episodes: 13
MAL Rating: 7.92
Genres: Drama, School, Super Power
Yuu Otsaka, is a teenager who is blessed with supernatural abilities where he can possess other people in five seconds. But unfortunately, the strength he had he used by using it to possess the students in order to get high marks in the exam so he could enter a popular school called Hinomori High School.

When he started attending the school, once again, Yuu misused his power for personal gain.The strange act Yuu did was suspected by a girl named Nao Tomori. he soon learns that Yuu has the supernatural abilities he uses to get high marks in the exam. It is known that Nao also has supernatural abilities where he can make himself disappear.

In addition, he is also the student council president of the school and asks Yuu to gather people with supernatural abilities including his sister Ayumi Otsaka with the aim that they can be safe from the researchers who are targeting them to be used as experimental materials that make their lives fall apart like brother of Nao.

Best Anime Romance Sad Ending with a casual storytelling that is very comfortable to watch. The audience's emotions began to bear fruit when the story began to enter conflict where there were many unexpected plot twists that made the audience more curious about the next story.

The presentation of the story by giving superpower or supernatural elements in this series makes this anime look unique and highly recommended to watch.

24. School Days

School Days - Top Anime Romance Sad Ending List
School Days

Number of Episodes: 12
MAL Rating: 6.00
Genre: Harem, Drama, Romance, School
Makoto Itou, an ordinary male student who lives daily life normally in the city of Harahihama. At the beginning of the second semester, he saw a beautiful girl named Kotohana Katsura who turned out to be studying in the same place. Every day they always meet because they ride the same train.

Over time, Makoto began to be crazy about Kotohana.

Even Makoto quietly took Kotohana's photo to be used as a cellphone screen. Because Makoto was a shy man, he did not dare to speak to Kotohana. But when the theme named Saionji Sekai saw Kotohana's photo on Makoto's cellphone, he offered to help Makoto get close to Kotohana. After they started making friends and having close relationships, Makoto met Saionji to say thank you.

The three of them finally undergo a friendly relationship. But in this friendly relationship, it began to trigger a love story from three teenagers who made the happiness not last long.

Anime Romance Sad Ending is guaranteed to make your emotions mixed up between feeling sorry, angry, and sad. Knowing that this anime gets a low rating, the cause is the main character that makes you feel annoyed with it. But behind that there are some lessons to be taken in this story, especially the lesson that you must respect a woman.

This is an anime taken from a visual novel but there are some differences between the anime and the visual novel. When the conflict begins to peak, the psychological elements in this series begin to look which might make you goosebumps a little.

23. Kuzu no Honkai (Scum's Wish)

Scum's Wish - Top Anime Romance Sad Ending List
Scum's Wish

Number of Episodes: 12
MAL Rating: 7.57
Genres: Drama, Romance, Ecchi, School, Seinen
Hanabi Yasuraoka, a high school girl who falls in love with a man who is known to be very familiar with her and her family. The man was named Kanai Narumi, a man who worked as a teacher at the place where Hanabi attended school. Unfortunately, he had to accept the fact that the man she loved had a liking for a music teacher named Akane Minagawa.

One day, Hanabi met with Mugi Awaya, a high school teenager who turned out to have the same fate as her where the woman she liked who turned out to be Akane.

To get rid of deep heartache, Hanabi and Mugi decided to date. Their relationship immediately made the students around the school feel jealous and thought that Hanabi and Mugi were perfect match pairs. But in reality, the purpose of their dating turned out to be nothing but as an outlet to relieve the pain that each of them experienced.

The Drama story of love triangles is very complicated to understand with the Netorare conflict which makes the audience able to be carried away by the atmosphere and feel miserable with the storyline created in each episode.

As the story goes, there are scenes that make the audience unexpected where the development of the story is made perfectly. Visuals that are made with beautiful background and color polish are very comfortable to watch as recommendations for the best anime romance sad ending.

22. Romeo x Juliet

Romeo x Juliet - Top Anime Romance Sad Ending List
Romeo x Juliet

Number of Episodes: 24
MAL Rating: 7.7
Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Action, Historical, Drama
The floating continent of Neo Verona, is the place where the Montague Family came to power after they killed all the Capulet families and left a daughter from their family named Juliet Fiammata Asto Capulet. Fourteen years have passed after the incident, now the Montague family leader named Leontes became a ruler of the region.

In the conditions that Juliet experienced now as a member of the remaining Montague family, she decided to hide in a place where the Montague family didn't know.

In order to keep him safe while he was in the city, Juliet hid his identity by disguising himself as a defender of the truth with the name "Red Whirlwind" by looking like a man. One day, Juliet had met a man known to be a Montague prince named Romeo. They fell in love with each other in the first sight.

