Top 30 Best J.C.Staff Anime list

Best J.C.Staff Anime list

The best  J.C Staff's Anime., this is known as a studio that adapts various popular anime by providing quality animation that can be fairly standard but can be enjoyed quietly without any interference. Besides being good in graphic quality, the direction of the story from the studio is also well done although sometimes there are several anime that have story lines that deviate or do not match the original source so that the story of the series falls apart.

Some popular anime such as Shokugeki no Shouma, Saiki Kusuo psi-nan, Zero no Tsukaima are J.C.Staff's very popular anime. For this time Noemnime will give you a recommendation for the list of the best and most popular J.C.aff anime.

30. Kamisama no Memochou (Heaven's Memo Pad)

Heaven's Memo Pad - Best J.C.Staff Anime list

Number of Episodes: 12
MAL Rating: 7.63
Genre: Mystery
The story revolves around a high school student named Narumi Fujishima who is a loner and does not want to be involved with anyone because of his isolated life by some of his classmates. Of all things, he chose himself and did not want to attract anyone's attention. Because of his nature, he entered a computer club where the club did not have one member at all.

One day he met one of his friends who was an active and cheerful girl named Ayaka Shinozaki from a gardening club.During the meeting, Ayaka forced Narumi to join the gardening club after Narumi refused several times. Finally when Narumi agreed, Ayaka immediately took her to a ramen shop where she worked part time there, and above the shop, Ayaga introduced Narumi to a group of people who were known to be all NEET.

But they are not an ordinary NEET but a group of detectives headed by a girl named Alice who has the ability of an extraordinary hacker who is currently investigating a case about the disappearance of a female student.

The best of J.C Staff  Anime  that tell detective stories. A detective works usually shown by entering a place to another place related to the case he is working on. But for the detective in this story, use a NEET girl who has the ability to be a very great hacker so she can track multiple locations without leaving the house. This gives the impression of being unique as an anime mystery but the story is presented rather slowly. Actually the slowness of the story aims to provide a good introduction.

29. Hatsukoi Limited

Hatsukoi Limited - Best J.C.Staff Anime list

Number of Episodes: 12
MAL Rating: 7.40
Genre: Comedy, Romance, School, Shounen
This is the story of teenagers who are experiencing something that is often experienced by most teenagers.

something that is meant is "love", something that is usually experienced by teenagers when they are entering their youth. Short stories about schoolchildren from middle and high school students who experience each of the love problems told in a short story.

But as their love story progresses, everything begins to connect to each other so that something unexpected arises in their lives as well as something that is increasingly blooming. Among all students, some junior high school students experience the event of how "first love" happened. They are: Ayumi Arihara, Kei Enomoto, Koyoi Bessho, Rika Dobashi, and Nao Chikura.

As in this synopsis is an anime with a short story that presents stories with different main characters in each episode. Initially the stories had nothing to do but as the story progressed, all the stories began to relate to each other.

A romantic story that is very entertaining with the presentation of various kinds of conflicts about love as the main entertainment. Besides that the characters are explained as they are and enough to be used as supporting stories so that they are not too complicated.

28. Nabari no Ou

Nabari no Ou - Best J.C.Staff Anime list

Number of Episodes: 26
MAL Rating: 7.40
Genres: Action, Fantasy, Supernatural, Comedy, Drama, Shounen
In this modern world the existence of ninjas still exists and they now live in several places as ordinary humans who work like other normal humans. Although they now live a life like a normal person, they are still tied to each ninja clan consisting of the Banten Clan, Fuuma Clan, Iga Clan, Kairoshou Clan, and other ninja clans. Each clan has a special ability that creates a huge side effect for users. Of all these special abilities there is one capability that is known to be very strong and its strength allows users to master the Ninja Nation.

the power is called "Shinrabanshou" which is now being targeted by ninja who are ambitious to master the Ninja country "Nabari no Ou". Rokujou Miharu, a 14-year-old teenager who was in junior high school felt she didn't care about her, especially things related to Ninja. However, his best friend, Kouichi Aizawa and his teacher, Thobari Durandal Kumohira, knew a surprising fact that the ability of Shinrabanshou was inside Miharu.

