13 Anime Like Grand Blue

Best Anime Like Grand Blue

Best Anime like Grand Blue is what anime connoisseurs look for after watching one of the Best Summer 2018 Anime, the Grand Blue. Some things concern the anime lovers, one of them is the adult comedy where male characters here are often naked, dirty jokes, strange expressions from the characters that keep you laughing throughout the episode.

Besides that the character design is also good, especially on the beautiful and waifuable female characters and a little spice of romance and harem. Immediately, for this time Noemnime will give a recommendation of anime similar to Grand Blue.

Anime Like Grand Blue

You need to know the list of the most anime that is taken and considered the Anime Like Grand Blue is the same comedian. So if the anime has a type of comedy that is almost similar but different in concept, and story ideas, and so on, the series can be considered as a Anime Similar to Grand Blue. Here is a List of Anime that is no less exciting and funny with the Grand Blue:

1. Prison School

Prison School - Best Anime Like Grand Blue
Prison School

Number of Episodes: 12
MAL Rating: 7.91
Genre: Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, School, Seinen
Hachimitsu Academy was originally a girls-only school in the Tokyo area and is known as an elite school full of promising students.

For the academic year this time one of the main policies of Hachimitsu Acedemy was changed where initially the school was specifically for women now became a public school and allowed male students to enroll in the school.

However Hachimitsu Academy limits only 5 male students who can enter. Finally the 5 lucky teenage boys were chosen to be students there. They consist of: Kiyoshi Fujino, Shingo Wakamoto, Takehito Morokuzu, Reiji Andou, and Jouji Nezu.

Schools with dreams of being surrounded by beautiful girls can be realized. But shortly after entering Hachimitsu Academy, they took action which prohibited school rules, namely peeping at the women's bathroom.

Finally a bad thing happened to them, after their actions were known by the student council members from the basement, now they had to choose two sentences, living in a prison in the school's basement for 1 month or being expelled from school.

Anime Similar to Grand Blue with many similarities. The first is his adult comedy, from ecchi jokes to dirty jokes and the same number of character expressions as the Grand Blue that makes you laugh throughout the story.

In addition, the main characters Kiyoshi and Iori have almost similar character designs and so there is no doubt that Prison School is very suitable to be one of the Best Anime Like Grand Blue

2. Great Teacher Onizuka

Great Teacher Onizuka - Best Anime Like Grand Blue
Great Teacher Onizuka

Number of Episodes: 43
MAL Rating: 8.73
Genre: Comedy, Drama, School, Shounen, Slice of Life
Tells about Onizuka Eikichi, a motorcycle gang leader who has no clear purpose in life, now decides to be a useful man by becoming a teacher from a high school. But while being a useful community as a teacher, Onizuka turned out to have another goal of meeting beautiful young girls.

When Onizuka was authorized as a teacher and began teaching his students, he treated students in a different way from the teacher. He treated his students harshly like a motorcycle gang leader regardless of manners and often violated school rules.

Onizuka's attitude towards his students made the students hate him, but, the more time he took, they began to realize that Onizuka was the best teacher who could solve various problems of his students that could not be solved by ordinary teachers.

Besides that, Onizoka's teaching method is very unique and has never been applied by other teachers because Onizuka's life experience as a motorcycle gang can be utilized.

The next Anime like Grand Blue has a very funny comedy featuring unusual reactions or expressions, a few ecchi scenes, and a dirty joke scene.

For the GTO itself, this series has a school setting by giving many funny scenes through the behavior of the teacher, Onizuka. You need to know that the GTO manga gets the best shounen award.

The interesting thing about this series is how the teacher solves the problems of his students in an unusual way. If you want to find a Anime like Grand Blue from many comedy, Great Teacher Onizuka is the right choice.