Unfortunately, the difference in their status from two hostile families makes them forced to face each other but they do it while maintaining their love.

Anime Romance Sad Ending about Romeo and Juliet, which was made a different version and changed to Best Fantasy Romance Romance. The beginning of the story where the main female character suffered a tragic fate.

But after that as the story goes you are given a romantic love story that is very sweet with dramatic moments that you cannot miss. For visuals, knowing the anime that was released in 2007, although it is less comfortable to look at but when you watch it, you may immediately get used to it.

21. 5 Centimters per Second

5 Centimters per Second - Top Anime Romance Sad Ending List
5 Centimters per Second

Episode Number: 3 (Movie)
MAL Rating: 7.93
Genre: Drama, Romance, Slice of Life
Tonoo Takaki and Shinohara Akari are two children who don't have friends. They decided to become friends after they were in the same class when entering elementary school. They prefer to spend time together by visiting the library rather than playing with other friends because their physical bodies are weak and susceptible to disease.Because they are often together, their friends often mock by saying that Takaki and Akari are dating.

After graduating from elementary school, Akari had to move and leave Takaki because of his parents' work. Finally they went to school in a different place, Akari continued her study to Tochigi while Takaki continued her studies in Tokyo. Even though they are far apart, Takaki and Akari often send letters and give each other news. But time passed, their existence farther away. for that they decided to meet one last time because of the possibility that they could not see each other again.

But when Takaki headed to the place that had been promised, a heavy snowstorm had hit the city and made Takaki's train run into obstacles.

This is a love story by dividing the story into 3 parts that make your heart touched. To understand the contents of the story well, you cannot jump over the scene or dialogue in the story. Anime production of Commix Wave Film certainly produces amazing visuals and is very beautiful even though the anime is an old one.

This is one of the Anime Romance Sad Ending that must be watched but if you don't understand the story even though it's been watched many times, you can read our article: Explanation and Purpose Ending Stories 5 Centimeters per Second

20. Clannad: After Story

Clannad: After Story - Top Anime Romance Sad Ending List
Clannad: After Story

Number of Episodes: 24
MAL Rating: 9.00
Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, Supernatural, Drama, Romance
Sequel from Clannad, continues the story of Tomoya Okazaki and Nagisa Furukawa. Summer holidays will end soon and the second semester will begin soon. After that they graduated from high school together. Tomoya who could not find a way to reach his future decided to learn the principle of life to work hard through the power of Nagisa's support.

They deepen relationships to form new bonds and face problems together in Acts that always run all the time. The beginning of the story begins when the father of Nagisa will do a baseball match against the team from the next store. At that time he invited Tomoya to take part in the baseball competition and asked him to gather other members together with Nagisa.

The follow-up story of the Clannad series with the presentation of stories that are not far from before, which is full of dramatic, moving stories, and sometimes surrounded by entertaining comedy scenes, as well as the development of characters from the previous ones made better through the conflicts they experienced.

Every episode will make you laugh, calm and cry sometimes. The excellence of this anime is the ending of the story is divided into two versions, namely Happy Ending and Sad Ending where both of them are executed perfectly and produce an amazing story.

19. Hotarubi no mori e

Hotarubi no mori e - Top Anime Romance Sad Ending List
Hotarubi no mori e

Number of Episodes: 1 (Movie)
MAL Rating: 8.54
Genres: Drama, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural
Intrigued by the story of Gods Mountain , a 6-year-old boy named Hotaru Takegawa tried to go to the mountain and ended up lost in the forest. After being desperate because he could not find a way out, he met a masked man named Gin. It is known that Gin is not a human but a spirit creature that lives around the forest.

He also said that he should not be touched by others because it will make him disappear. After the meeting, Gin helped Hotaru who was lost to find a way out of the forest. After Gin finally managed to bring Hotaru home safely, at that time Hotaru promised Gin that he would continue to visit him every summer. Now every summer, Hotaru keeps her promise by always going to the forest to meet Gin.

They play together and eventually become good friends. A few years later, Hotaru started growing up while Gin still remained the same and didn't change at all. Their friendship begins to foster a sense of love. Hotaru wants to continue to accompany Gin along with Gin.Knowing they are different creatures, can their relationship last a long time?

Best Anime Romance Sad Ending that you should not miss because it has a very impressive storyline to watch by presenting a unique story where the two main characters pair are different creatures.

The interesting thing about this series is how their relationship remains intertwined even though they are different in the world whatsoever for Gin that humans should not touch. This anime has a very beautiful visual from the scenery while for character design, this series is made in a simple but still comfortable way to watch. 