To protect Miharu they asked him to join the ninja club.Initially his indifference made him reject the offer. But when he realized that he was always involved in the attack, Miharu had no choice but to join the ninja club and over time Miharu began to think about becoming a Nabari ruler.

The concept of the story by presenting a ninja story that happened in the modern world. Many battles occur by giving skills and movements like a ninja throughout the story that makes this anime very exciting. The main character development from here is done quite well, even though the main character has apathy, but in order to prevent others in trouble, he is willing to be involved in a problem. Visuals and animations are made with good colors and this makes this series one of the best artificial anime  in J.C.Staff Studio.

27. Flying Witch

Flying Witch - Best J.C.Staff Anime list

Number of Episodes: 12
MAL Rating: 7.60
Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, Supernatural, Magic, Shounen
Tells about the life of a magician in a fantasy world where magicians who have turned 15 years old, they must be released from their parents so that they can become independent people by leaving their parents' homes. Makoto Kowata, who is now 15 years old, now has to leave the residence of her parents who were in Yokohama accompanied by her cat friend, Chito, and moved to the Aomori region, an area known to witches to seek knowledge.

There Makoto lives in the residence where Makoto's cousin named Kei Kuramoto and his sister named Chinatsu Kuramot live. Now with his new environment, Makoto lives a different life than usual but when he is involved with a fortune teller, an oddity related to magic happens to him and his peaceful days begin to change.

Some interesting ideas are presented in the story with the addition of a soothing and relaxing atmosphere to watch so as to ease the feeling of depression experienced by the audience. Because this is the slice of life genre, there are no surprising events and the storywriting is slow.

For fans of the slice of life series, this anime is highly recommended to watch and is guaranteed not to make you feel bored, making this one of the recommendations for the best J.C Staff anime list.

26. Kimikiss: Pure Rouge

Kimikiss: Pure Rouge - Best J.C.Staff Anime list

Number of Episodes: 24
MAL Rating: 7.42
Genre: Drama, Romance, School
childhood friends from Kazuki Aihara and Koichi Sanada named Mao Mizusawa have now left them because they have to go abroad with their parents. After two years, Kouichi arrived at the arrival of a guest. He saw a girl who seemed unfamiliar to him. Besides that the girl seemed to know Kouichi and he immediately entered his house. At that time Kouichi was still confused and trying to remember who the girl was. When Kazuki arrived, that's when the girl's identity was revealed.

It is known that he is Mao who has now returned from France after two years.But they were surprised because he came alone without his parents because they were still living there. Mao's mother allowed her daughter to return to Japan and live with her friend. Koichi felt that after Mao lived in France, he had many changes from a nerdy girl and became an adult girl. Now their friendship life begins with starting to attend the same school and the story of their friendship has begun to change into a complicated love story.

The story that depicts a true love is formed which is simply packaged that presents a love story about the daily lives of school teenagers. In addition, character development and relationships are done quite well so that it becomes an exciting drama to watch.Visual aspects are also made with above-average qualities that make the movements of the characters and sights feel alive so you don't have to worry about being disturbed by bad animation.

25. Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko. (The "Hentai" Prince and the Stony Cat.)

The "Hentai" Prince and the Stony Cat. - Best J.C.Staff Anime list

Number of Episodes: 12
MAL Rating: 7.39
Genres: Harem, Comedy, Supernatural, Romance, School
Youto Yokodera wants to be seen by people around other than as a pervert male.He is called by this title because he cannot control his mind so he cannot express the true heart. To overcome the problems that he experienced, Youto decided to request a statue of a cat which he said could grant requests in eliminating unwanted things by throwing them at people in need. When Youto arrived there he met a girl named Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi who was known to often express his expression and he wanted to wish for the statue by making him a difficult figure to express his expression.

