Fireworks (Uchiage Hanabi) Ending Explained!

Fireworks Uchiage Hanabi Ending Explained

Uchiage Hanabi Ending Explanation,  anime that had boomed and was one of the anime movies that was eagerly awaited by the anime audience after watching the MV which made it interesting to watch the movie.

But when the film began to release, it turned out that the reality did not meet the expectations of the audience. They hope this anime might be as good as Koe no Katachi or Kimi no Na wa. In the middle to the end, many began to feel annoyed because as the story progressed the grooves given became more complicated, even though the given ending still contained many mysteries and made the audience wonder. Therefore Noemnime will help anime lovers by giving an Uchiage Hanabi Ending Explanation.

Before giving an information about Uchiage Hanabi Ending Explanation, it would be better if you give an explanation about some things first from the story that still makes you confused and this explanation might make you understand and know more about the purpose of the ending which will be explained later.

Actually, in my opinion, this anime is good to watch, but because many people don't understand it, most of the people who watch it assume that this anime is bad even on the MAL site, it gets a rating of 6.

The Mysterious Ball

The Mysterious Ball - Fireworks "Uchiage Hanabi" Ending Explained!
The Mysterious Ball

The first thing you need to know is the Strange Ball found by Nazuna on the beach. On the ball there is the word "IF" on a lamp that is contained in it if you observe carefully. The first thing on your mind after the Ball shows its strength is that the Ball can repeat time. But actually not only that, it has been known that there are several possibilities that the Ball has other powers as indicated by the following scenes:

  • Fireworks turn flat, which should be impossible in the real world. In addition Norimichi Friends, namely Yuusuke who initially said that the fireworks were round, said that the fireworks were flat (Time Leap After Norimichi wanted if he won from the swimming match with Yuusuke)
  • The fireworks are round but there are beautiful and strange lights that make fireworks look different from the usual (Time Leap After Norimichi wanted if he and Nazuma managed to ride the train together)
  • All around where Norimichi and Nazuma were, there was a strange phenomenon in the world that they lived in like a circle in the glass-covered area. (Time Leap After Norimichi wanted if he and Nazuna were not known by his friends and Nazuna's parents)
After knowing this fact, a number of temporary conclusions about the ball have been found

  • The ball has the ability to repeat time, but there are side effects when using it, namely the world that has been repeated undergoes a change so as to create a new world.
  •  The ball creates a new world and then throws the user into the desired time and is in a different world (creating a new timeline).
  •  The ball not only had the ability to repeat time, but also became a wish-fulfilling ball, it was shown when Norimichi said to the ball "If Yuusuke and your mother did not find us" and repeated times, Norimichi immediately prevented Nazuna from being seen from the Window so as not to known by Yuusuke and his mother.
If there is only a repetition of time, they should head to the next station and after that they end up being found by Nazuna's Mother, but because Norimichi said that her mother did not find them, eventually a change path occurred in the future and the train line moved in where they could not be found by the person mentioned by Norimichi. This reinforces the fact that this "If" Ball can repeat the time but it can also grant requests.

Ending Predictions that most others know

The next discussion is about the ending predictions that are mostly from the audience. However, some of these arguments have a nonsensical explanation. One of them is that this anime seems like an open ending, which means that the ending can be adjusted to the imagination of the audience, but it really isn't. Here are some endings given by the audience that may be less powerful and uncertain.
  • After Nazuna hugged Norimichi and left him, many said that Nazuna had returned to the real world, while Norimichi was trapped in the world he had created because the "If" Ball had been destroyed. So from the end, Norimichi is not there when he is absent.
Actually who is traveling time? Norimichi or Nazuna? How did Nazuna get back to the real world knowing that the "if" Ball had been destroyed? Actually, the explanation is less supportive because the person who made the time travel was just Norimichi, if the Nazuna returned to the real world, then there would be two Nazuna that were Nazuna that had been captured by her mother and Nazuna who were on the timeline where Norimichi was.
  • After the "If" Ball is destroyed, the world has returned to its original state. So did the fate of Norimichi and Nazuna. The world returned to its original state and Norimichi returned to the state where he lost the swimming match with Yuusuke, after which Nazuna finally moved with his parents while Norimichi skipped because he tried to chase Nazuna.
For this one opinion it might make sense, but in fact this opinion is a bit inappropriate. Why did Norimichi chase after the Nazuna who were with his parents? It must have been too difficult for Norimichi to take back the Nazuna knowing there was a possibility that Nazuna's security was tightened by her parents after learning of the actions committed by her.
  • When he entered the absent section, Nazuna was not summoned because he had moved with his master while Norimichi skipped to reflect on the fate he had received because he had separated from Nazuna?
For this one explanation it might be too simple. If you pay closer attention you will get some important instructions in it.

Scenes that still contain Mysteries

After giving opinions from several statements given by the audience, what is discussed next are some of the story scenes that are still a question mark but the story does not really play a role and may be only slightly related to the main story. Some of these events are:

  • Prologue section
  • Yuusuke suddenly didn't like Nazuna
  • Death of Nazuna's father

Prologue section

Prologue section - Fireworks "Uchiage Hanabi" Ending Explained!
Prologue section

Before the story began, there was a scene where Nazuna and Norimichi were in the water wearing swimsuits. Besides, it only says "If I ..." and takes a background in the school pool. Maybe what he meant was his regret when he lost to swimming with Yuusuke. Maybe the word "If I ..." means that if he wins a swimming match, then he can save Nazuna. The conclusion that can be taken is that the scene is just an impression.