18. Fullmoon wa Sagashite (Searching for the Full Moon)

Fullmoon wa Sagashite - Top Anime Romance Sad Ending List
Fullmoon wa Sagashite

Number of Episodes: 52
MAL Rating: 8.05
Genres: Music, Comedy, Supernatural, Drama, Romance, Shoujo

Mitsuki Kouyama is a talented girl who has ideals as a famous singer. One day, he met a 16-year-old boy at an orphanage named Eichi Sakurai. The meeting made them begin to make friends and their relationship was getting closer and closer to causing love. Unfortunately when Mitsuki wanted to express her feelings, Eichi had left the orphanage because she had been adopted and transferred to America.

Before separating, they have made a joint appointment to realize their dreams. Mitsuki wanted to become a professional singer while Eichi wanted to be an astronaut. Two years later, Mitsuki began her steps to realize her dream as a singer. But at the beginning of his struggle he immediately faced a great ordeal where he was stricken with throat cancer which could reduce Mitsuki's performance in singing.

Not only that, after he had cancer, his grandmother became very hateful to music and asked Mitsuki to stop singing and then do a cancer removal operation whose effect would damage his vocal cords. But with Mitsuki's strong desire, he would not just give up and he refused to do surgery so that he could continue his singing career.

When Mitsuki struggled very hard to reach her wish, two shinigami named Meroko Yui and Takuto Akira appeared to meet Mitsuki and said that her life was only one year. The warning made Mitsuki ask for help from the two shinigami to make Mitsuki become a famous singer so that when she died, Mitsuki did not have any regrets at all.

A girl's struggle to achieve her goals while suffering from a disease and her grandmother who hinders her. The story is full of dramatic scenes and there are magic and comedy elements that make the audience sometimes feel happiness and sadness.

Character development in this series is very well made where as the story goes, the origin and purpose of the character is revealed and executed in a timely manner. For the visuals, the images and designs were made like the typical Shoujo anime and were very comfortable to watch even though they were included in the 2002 anime release. This is a list of Anime Romance Sad Ending that is highly recommended for you guys.

17. Hal

Hal - Top Anime Romance Sad Ending List

Number of Episodes: 1 (Movie)
MAL Rating: 7.63
Genre: Sci-Fi, Drama, Romance, Shoujo

The story is set in a time when Japan has been very advanced with the presence of advanced technology to the presence of robots that are ready to live side by side with humans. Although the technology there has been advanced, the great culture and traditions in Japan are not abandoned and still survive today.

Kurumi, is a beautiful girl who loves her lover named Hal. Unfortunately the tragic incident was experienced by his beloved lover where he had died from an accident that exploded.

After the incident, Kurumi often spent time confining herself, not wanting to eat, drink, and so on. To make Kurumi as usual, a company made a robot with a face similar to Hal and he was asked to accompany Kurumi. Hal Robot is assigned to be able to believe that Kurumi can become a thing. Can Robot Things be able to make Kurumi's life back to normal?

A love story about robots and humans enough to make touched you sad to shed tears. Artwork in character parts is the same as anime Ao Haru Ride knows that Original Design Characters from both series are the same person, Io Sakisaka.

The background created throughout the story is also very good, colorful, and very bright. In the midst of conflict, there is an unpredictable plot twist and soft music that is very supportive to give the atmosphere of Anime Romance Sad Ending.

16. Kotonoha no Niwa (The Garden of Words)

The Garden of Words - Top Anime Romance Sad Ending List
The Garden of Words

Number of Episodes: 1 (Movie)
MAL Rating: 8.25
Genre: Slice of Life, Psychological, Drama, Romance

Takao Akizuki, is a 15-year-old student who wants to become a prospective shoe designer someday. While the school was still in progress, he often chose to skip school in the rain by going to the park. One day he met a woman who was seen eating chocolate and drinking beer in neat clothes while sitting in the Gazebo. He was named Yukino Yukari, every time Takao came to the park, he always met with him wearing different shoes.

Yukino's different shoes attracted Takao's attention and made him eager to design his shoes to get inspiration. Eventually they got to know each other and when each rain fell, Takao always met Yukino and their relationship became increasingly intimate until they shared their provisions and told each other about themselves. When Takao told Yukino about his dream of being a shoe designer, Yukino wanted to help him by giving a book about shoe design. Their relationship is getting closer, Takao begins to have a feeling of love for Yukino even though no matter how old he is.