The next day their wishes were realized, but instead of improving they had worse problems. Youto becomes a person who can't lie and always tells nasty things through his mind while Tsukiko is a girl with a flat expression. To achieve their goals, they work together to find people who have got their emotions and take them back.

This is an anime with the development of a story that is done a little less well.The main character who wants to be himself but ends up being someone else and struggling to get it back is a good start. The anime adapted from the light novel provides an element of comedy that is not too bad and guaranteed to make the audience entertained. When mid-story you will realize some things and conflicts that will later be ignored, but there are also some things that make this series interesting and there are even things that can be learned so that this becomes one of The best Anime by J.C Staff.

24. Azumanga Daioh: The Animation

Azumanga Daioh - Best J.C.Staff Anime list

Number of Episodes: 26
MAL Rating: 8.04
Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, School
This is the story of the daily life of some students who have strange and pleasant qualities along with teachers who also participate in a strange classroom in a school. Chiyo Mihama is a 10-year-old girl who became the most bizarre student in the class but has high intelligence to make herself jump over class 5 at her age. There is not only Chiyo who is weird, but some other friends also have strange, unique, and interesting characteristics consisting of: Tomo Takino, a tomboy girl who is very energetic and even more than his brain;

Koyomi Mizuhara, the best but annoying friend; Sakaki, the girl who looks the most normal of the others who is very atelic, beautiful, likes animals but actually hides her soft side; and Ayumu Kasuga, a transfer student who was placed in the right class with other strange people because it was very suitable. They spent time together at school with his homeroom teacher named Yukari Tanizaki who was known to be very creepy and sometimes had obscenity.

Anime which only presents stories about everyday life around school and made episodic stories. The animation was made simply without excessive effects so that comedy scenes made can feel more funny and entertaining.The characters here are well-made, even though they have different properties, all of them are able to interact with each other to produce a very smart joke.

23. Slayer

Slayer - Best J.C.Staff Anime list

Episode number: 26
MAL Rating: 7.84
Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Demons, Magic, Fantasy
The story revolves around a great magician who has great magic power in it. He is Lina Inverse who is known to steal the property of the bandits he met and the last bandits he met were Bandits with the name Dragon Fang group. After Lina stole the treasure that had been obtained from them, Lina immediately escaped and destroyed the bandits' headquarters. When Lina was prevented in a forest by the bandits and Lina prepared to fight her with the great magic power she had, suddenly a swordsman came to help Lina and considered Lina as a girl who was having trouble.

He is Gourry Gabriev, a blond swordsman who has the ability to fight and has a foolish nature but is actually kind. With a reason to accompany him to his destination because he felt sorry for him, Gourry was not aware that he was a bodyguard from Lina. Besides that, Lina who likes to steal to get wealth and to deepen her knowledge, suddenly gets a treasure that makes herself involved in problems with the fate of the world.

The 90s anime has an impressive and entertaining story quality. A fantasy story where you will find sword, magic and adventure battles that cannot be found in other series. You won't find adventure, but comedy is refreshing and very funny even though this is an old anime. Art quality that was made also good with the old style and made this series made as The best Anime from J.C Staff.

22. Ano Natsu de Matteru (Waiting in the Summer)

Waiting in the Summer - Best J.C.Staff Anime list

Number of Episodes: 12
MAL Rating: 7.64
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi, Slice of Life
Summer had arrived, an ordinary school student named Kaito Kirishima had a new video camera. When he wanted to try it on a bridge near the city, he saw a mysterious object in the form of a bright blue light crossing the sky and crashing into a hill. At that moment he felt a bad incident where he suddenly crashed but before he hit something, there was a figure who saved Kaito by capturing him.