3. Konosuba (Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!)

Konosuba - Best Anime Like Grand Blue

Number of Episodes: 10
MAL Rating: 8.15
Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Supernatural, Magic, Fantasy
After not leaving home for a long time, Satou Kazuma, a Hikikimori teenager, finally went to the outside world even though his goal was only to buy his favorite games which were being sold limited. The scorching heat of the Sun is a great enemy for Kazuma as a hikikimori. When on his way home, Kazuma experienced an unexpected event.

When he saw one of his schoolmates who was almost hit, Kazuma immediately saved the person and sacrificed himself.

After death, suddenly Kazuma was in a mysterious place that turned out to be a place of death. He was greeted by a blue-haired girl who claimed to be a Goddess named Aqua. Aqua tells the truth of Kazuma's death that it turns out he died in a very silly way.

Aqua laughed at the ridiculous death that Kazuma experienced while on the other hand Kazuma was very upset with Aqua. The conversation continued, after talking about Kazuma's death, Aqua gave Kazuma the chance to live in heaven or reincarnate into the game world for the purpose of defeating the Demon King.

Kazuma finally chose to reincarnate into the game world and then he was given a choice of weapons that he would bring to the world. Because Kazuma was still upset with Aqua, he finally chose him as his weapon in the hope that Kazuma could do whatever he wanted.

After entering another world, Kazuma realized that Aqua's existence did not provide any convenience because he could not do anything like a god / goddess in general. Now with Kazuma's mistake in choosing, he had to fight with zero to fight the Demon King.

Anime Isekai about the main character enters the comedy genre game by giving jokes that are unrelenting. When watching the first episode, you will immediately be presented with an unexpected comedy scene about Kazuma's silly death.

His character was very interesting especially the female characters introduced one by one in each episode. They have great advantages but have many shortcomings so that they are considered inhibiting when the main character runs a quest.

The reason Konosuba became one of the Anime like Grand Blue is the number of comedy that entertains in each episode even though both have a lot of differences from themes, concepts, and others.

4. Gintama

Gintama - Best Anime Like Grand Blue

Number of Episodes: 300 ++
MAL Rating: 9.01
Genres: Action, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Historical, Parody, Samurai, Shounen
Stories Set in Edo, the country is the samurai. It has been known that the Edo Region is the arrival of a group of aliens named Amanto who want to master Edo. The samurai there who did not accept the arrival of the Amanto, eventually triggered a great war.

The war was over and won by Amanto. After that the Shogun betrayed the Samurai by allowing Amanto to settle in Edo and forbid samurai from carrying swords.

Now entering the modern age, one unemployed man who has a samurai soul named Sakata Gintoki founded a business called Yorozuya, a business that is willing to accept any job to finance his needs.

In his business, he arrived two people who were willing to become his subordinates. They are, Shinpachi Shimura, a teenager who wants to be a true samurai and Kagura, a sweet girl but has a sharp tongue and extraordinary physical strength.

In running Yorozuya's business, they always experience various obstacles, such as late paying rent, late paying employee salaries, and others. But over time, they began to enjoy the work and understand the meaning of a family.

Like the Absurd Comedy, lots of parody, as well as the usual level jokes to quality and entertaining slob like the Grand Blue? Gintama is the right choice. The series that became one of the best comedy anime, has many types of comedy complete.

But even though Gintama often gives many episodic comedy stories, this series also has a serious side that can make the audience tense with epic and exciting fighting scenes to watch. Anime like grand blue this one will make you addicted.

5. Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou (Daily Lives of High School Boys)

Daily Lives of High School Boys - Best Anime Like Grand Blue
Daily Lives of High School Boys

Number of Episodes: 12
MAL Rating: 8.34
Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, School
This is the story of the daily lives of three teenagers whose lives are filled with unusual things. They are: Tabata Hidenori, a bespectacled teenager who likes to do crazy things; Toshitake Tanaka, blond-haired teenager whose behavior was not much different from Hidenori; and Tadakuni, the most normal teenager from his two friends who always straighten their stupid behavior, but sometimes he is also influenced by their stupid behavior.