The first scene, Nazuna seemed unconscious, while Norimichi tried to chase after him but they got farther away, the scene could mean that Norimichi would part with Nazuna because he would move to another city. The second scene, shown by a light (maybe it was the "If" ball) appeared more and more radiant, Nazuna woke up with an additional display of fireworks there, saw Norimichi then grabbed her hand.

This implies that Norimichi managed to catch up with Nazuna thanks to the "If" Ball at the moment of the fireworks lit up (exactly it might happen at the end of the story).

Yuusuke suddenly didn't like Nazuna

Yuusuke suddenly didn't like Nazuna - Fireworks "Uchiage Hanabi" Ending Explained!
Yuusuke suddenly didn't like Nazuna

All would have known that one of Norimichi's friends named Yuusuke had liked Nazuna and it had been shown in various scenes like Yuusuke's anger because he had seen his friend run away with the person he liked, was very angry when he saw them together inside train, and when he said he liked Nazuna. But there is a strange thing that happened before Norimichi made a time trip by throwing the "If" Ball.

When Yuusuke talked to Norimichi that he was invited by Nazuna to see the fireworks, Yuusuke said that he did not like Nazuna. He even said that Nazuna was bad. This makes the audience wonder but some of you might ignore this incident because they have been distracted to think about ending the story of this anime.

The only explanation given from the incident was that when they competed swimming and the "If" Ball fell before Norimichi, something might have happened with the Ball that caused Yuusuke to dislike Nazuna.

Death of Nazuna's father

Death of Nazuna's father - Fireworks "Uchiage Hanabi" Ending Explained!
Death of Nazuna's father

Although this seems to be considered unimportant, the mystery of the death of the father of Nazuna needs to be discussed. When showing the scene of his father lying in the ocean, it was shown that the father of Nazuna had held the "If" Ball found by Nazuna on the beach.

It is possible that the father of Nazuna had made a journey of time and there was a possibility that he did not die, only disappeared because he went to another time to live a better life by leaving his soul. There were also those who responded that Nazuna's father died because his soul was separated and was in the "If" ball and entered the world of illusion so as to explain that in the real world Norimichi also died after throwing the "If" ball and saying his hope.

But that makes little sense, because if Norimichi died, Norimichi's friends including Yuusuke should have reported that Norimichi died knowing that when Norimichi threw the "If" ball he was near his friends. For this case the explanation was still questionable.


Conversation - Fireworks "Uchiage Hanabi" Ending Explained!

The next discussion is conversation. In this anime story, in the last section there are conversations that have meaning and are related to the main story.

We will discuss where to start after Nazuna sings. After singing she thought that he would not be able to run away and was unable to do elopement. But before he moved with his parents he had the last wish of wanting to be with Norimichi on that day.

Conversation - Fireworks "Uchiage Hanabi" Ending Explained!

When the Nazuna scene enters the water, he asked Norimichi "When Will We Meet Again?" After that Norimichi put on a sad face. It can be concluded that Nazuma decided to return to his parents because he felt that running away from home by inviting Norimichi to elope was a wrong decision.

But after seeing the fragments of the "If" Ball, Nazuna cried happily seeing that she might be able to live together with Norimichi, after that she wondered what Norimichi would do next. What kind of world will he make at the next meeting?

Ending Stories

Ending Stories - Fireworks "Uchiage Hanabi" Ending Explained!
Ending Stories

Immediately headed to the end of the story which confused the audience when it began to enter the part where a drunk old man who was a firework launcher started lighting fireworks with the "If" Ball because he thought that the ball was a firework.

After the "If" Ball is turned on and breaks, there are many fragments, but you will see many fragments which contain various images of the future that occur as seen in the part where Nazuna and Yuusuke together and various other pieces that show happy life about Nazuna and Norimichi.

If you look closely you will see glass-like phenomena that are part of the world that Norimichi formed immediately vanished and that means that after the breakdown of the "If" Ball the World will return to its original state. Apart from that, the fragments of the ball are actually a fraction to make time travel once again and the last chance was made by Norimichi by capturing one of the fragments with a picture where he and Nazuna lived happily.

After that, Norimichi immediately plunged into the water towards Nazuna and kissed him as a sign of goodbye. Nazuna who said "When we meet again, what is the world like?"

It was pointed out that Nazuna now believed that Norimichi could actually travel time after seeing various fragments that showed a picture of their lives. On the surface of the water it is clear that fireworks are back to normal, this also reinforces the fact that the world will soon return to normal.

Norimichi took the fraction - Fireworks "Uchiage Hanabi" Ending Explained!
Norimichi took the fraction

But because Norimichi took one of the pieces from the ball, the world was not completely back to normal. In the time displayed at the end of the story in the absence section, Norimichi was summoned but was not present there while the Nazuna were not called.

The answer to why Nazuna was not summoned was that the Teacher considered that the Nazuna had moved with her family because before she moved, Nazuna had submitted a letter to the Teacher.

While the part why Norimichi did not exist was because Norimichi was no longer in school and maybe he had lived happily with Nazuna as appropriate in the fragments taken by Norimichi but unfortunately it was not explained in detail the process of how they could live happily and one possibility was that they had married run away thanks to the "If" Ball fragment.

Maybe this is just an explanation of the intentions of the Hanabi Uchiage ending that Noemnime can deliver. This theory does not come from the official, but this explanation is only a personal opinion that is combined with information from the opinions of others. Sorry, if this extension is too long. If there is an error or there are questions that you want to submit, you can submit it through the comments column provided.