The next day, Kaito suddenly woke up in his room without knowing what had happened and how he could suddenly get here. But Kaito forgot about it for a moment and continued his school life. At school, he and his friends decided to make a film with the new camera he had. Kaito felt that his school was the arrival of a new classmate and he was Ichika Tatsuki. Now together Kaito and his friends spend summer by inviting Ichika and having fun days when making a film.

Directed by Nagai Tatsuyaki (director of the Toradora and Anohana anime) who made this series have several conflicts in tense romance stories such as love triangles or something. The portrayal of characters and backgrounds is the same as Anohana, even though it is made by a different studio, but Natsu de Matteru Graphic Ano is no less good than Anohana graphics so it is recommended to be watched as the best Anime from  J.C Staff Studio.

21. Little Buster

Little Buster - Best J.C.Staff Anime list

Number of Episodes: 26
MAL Rating: 7.61
Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, Supernatural, Drama, School
At the age of a young man, Riki Naoe had to suffer the misfortune that he had lost his parents because of a tragic accident. The accident made Riki become a person who closed himself from the world of society. Luckily on the day Riki was destined to have been saved by a boy named Kyousuke Natsume from feeling depressed. Besides helping him, Kyousuke also recruited Riki into a group called Little Buster, a group consisting of teenagers who had become friends since childhood.

They consisted of: Kyousuke Natsume, Rin Natsume, Masato Inohara, and Kengo Miyazawa. Now with the presence of the group, Riki's life begins to be replenished by fighting crime and doing fun youth activities. Now a few years have passed and they are starting high school, the fun days of Little Buster are starting to fade. For this reason Kyousuke as chairman decided to form a baseball team as a final year student who would conduct joint activities at school. Unfortunately the number of members is insufficient, as Riki's reply now has to change to help Kyousuke by looking for some new members.

The reason why this series is one of J.C Staff's best anime. The best stories are stories that are made with the right pacing, comedy elements that are made smart and very entertaining, and the elements of drama that will sometimes make the hearts of the audience touched and shed tears. Besides the advantages in terms of story, this series also has advantages in its visuals which are made of standard quality but good, the character design is cute so that the audience can enjoy it comfortably.

20. Ghost Hunt

Ghost Hunt - Best J.C.Staff Anime list

Number of Episodes: 25
MAL Rating: 7.91
Genres: Comedy, Horror, Mystery, Shoujo, Supernatural
Telling stories about ghosts is indeed a fun and tense thing for school teenagers especially if the school they live in has a ghost story. A first year student named Mai Tanimiya happily told a ghost story to her friends. But when entering the middle of the story, the arrival of a mysterious man suddenly disturbs them. He is Kazuya Shiba, the man who served the task of investigating the mystery at Mai's school as a member of Shibuya Psychic Research (SPR).

One day when Mai was walking to her school, she saw a suspicious building with a strange camera inside. Initially, fear enveloped him, but when he began to brave himself, someone suddenly appeared and surprised Mai. The incident left the person injured and a camera known to have an SPR that was being installed to monitor the supernatural event has now been destroyed. In the accident, Mai must replace it by being Kazuya Assistant and involved in matters relating to mystery and supernatural.

Anime about investigating ghost cases by the way the characters solve each of these problems is not too complicated and might be predictable so that it can be solved easily. Although this is a horror anime, this series is not too scary, but it will give excitement when watching it. Audio and sound that are very important in horror anime are also well made and can provide a more frightening atmosphere.

19. Selector Infected WIXOSS

Selector Infected WIXOSS - Best J.C.Staff Anime list

Number of Episodes: 12
MAL Rating: 7.36
Genre: Game, Psychological
A card deck looks like it's normal and will be safe if you use it. A card game called WIXOSS which is very popular with players who fight along with the parnter called LRIG, which is a live avatar that appears from the card. A girl named Ruuko Kominato was involved in the game WIXOSS by accepting a deck of cards and getting a LRIG with the name "Tama".