The three students were students from North Sanada High School who always had strange and endless conversation topics. In addition to these three students, several other students were also involved in their daily activities with exciting things as a teenager.

The next Anime like Grand Blue is Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou or abbreviated DKNN. The reason this series is one of the Grand Blue Similar Anime is the endless presentation of comedy to watch and will make you laugh in every episode.

If the Grand Blue tells about students from the swimming club, DKNN tells about high school students. Besides that, the DKNN comedy is lighter and has only a few dirty jokes but still entertaining.

6. Gin no Saji

Gin no Saji - Best Anime Like Grand Blue
Gin no Saji

Number of Episodes: 11
MAL Rating: 8.16
Genre: Comedy, School, Shounen, Slice of Life
a child from a big city named Hachiken Yuugo is a student who is always diligent and works hard in carrying out tasks at school. However, despite being considered as the best student in school, in fact he did not have a purpose in his life so he felt bored and wanted to find the true hope he realized. Meanwhile, his family is always tense where his father wants his son to be a smart and great child in doing anything.

Because Hachicken's wish was not suitable to be the person who was in accordance with the wishes of his father, Hachiken to try new things by enrolling in Ooezo agriculture high school in the new school year so he could be away from his family and go to school in a different way than usual.

Hachiken's hope in living a quiet life was not in accordance with what he imagined.
In his new school, Hachiken has to do things he never did like in a city where he had to plant, take care of the garden, take care of livestock and activities related to agriculture.

Because Hachiken is accustomed to schools in the City, where most of them rely on thoughts, now in his new school he has to do things to rely on physically and of course this is very difficult for him to do Together with his new friends, Hachiken began living life with a variety of new experiences that he had never found in the city to find the true dream he wanted.

If the Grand Blue themed about the activities of divers, Gin no Saji focused on agricultural activities. Indeed, both have different themes, but the comedy atmosphere of the two series has in common, it's just that Gin no Saji is lighter.

In addition, both of them also told stories of characters moving from the city to go to new schools. However, Gin no Saji provided education to the audience on how to farm with an entertaining light comedy. If you want to find a similar type of Grand Blue, just try watching Gin no Saji

7. Baka to Test Shoukanjuu

Baka to Test Shoukanjuu - Best Anime Like Grand Blue
Baka to Test Shoukanjuu

Number of Episodes: 13
MAL Rating: 7.75
Genre: Comedy, Romance, School, Super Power
Fumizuki Academy, is a school that divides classes and facilities according to the ability of students. Class A, where classes for students who are very smart and have the highest grades are the most comfortable Class because the facilities are empty, laptops, soft chairs, air conditioning, and other luxury facilities.

As for Class F, the worst class for students with the lowest rank, has facilities that are the opposite of Class A, where the room looks uncomfortable, there are no chairs and tables. Akihisa Yoshi had to experience bad luck because of her stupidity which made her enter Class F after getting a low grade in the entrance examination.

When he entered Class F, Akihisa met with his classmates who partly had strange qualities. Of all class F students, there was one student who was actually very smart but entered into Class F. He was Himeji Mizuki, a student who received a low grade because at the time of the exam he was ill so he lacked concentration while doing the exam and finally fainted.

Recommendations of Anime similar to Grand Blue have a theme about school. Fun stories that occur around class F where they have to face difficult challenges from classes that are smarter than them.

Many hilarious scenes that occurred in this series are no less funny with the Grand Blue. One of the things that attracted the attention of the audience was the presence of an obscure sex character called "Hideyoshi" and enough romance inserts to entertain the audience.

8. Hinamatsuri

Hinamatsuri - Best Anime Like Grand Blue

Number of Episodes: 12
MAL Rating: 8.37
Genres: Comedy, Supernatural, Sci-Fi, Slice of Life, Seinen
The life of a Yakuza member named Yoshifumi Nitta began to become unnatural after a mysterious metal object appeared on his head. It is known that Inside the metal object there is a mysterious girl named Hina who asks Nitta to remove it.