Anime Romance Sad Ending with quality graphics that spoil your eyes, amazing stories and interesting characters. Because this series is the work made by Makoto Shinkai, then to understand the contents of the story you need to pay attention to the dialogue and the scenes contained in the story so you can get the feeling when watching this anime.

15. Anohana (The Flower We Saw That Day)

Anohana - Top Anime Romance Sad Ending List

Number of Episodes: 11
MAL Rating: 8.54
Genre: Slice of Life, Supernatural, Drama

A group of friendly children always play together. But since the death of one of their friends named Meiko Honma or often called Menma who was caused by an accident, they began to separate and live their lives. After a few years, Jinta Yadomi, one of the leaders of the group is now living with be alone and stay away from the social world.

He doesn't go to school anywhere and just enjoys the rest of his life by playing games.
But his life began to change when a ghost appeared in Jinta's place which turned out to be a spirit from Menma. It has been known that Menma's cause became haunted because there were still desires that he had not yet realized. But unfortunately he did not remember this desire so Jinta must help seek Menma's wish by gathering his childhood friends once more so that Menma's last wish could be realized. Can Jinta be ready to gather his old friends even though they don't really want to meet again because it will remember the sad tragedy of the past with guilt.

Stories involving supernatural elements in which one of the main characters is a haunted ghost who wants to realize his last wish. The concept is very unique and original where rarely other anime that apply the concept of stories like this. The presentation of the groove is made well and in several episodes will make you teary and very suitable for you as Anime Romance Sad Ending lovers.

14. Air

Air - Top Anime Romance Sad Ending List

Number of Episodes: 12
MAL Rating: 7.41
Genre: Slice of Life, Supernatural, Drama, Romance

"Sky Girl" Is a legendary story that is told for generations. Knowing the story from his mother, a man named Yukito Kunisaki traveled to various places to find the Heavenly Girl. When he arrived in a city near the beach, at that time Yukito was hungry and had no money to buy food. He finally stopped searching for the sky girl and stopped in the city to perform a magic puppet show that he learned from his mother.

Hoping to get enough money to buy food, the show actually made the viewers feel bored and not interested until the show ended without getting any money. When he continued to endure hunger and almost fainted, a kind but strange girl named Misuzu Kamio immediately approached him. Seeing the circumstances experienced by Yukito, Misuzu offered him to live in his residence and asked him to become his friend.

There was no other choice, Yukito accepted Misuzu's offer for food. After finally Yukito's condition was better, he was allowed by Misuzu to stay home with him. While Yukito stayed at the Misuzu residence, he met several other girls, befriended them, and began to understand them to get instructions in finding the Heavenly Girl.

Anime Romance Sad Ending is adapted from Visual novel with the addition of fantasy and supernatural concepts. Besides that, the presentation is made emotionally and very dramatic which is guaranteed to make the hearts of the audience touched because as the story goes, it will make you feel like it is inside. The Animation of this series is quite good and is very suitable for romance drama anime, although it is quite old, where the anime was released in 2005

13. Angel Beats

Angel Beats - Top Anime Romance Sad Ending List
Angel Beats

Number of Episodes: 13
MAL Rating: 8.30
Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, School, Supernatural

Yuzuru Otonashi suddenly wakes up in a school yard in a state of not remembering what happened before he woke up except for his name. When he woke up, Otonashi met a purple-haired girl named Nakamura Yuri who said that Otonashi had died and now he entered the world of Afterlife which is a world for dead humans.

The world exists for those who die but still have the desire to be realized while still alive.
Yuri is the chairman of an organization called Shinda Sekai Sensen (SSS), an organization formed to fight the God who made the world. It is known that they are fighting against a girl who is known to be an angel named Kanade Tachibana. In this situation, he told Otonashi to stay away from Kanade. But Otonashi didn't believe all of Yuri's words and chose to meet Kanade and ask what had happened.

But the answer given by Kanade is the same, Otonashi is dead. When Otonashi asked for proof that he was in the Afterlife world, Kanade quickly stabbed Otonashi and made him unconscious. After the incident, Otonashi surprisingly wakes up and is shocked that it hasn't died yet. Apparently in that world, Otonashi realized that he could not die. If someone dies in that world, then a few minutes later he will immediately regain consciousness and his body will return to normal. Knowing what Kanade did to him, Otonashi decided to join the SSS Organization to fight the Angels and oppose the gods.

Series that makes your heart jumble between laughter and sadness. this series presents a story about the concept of anime where characters enter other worlds so that it becomes one of the best Anime Isekai. Initially the storyline was made with full comedy scenes that were very entertaining and enough to make the audience laugh.