Soon he realized that the game was a game that would determine the fate of life. Now those who have LRIG have become a player called "Selector" and they have to fight each other between selector and if one becomes a winner, he will be given a request that will grant everything. But if they lose three times in WIXOSS battles, bad things will happen to them and the worst possibility is where their lives will be destroyed. Now Ruuko must fight to survive by doing the WIXOSS fight to win a victory.

Anime tells about a card game with despair and a dark impression in it. When you enter mid-conflict, you will realize that the storyline is very different from the cover. a lot of tense stories and make this series very exciting so that it becomes one of the best J.C Staff anime

18. Shakugan no Shana

Shakugan no Shana - Best J.C.Staff Anime list

Number of Episodes: 24
MAL Rating: 7.65
Genres: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, School, Supernatural
Tomogara, is a creature that comes from another world that has the ability to manipulate a thing called the Power of Existence or can be referred to as "The Power of Existence". In ancient times, a war broke out between humanity and the Tomogaras. Tomogara always preys on merciless humans who make human existence disappear and leave a "Torch" soul, the torch-shaped soul as the rest of life after they have taken their existence and their death just waits for time until the torch's soul goes out. "Flame Haze", is a special human being who is blessed with a magic power that can only defeat Tomogara by taking on the task of balancing the world.

In a modern era, there is a young boy named Yuuji Sakai who lives his quiet school life as a high school student. Unfortunately his quiet life soon vanished because of the threat of Tomogara Creatures that appeared in the surrounding area. Tomogara immediately attacked Yuuji but fortunately a girl named Shana appeared suddenly and immediately defeated the creature.

It is known that Shana is a Flame Haze. It turned out that even though Shana had saved him the whereabouts of Yuuji had already been taken and now he was not a human but only "Torch" which became the rest of his life. But Yuuji's "Torch" was not an ordinary Torch but a special treasure that made him possess mysterious powers.

The best J.C Staff anime with long episodes and fast pacing, realistic character development, and complex stories that make the audience compelled to continue watching it. Although this is a 2005 series, the animation is made very well and can be enjoyed by viewers who usually watch anime with new graphics.

17. Golden Time

Golden Time - Best J.C.Staff Anime list

Number of Episodes: 24
MAL Rating: 7.89
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
At one university in Tokyo, there was a man who had just entered as a new student named Banri Tada. Starting from here, Banri's new life will begin because before he was in Tokyo, Banri had an accident that made him amnesic.

For this reason, Banri decided to become a new person, starting from Tokyo without being curious about the past he knew. On his first day to attend university, Banri had a little problem. He got lost and didn't know the way to his campus. At that time he met a student from the same university who was also being lost named Yanagisawa Mitsuo. To get to their destination quickly find their way to the campus together.

After finally reaching the front of the university gate, a girl named Kaga Kouko appeared in front of them and congratulated both of them by using a bunch of roses that surprised them. It is known that Kouko was Yana's childhood friend who now makes Yana a future husband. But instead of accepting Yana, he refused and then fled from Kouko and left the university.

A series that will make you feel a variety of emotions from happy, sad, touched, laughed, etc. As a list of  J.C Staff's best anime. A well-developed romantic relationship that becomes an unusual romcom series. Besides that the Art presented is very good, the background displayed is made very beautiful and amazing.

16. Kimi to Boku (You and Me.)

You and Me. - Best J.C.Staff Anime list

Number of Episodes: 13
MAL Rating: 7.80
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School, Shounen, Slice of Life
This is just a story of the friendship of teenagers who have known each other since childhood and always together. They consist of: two Asaba brothers twin named Yuuta and Yuuki, Shun Matsuoka who have a gentle nature and attitude that is like a woman, and Kaname Tsukahara the class leader who has a calm nature.

Their days were spent gathering together and getting some joy and excitement even though there was an empty section that was less than inside them. One day there was one new transfer student from Germany named Chizuru Tachibana, a crossbreed teenager from Germany and Japan. When Chizuru began to join in their group, the emptiness in them finally filled and got more excitement.