Hina was not an ordinary child, but she was a child blessed with a supernatural power. Because Hina refused to go out by Nitta, finally Nitta was forced to allow Hina to stay with her.

Although not an ordinary creature, Hina behaves like a normal human being like watching TV, going to school, relaxing, and so on. In Hina's life, he was required to use his supernatural power regularly because if his strength could not be used at all, then he could go berserk and the worst was that his rage could cause destruction. Can Nitta be able to withstand living together with Hina? What will wait for Nitta as long as she is with Hina?

This kind of Grand Blue anime is not too far apart because Hinamatsuri is the best comedy anime released in the season before the Grand Blue was released, Spring 2014. The comedy is full and there are stories of supernatural elements in it. The comedy from this series is different from the usual where giving jokes is not mainstream, simple, easy to understand, but unexpected and makes you not stop laughing.

9. Seto no Hanayome (My Bride is a Mermaid)

Seto no Hanayome - Best Anime Like Grand Blue
Seto no Hanayome

Number of Episodes: 26
MAL Rating: 7.90
Genre: Comedy, Parody, Romance, School, Shounen
When you want to enjoy a summer vacation full of fun, a teenager named Nagasumi Michisio ended up drowning while she was at her grandmother's house in the Seto Inland region.

When Nagasumi already felt that she was about to die, she saw a figure similar to a mermaid having saved Nagasumi's life from death. It was true, that what he saw was a real mermaid.

It is known that what saved Nagasumi was a mermaid named Sun Seto. After learning the unexpected, Nagasumi was dragged into various events that changed her life. Starting with the Sun family who has a rule that there are people who see it, he must be married to the mermaid.

The father of Sun named Gouzaburou Sero must accept Nagasumi with a heavy heart as his son-in-law because if they don't want to get married, the mermaid and the man who sees it will be executed. Now Nagasumi must live life with Sun and make her keep her big secret from others.

The next Anime like Grand Blue where the series has a lot of comedy in each episode. The unique thing in Seto no Hanayome is in the main story where the main character must protect the heroine who is a mermaid forever and make him a fiance.

The reason why Seto no Hanayome is one of the best Anime like Grand Blue is, both of them have weird silly facial expressions and make you unable to see them, sweet and fun romance inserts, and lots of smartly regulated comedy scenes.

10. Barakamon

Barakamon - Best Anime Like Grand Blue

Number of Episodes: 12

MAL Rating: 8.47
Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life
In the Calligraphy award ceremony, a talented Calligrapher named Handa Seishuu had hit a senior curator for criticizing that his work was not authentic. Because of the incident, Handa's father said he needed to calm down.

For this reason he sent Handa to a remote island far from Tokyo and away from the urban lifestyle. It was there that Handa was placed on Goto Island which is located near Kyushu Island where there Handa can find a serenity because the atmosphere is cool without a tall building and there is only a small village where Handa can get inspiration in making calligraphy art.

In the village, Handa met with friendly, polite and kind citizens. But there he also found several people who became bullies, one of them was a child named Naru Kotoishi and various other unique people. There Handa found several things that made her know the lessons that helped her in getting inspiration in calligraphy.

A story that is light, soothing, and makes a cool heart is the atmosphere you get when watching Barakamon. actually the reason why Barakamon entered the List of Anime like Grand Blue is the similarity of the situation of the main character and the same age rules of the main character.

But both have a quality comedy that is funny and makes the audience entertained in every episode. But for Barakamon, many messages are well conveyed and there are scenes that can make the audience touched.                

11. Arakawa Under the Bridge

Arakawa Under the Bridge - Best Anime Like Grand Blue
Arakawa Under the Bridge

Number of Episodes: 13
MAL Rating: 7.69
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Seinen
An office worker named Kou Ichinomiya holds the motto of living as an elite society by being a person who always does everything alone without the help of others. Since childhood, he was taught by his father who was a rich man, so that Kou would never be indebted to anyone.