But as the story progressed, the story's development began to change the atmosphere and become an anime by presenting the tragic story of the death of very sad characters that made this series very suitable to be recommended as the best Anime Romance Sad Ending.

12. Chrono Crusade

Chrono Crusade - Top Anime Romance Sad Ending List
Chrono Crusade

Number of Episodes: 24
MAL Rating: 7.75
Genres: Action, Demons, Historical, Romance, Shounen, Supernatural
The year 1920 was the year when the crime rate increased rapidly. In the Americas, a group of demons appeared to bring fear and panic. Besides that devil worshipers also sprang up and as time went on their existence increased so that there was chaos in various regions. The sacred organization called the Order of the Magdalene has been established to carry out the task of eradicating the demons that caused chaos.

The story centers on the New York branch of the Organization of the Magdalene Order, the place where a nun named Rossete Christoper is.

Together with his teammates who are a young devil named Chrno, they undergo various missions to destroy demons who threaten and overcome crime. They are known as a very good team in carrying out missions even though they often cause chaos and damage in their mission.

With the dark past they experienced, making a desire to fight the threat of the devil was stronger, especially Rossete who wanted to find the younger brother named Joshua who disappeared because it was taken by a demon of Aion's sinner.

Anime Romance Sad Ending is very memorable because it not only provides a romance story but an element of action with a fight against demons that are very stressful and entertaining. The initial presentation of the story, might make you think that this is very boring.

But when you enter the middle of the story, the main plot really starts to look and you realize that the story of this series was perfectly created. For Artwork itself, this depiction is pretty good even though it is made in an old style and this is highly recommended for those of you who like Anime Romance Sad Ending.

11. Kobato.

Kobato. - Top Anime Romance Sad Ending List

Number of Episodes: 24
MAL Rating: 8.05
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Fantasy
Hanato Kobato is a beautiful girl, cheerful and has innocent qualities that come from another world. One day he came to Planet Earth by appearing from the sky to undergo the task of filling and collecting bottles with konpeito, a form of sadness from humans. He did this task so that Kobato's desire to go to a place he wanted to visit could be realized.

The task that he lived in was very suitable for him because his job was to help distressed people who were part of his good qualities. But so that the task can be completed properly, he must comply with several rules that have been set. The rule is that Kobato must not fall in love with humans which he has healed his heart and his task must be completed before entering the four seasons.

Kobato now began to struggle to fulfill his obligations accompanied by Ioryogi, a spirit in the form of a dog who became Kobato's supervisor and supervisor in carrying out his duties.

Anime Romance Sad Ending production from CLAMP, which has special characteristics where the characters played are the same as an Anime Crossover. The drama in this anime is very well presented and enough to make your heart bear fruit. Although sometimes the conflict is not too heavy but the story presented is very difficult for the audience to guess because as long as the story line goes on, it will provide a drama that makes the audience curious about the next episode.

10. White Album 2

White Album 2 - Top Anime Romance Sad Ending List
White Album 2

Number of Episodes: 13
MAL Rating: 7.87
Genres: Drama, Music, Romance, Slice of Life
In the middle of October, the music club from Hojou High School was threatened with dissolution. To save the club, members must appear at the school festival that will soon be held in the near future. Unfortunately all the members of the club came out, leaving only two members consisting of a guitarist named Kitahara Haruki and his best friend named Takeya Lizuka.

In the circumstances experienced by the club, perhaps the hope of appearing in the show will never materialize. But they will not give up, the two remaining members of the music club try to find new members to fill the void in the club. After Haruki's hard work, finally two new members joined.

They are: A popular girl who won Miss Houjou in two years named Setsuna Ogiso who will become a vocalist with the golden voice she has and a girl named Kazusa Touma who is Haruki's classmate. The music club began to show its resurrection, but over time, the two girls began to engage in complicated love triangles.

Best Anime Romance Sad Ending that presents the love story of school teenagers full of drama scenes that will make you cry because you feel sad or touched. To enjoy this anime, you have to understand it carefully by not missing a scene or dialogue in the story. The characters contained in this series are made real where there are things from the character that will make the audience unpredictable.

9. Isshuukan Friends (One Week Friends)

Isshuukan Friends - Top Anime Romance Sad Ending List
Isshuukan Friends

Number of Episodes: 12
MAL Rating: 7.65
Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, School, Shounen
Tells the story of a 16-year-old high school student named Yuuki Hase who finally dares to talk to the girl he likes by asking him to be friends. The girl is Fujimiya Class, a cool and calm girl who is known to distance herself from others because she does not want to have friends. During recess, Yuuki found Kaori having lunch on the roof of the school.S tarting from the meeting, Yuuki decided to meet Kaori every day hoping that Yuuki would be able to know and understand Kaori well.