Anime that presents a simple story which only gives a daily story of teenagers. Slice of life stories are easy to understand but can also entertain the audience with other well-made jokes and comedies, and visuals made like anime slice of life that can calm the hearts of the audience.

15. Nodame Cantabile

Nodame Cantabile - Best J.C.Staff Anime list

Number of Episodes: 23
MAL Rating: 8.41
Genre: Music, Slice of Life, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Josei
This is a story about people who have contradictory characteristics but there is one thing that is similar, namely "music". The story revolves around a college majoring in music, there is a handsome man named Shinichi Chiaki who is very popular.

Not only handsome and popular, but he also has great cooking skills and none other than that, he is a very talented violinist. Although he was the best student in playing the violin, Chiaki's desire was actually to become a conductor. It was then that he met a girl named Megumi Noda who had a strange character. She is a girl who has no direction, is not talented in cooking, is dirty and likes to act weird. But she has one advantage that is his great talent in playing the piano. Now the two musicians are involved in an incident that keeps them working together and engaging in a feeling of love.

The story of a musical drama that revolves around young people struggling to achieve their dreams. Such concept stories may be considered mainstream and are often used in other series. But actually this is a story that is presented in a very amazing and impressive way that will keep you curious to watch the next episode.

All story lines have been carefully planned to produce a dramatic story. The visuals provided in this anime are made with good coloring by giving some specific impressions in it so that it becomes one of the best J.C.Staff anime.

14. Prison School

Prison School - Best J.C.Staff Anime list

Number of Episodes: 12
MAL Rating: 7.91
Genre: Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, School, Seinen
Hachimitsu Academy is a girls' school that stands in the Tokyo area and is known as an elite school where many students promise. As for this academic year, one of the policies adopted by Hachimitsu Acedemy has been changed, namely making women's special schools into public schools which means that male students are allowed to enroll in the school.

However Hachimitsu Academy determined that only 5 male students could enter. Finally the 5 teenage boys were chosen and became lucky people. They consist of Kiyoshi Fujino, Takehito Morokuzu, Shingo Wakamoto, Reiji Andou, and Jouji Nezu. Now their desire to be surrounded by girls can be realized but when they do a prohibited act of peeping at a woman's bathroom, bad things happen to them after their actions are known by the student council members from the basement. The school has a special room for offenders, namely the school prison. Now they have to choose, stay in prison for 1 month or be expelled from school.

Anime comedy which presents an unusual background concept where there is a school that has a prison. Dirty jokes and vulgar scenes that will not stop the audience from laughing. Besides that, the depiction of this series is made with standard quality but is good so it is comfortable to watch.

13. Kaichou wa Maid-Sama

Kaichou wa Maid-Sama - Best J.C.Staff Anime list

Number of Episodes: 26
MAL Rating: 8.20
Genre: Comedy, Romance, School, Shoujo
Seika High School was once a male-only school that has now turned into a public school. But because the number of female students there is still small even though it has been several years, the male students at the school still dominate and make female students feel uncomfortable. However, there was one female student who was known to be very hateful and feared by male students and was able to conquer men who were naughty.

She is Misaki Ayuzawa, female students are hard-working, brave, and have the art of martial arts experts. He tried very hard to get high scores from academics and athletics in order to provide comfort for female students. Because of her nature, Misaki gained the trust of the teachers and was appointed as the Chair of the Women's Student Council for the first time since Seika High School turned into a public school. Misaki always tries to protect female students. Although Misaki was very scary in the eyes of men, but when interacting with female students, Misaki was very gentle and kind to her friends.

Misaki's hard work was not only done in school life, but outside of school Misaki tried hard to live independently by working part-time in a cafe as a waitress. But the work was a big secret and one day the secret was revealed by one of the most popular Seika high school students named Takumi Usui.