One day, a group of teenagers defeated Kou and made his trousers hang over the bridge. When he wanted to take it, there was a girl dressed as Nino who offered help. But Kou's assistance was rejected because of his life principle. When he climbed to retrieve his pants, he fell and finally saved by Nino who had offered help.

Because Kou had already received help because of the urgency, now he had to return Nino's help quickly so he would not be indebted anymore, when Kou asked what Nino wanted, he only replied that he wanted to feel Love. Kou started the unusual days of living under the Arakawa bridge along with strange people.

The number of hilarious random scenes that make this series have the same atmosphere when you watch Anime Grand Blue so this is a strong reason why Arakawa Under the Bridge entered the List of Anime like Grand Blue.

Although they have a lot of different things, they have a comedy story show that is very entertaining to the audience and the similarity of the main character's adult role.

Besides that in this series you find a lot of strange expressions of the characters' reactions that are guaranteed to make you laugh. But besides focusing on comedy, Arakawa Under the Bridge also has a story of romance with various unique characters in it.

12. D-Frag

D-Frag - Best Anime Like Grand Blue

Number of Episodes: 12
MAL Rating: 7.70
Genres: Game, Comedy, School, Seinen
At Fujou Academy, there was a group of naughty students led by a teenager named Kenji Kazama who wanted to make his gang name famous in school.

But unfortunately he was unable to do so because the gang members consisted of only lowly students. One day, Kenji had seen a puff of smoke in one of the school club rooms and thought that the place was going on a fire.

After Kenji tried to extinguish it, it turned out that the place came from the "Game Development" Club which consisted of several unusual girls. They consist of: Chitose Karasuyama, sadistic Chairperson; Sakura Mizukami who has a tomboy nature; Minami Oosawa, a woman who is an advisor but has a careless nature; and Roka Shibasaki, a famous leader who always does things behind the shadows.

Quickly, they immediately attacked Kenji and his friends, then threatened him to make Kenji enter the Game Development club to prevent the club from being disbanded. When Kenji agreed, the desire to become a bad student disappeared and he had to lead a strange life with the "Game Development" club members.

Anime where supporting characters are more attractive than the main character. Similar to this one, Grand Blue Anime has many funny events, often has strange faces, and also has characters that have unusual behavior and make the audience laugh at each episode.

The main character, namely Kenji and Iori more often become straighteners of ignorance by his friends but sometimes also often involved in funny situations belonging to others. If the Grand Blue is a daily activity for students from swimming clubs, then D-Frag is a daily activity for students from the Game Development club.

D-Frag is a recommendation that is suitable for Anime Like Grand Blue if you look for similarities from the many funny events in it.

13. SKET Dance

SKET Dance - Best Anime Like Grand Blue
SKET Dance

Number of Episodes: 77
MAL Rating: 8.33
Genre: Comedy, School, Shounen, Parody

The story revolves around Kaimei High School where a special club is formed which aims to receive all requests from students and teachers at school.

SKET, is the name of a club that has Support, Kindness, Encouragement, and Troubleshoot with 3 Students, each of which has excellence in their field, they are: Kazuyoshi Usui aka Switch, an otaku who speaks through a laptop who is an expert in the club because high intelligence in giving ideas to solve a problem;

Hime Onizuka aka Onihime or Himeko, a girl of great physical strength like a man who is responsible for doing things related to physical; and the last one was Yuusuke Fujisaki aka Bossun, the chairman of the club owner of the ability in the form of high concentration mode when he put on his glasses.

Although they always help in solving various problems, SKET clubs are only considered as part-time jobs. SKET club activities are only spent in a club room with not too large rooms while waiting for clients and solving their problems in a sincere way.

Both have humor that is very entertaining to the audience and will not bore you throughout the episode. SKET Dance is the one of Anime Like Grand Blue with entertainment and has episodic stories, although there are many differences in both series and SKET Dance is highly recommended as a Anime Like Grand Blue.