As time went on, they often spent time together, after that Kaori began to open with Yuuki. Nearing the end of the week, Kaori began to tell the real reason why she was keeping away from others and being cold. Every weekend, memories and memories of Kaori with her friends unless her family will disappear and every Monday Kaori's memory will be reset when she doesn't know Yuuki.

It is known that the cause of Kaori Memory which disappeared once a week was due to a car accident that he experienced during junior high school. For this reason, because he did not want to hurt his friends, Kaori decided to live alone. When Monday arrived, as he said, Kaori had lost all the memories about Yuuki. But because of the strong determination that Yuuki had as a man who wanted to have more relationships than friendship. Every Monday he always asked Kaori "Will you be my friend again?"

Judging from the synopsis alone, it may seem sad to know the story of the main male character, namely Yuuki struggling to get closer to the girl he likes, namely Kaori while Kaori has a disease where the memories of him can only last for a week.

The story is very emotional and guaranteed to make the audience feel upset even though the visuals from this series are made with a calm feel so when watching it makes the heart sometimes mixed up.

8. ef: Tale of Melodies

ef: Tale of Melodies - Top Anime Romance Sad Ending List
ef: Tale of Melodies

Number of Episodes: 12
MAL Rating: 8.11
Genre: Mystery, Supernatural, Drama, Romance
Continued from the ef: Tale of Memories story. In the past, there was a high school student from Otowa Academy named Yuu Himura. He is known to be very diligent because he wants to maintain the achievements he has. At that time, he was met by a girl from a past relationship that he really wanted to forget.

He is Yuko Amamiya who knows Yuu and considers it as first love and until now he still keeps that feeling of love. The meeting made Yuu once again have to face a regret from the past. On the other hand, in the present, there is a handsome man named Shuiichi Kuze whose appearance portrays like a female teaser.

But when he knew him more deeply, it turned out that Kuze was a kind and lonely person. His neighbor named Mizuki Hayama who did not want to just leave it, tried to get close to Kuze and eventually caused a feeling of falling in love despite having a far age difference.

This is an unusual Anime Romance Sad where the story presentation is made rather heavy and needs to be thought about to understand it. The storyline that will make you face the stories of the past and the present repeatedly and the many drama stories that you find in this series.

Conflicts are made intricately by tucking in elements of mystery so that stories are not easily guessed and make you always curious about the next episode. For the whole anime this is executed properly so it is suitable to be used as the Best Sad Ending Romance Anime Recommendation.

7. Hachimitsu to Clover (Honey and Clover)

Hachimitsu to Clover - Top Anime Romance Sad Ending List
Hachimitsu to Clover

Number of Episodes: 24
MAL Rating: 8.13
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Josei, Romance, Slice of Life
Yuuta Takemoto, Shinobu Morita, Takumi Mayama is a student from the university majoring in arts. They live in the same apartment at low cost because their lives are practically mediocre. Although the three young men have different qualities, they are able to have a good relationship and become friends.

One day they were met by a petite woman named Hagumi Hanamoto, the girl who turned out to be a cousin of an art lecturer named Shuuji Hanamoto. Even though he was a child, he had many talents and various advantages. Hagumi has a good friend named Ayumi Yamada who has the same closeness as a brother.

Shortly thereafter, the young men each began to fall in love. Shinobu and Yuuta immediately fell in love with Hagumi which caused a competition between them. While on the other hand, Ayumi had feelings with Mayama but unfortunately Mayama fell in love with a widow designer named Rika Harada. The young men are now involved in a very complicated triangle love conflict as they live their lives as ordinary students.

The reason why this series is very mandatory to watch as the best anime romance sad ending is a love triangle conflict that is made very complicated and interesting and there are elements of drama that will make this anime very exciting to watch. In addition, although there are many tensions in the story, the comedy elements are inserted in this series so that the audience can escape the feeling of tension.

6. Kimi ga Nozomu Eien (Rumbling Hearts)

Kimi ga Nozomu Eien - Top Anime Romance Sad Ending List
Kimi ga Nozomu Eien

Number of Episodes: 14
MAL Rating: 7.34
Genre: Drama, Romance, Slice of Life

The story revolves around Takayuki Narumi, a high school student who starts befriending a blue-haired girl named Mitsuki Hayase for the reason that Mitsuki's best friend named Haruka Suzumiya has feelings for Takayuki.

Since then Mitsuki and Takayuki's friend, Shinji Taira, have also started to make friends and have a good relationship.But one day, Haruka began to express his feelings to Takuyuki. Because Takayuki didn't want to make Haruka's day sick, he finally accepted Haruka's feelings and they began to become lovers. 

As time goes on, the relationship they walk closer to the stage of sexual intercourse. On the other hand, it turned out that Takuyuki and Mitsuki were aware of each other's feelings.After experiencing a number of tragedies, things that usually happen to the four friends will probably not happen again.

The next of Sad Ending Romance Anime list is Kimi ga Nozomu Eien. After you read the synopsis presented, maybe you are confused by the romance that occurs with the characters. this is a romantic story with a tense love conflict because of the NTR element in it.

Knowing that this anime was released in 2003, maybe the visuals made make this series less viewed, but if you keep watching the continued episodes, maybe that will make you worse. If you drag this series, you will find a drama that is very heartbreaking.

5. Kumo no Mukou, Yakusoku no Basho (The Place Promised in Our Early Days)

The Place Promised in Our Early Days - Top Anime Romance Sad Ending List
The Place Promised in Our Early Days

Number of Episodes: 1 (Movie)
MAL Rating: 7.73
Genres: Drama, Military, Romance, Sci-Fi

Entering 1974 where Japan was at war. Shirakawa Takuya and Fujisawa Hiroki, two friends who were born in the same place and often together since childhood. they were born an island named Yaotu. They cannot live in peace because of the sounds of gunfire and bombs from the war which are very disturbing to them.

This situation makes them have dreams to realize a country that is peaceful and calm.
One day they met a girl named Sawatari Sayuri. When the three of them began to make friends, as time went by Takuya and Hiroki both began to like Sayuri. Even though they like the same girl, it doesn't turn out to make their friendship unsteady. Several years later, entering 1996, the Hokkaido tower building was completed. Takuya, Hiroki and Sayuri intend to go to the tower together to assemble their own aircraft.

But when entering the summer, for no apparent reason, Sayuri mysteriously disappeared. Sayuri's disappearance made them take a different path. 3 years later they decided to stop working on the plane in order to forget their sadness about the disappearance of Sayuri.

This is one of the best Anime Movie Romance made by Makoto Shinkai, a name that might be familiar to you because he was the creator of the best and most popular anime movie works, Kimi No Na wa and The Garden of Words.

Although this anime was released in 2004, the graphics and background that are made can be compared to the quality of animation today, even more. The series will give you a very emotional story and make you saddened by the amazing drama story as the Best Sad Ending Romance Anime.

4. Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu? Isogashii desu ka? Sukutte Moratte Ii desu ka? (SukaSuka/World End) 

World End - Top Anime Romance Sad Ending List
World End

Number of Episodes: 12
MAL Rating: 7.85
Genre: Sci-Fi, Drama, Romance, Fantasy
The emergence of a new race which is a beast and terrible named "Beast" makes human existence extinct. 500 years later after humanity became extinct, another race that was still alive, now had to live on an island floating in the sky where the place became the only safe place for the Beasts.

To defeat the Beast, they used ancient weapons in the form of girls from the race of "Leprechauns" which were considered very effective against Beast.

Unfortunately, the life span of the Leprechauns girls only lasts a little and they can die at any time. In situations that can be considered unfavorable, it is known that there is one person from the human race who turned out to be alive because of his existence for 500 years, he was sleeping. The human named Willem Kmetsch.

After awakening, he now lives in the city of Grimpjhal along with other races and is assigned to be an armory guard. When he entered the armory, he was shocked to learn that the weapon was a group of young girls from the Leprechauns race. Chorious Artorious Chtholly is one of the races of brave Leprechauns who are willing to sacrifice themselves in order to create World peace.

In carrying out his duties to care for the weapons of the Leprechauns children, Willem felt like he was the figure of a father who continued to supervise and support them.

The initial impression of the story from the synopsis might make you conclude that this anime is a series with a survival concept like Shingeki no Kyojin. But in fact such stories are only partially while others are focused on presenting a dramatic story involving the pair of characters between Willem and Chtholly which makes the audience sad.

Besides excelling in stories, visuals are also very well made, you will see a fantasy background that is very beautiful so it is comfortable to enjoy and makes this anime highly recommended for those of you who like the Best Anime Romance Sad Ending.

3. Guilty Crown

Guilty Crown - Top Anime Romance Sad Ending List
Guilty Crown

Number of Episodes: 22
MAL Rating: 7.76
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Super Power, Drama, Romance
"Lost Christmas", is an incident involving a virus called the Apocalypse Virus which is the main source of chaos in Japan that occurred in 2029. 10 years later in 2039, Japan formed a GHQ organization, a special organization tasked with eradicating viruses Apocalypse by all means because they are given freedom and may do anything by the government to those who are infected with the apocalypse virus, including being allowed to kill them. The story revolves around Shu Ouma, a teenager who might be destined to change the chaos that is happening in Japan. Shu is a student who is known to be very quiet and aloof.

One day, fate met him with an idol singer from the EGOIST band named Inori Yuzuriha. It is known that Inori has another profession besides being a singer, working as a member of the Funeral Parlor, an organization formed to fight the government with the aim of liberating the Japanese State from GHQ troops who like to act as they please to the people infected with the Apocalypse Virus.

It could be said that the actions taken by Inori were acts as a terrorist. When Inori was cornered by the GHQ members, Inori asked Shu to bring a cylindrical tube called Void Genome to a safe place. Void Genome is a tube in which contains great strength. When Shu took it, he accidentally dropped it, and the power inside the tube entered Shu so that he possessed an incomparable power.

One of the best Anime Action Romance with the background story of Tokyo's future that has a very impressive storyline and makes you always curious about each episode.

The story which takes the theme of Anime Zero to Hero, where the main character who is just an ordinary student is involved in terrorist activities and gets the power in the form of the best sword shape with a cool design that can destroy the robot from GHQ. Besides that, Visual made by Production I.G studio was made very impressive with well-made and impressive effects.

2. Plastic Memories

Plastic Memories - Top Anime Romance Sad Ending List
Plastic Memories

Number of Episodes: 13
Rating MAL: 8.00
Genre: Sci-Fi, Drama, Romance
The story is taken from a future setting where there is an Android that was created to help human life. Android is named Giftia, an artificial human who has similarities with humans from being or feeling. But unfortunately the time period of Giftia's life is limited, that is they are only able to live in 81,920 hours or in other words 9 years 8 months. If Giftia lives more than the set time, they can be damaged, run amok, and act rudely.

One of the manufacturers of Giftia is SAI Corporation, a company that is known to be able to manage giftia of the highest quality whose form can match humans. The story revolves around Mizugaki Tsukasa, an 18-year-old teenager who fails to take the college exam and ends up being an employee at the Subsidiary's Company from SAI Corp. namely Terminal Service.

As a new employee at the company, Tsukasa was in charge of taking Giftia, whose lifespan had reached the deadline to prevent the occurrence of harsh actions. He was not alone, Tsukasa was accompanied by a beautiful giftia veteran named Isla. Although he is a small giftia and looks quiet, Isla is the best giftia that can be relied upon in carrying out various tasks, especially the task of restoring the giftia.

Sad Anime Romance Best Ending with a story that will make the audience cry in the middle to the end of the story. the drama of the love story between humans and android that can be felt starting from the first episode even though the comedy scene is inserted enough to entertain the audience.

In addition, as long as the story line goes, it sometimes makes the audience unable to guess what happened next. For Visual, this series is made well where the background, character design, etc. are made as illustrating the future.

1. Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April)

Your Lie in April - Top Anime Romance Sad Ending List
Your Lie in April

Number of Episodes: 22
MAL Rating: 8.87
Genres: Drama, Music, Romance, School, Shounen
Arima Kousei, is a very talented boy playing piano. In various piano talent competitions, he always won and won first place. The extraordinary talent he had made him famous until no one could match him among the children his age because he was regarded as the youngest great pianist. Because of that title, people nicknamed it the name "Metronome Man".

Besides being proficient in playing the piano, Arima is a very obedient child. Thanks to his mother, Arima could be what she is now because Mother is the one who taught Arima to play piano with special methods so that she made herself a talented pianist. But when the death of his mother, Arima who felt deep sadness decided to quit as a pianist and live life without playing the piano.

A few years passed, Arima had stepped on middle school. One day he met Kaori Miyazono, a beautiful and cheerful girl who turned out to be a talented musical instrument player like Arima. Seeing him playing a violin instrument made Arima remember her past when playing the piano. The destined meeting finally directed Arima to begin returning to the world of music with the help of Kaori.

For you anime romance lovers, you are certainly no stranger to this one series. Shounen's distinctive story with a romantic story that was made very dramatic despite tucked into a comedy scene in it as additional entertainment. The love story between characters is very fun to watch, and the Music and Soundtrack is very supportive of the emotion of the story as the development of the storyline that makes this series is extraordinary.

If you haven't watched it, this can be a highly recommended series and become one of the best Anime Romance Sad that will make you cry. So this time the Anime Romance Sad Ending Recommendation, maybe if you know another anime with a more touching story but not in this list, you can recommend or tell through the comments or contacts available.