The reason why this series is one of the best J.C Staff anime are some of the advantages of this series. Kaichou wa Maid-Sama is one of the most popular Shoujo series because it has an entertaining story by presenting a very interesting romance and comedy. The flow has a typical shoujo genre but can be enjoyed by everyone.

12. SHIMONETA: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn't Exist

SHIMONETA - Best J.C.Staff Anime list

Number of Episodes: 12
MAL Rating: 7.49
Genre: Comedy, Ecchi, School
Entering the time in the future, the Japanese government introduces a new law with a more stringent nature so that people can avoid obscene or obscene nature. Every Japanese community, installed a special tool on the neck so that their presence can be monitored by the government. But with these rules, instead of feeling safe, Japanese people actually experience sexual oppression by the government and feel themselves lacking in freedom.

Tanukichi Okuma, a teenager known as the son of a popular terrorist who became a rebel against the new law applied by the government. Tanakuchi started entering high school meeting the student council president Anna Nishikinomiya, his childhood friend and the girl he liked. But when he just started living his quiet high school life, Tanukichi was involved with a terrorist who had the nickname "Blue Snow", a terrorist who wore all-white clothes and a mask of underwear to spread obscene things and pornography around the city. When Blue Snow kidnapped Tanukichi he forced him to join an organization called SOX and took part in the task of spreading pornography as a form of protest against the government.

The best  J.C staff  anime by including ecchi elements into the story concept in this series is the right thing to make a very impressive and entertaining performance. The material for making a comedy in this series is the dirty jokes and obscene scenes that are so ridiculous that the audience laughs and wants to continue watching the next episode.

11. Sakurasou no Pet Kanojo (The Pet Girl of Sakurasou)

The Pet Girl of Sakurasou - Best J.C.Staff Anime list

Number of Episodes: 24
MAL Rating: 8.33
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School, Slice of Life
A second year student Kanda Sorata really likes to keep wild cats in his dorm because of the kindness he has. Unfortunately because there were too many cats in his place he had to be transferred to Sakura Dormitory and attended the Suiemei High School which was changed to Suimei Art University, where the school contained students who were known to have many problems.

When he moved, Sorata met several dormitory residents who had strange qualities that made Sorata's life change. They consisted of: a playboy named Jin Mitaka, a passionate animator named Misaki Kamiigusa, a lone programmer named Ryuunosuke Akasaka and other strange people like Chihiro, an art teacher, and others. He has a friend named Nanami Aoyama. He proposed Sorata to find a new owner for the cats he picked up so he could return to the dorm before. But Sorata's attempt to move to the dormitory was blocked by the arrival of a new student whose behavior was like a kitten named Mashiro Shiina.

She is a girl who is known to have great artistic abilities, but unfortunately is unable to take care of herself. For that Sorata is responsible for taking care of Mashiro in carrying out daily activities and changing Mashiro's life for the better.

Series with the elements of romance comedy combined with the right portion. Silly jokes and scenes that occur with characters are done well but when entering the romance scene, it will make the hearts of the audience touched. Visuals with well-made polish and good enlightenment that made this series one best anime. of J.C Staff's Anime.

10. Witch Craft Works

Witch Craft Works - Best J.C.Staff Anime list

Number of Episodes: 12
MAL Rating: 7.20
Genres: Action, Fantasy, Magic, Seinen, Supernatural
Men protect women is a common thing, but what if women protect men, especially those who protect men is a beautiful woman who is very popular. The story revolves around the life of Honoka Takamiya, an ordinary teenager who doesn't have any features. In his school life, there was Ayaka Kagiri, a girl known as a popular student and considered a princess.It is known that Ayaka is always near Honoka wherever he is. Because of Honoka's days close to Ayaka, many Ayaka students and fans were jealous of Honoka and Honoka's prophecy was beaten by them for not being able to accept reality.

But even though they continued together, Ayaka and Honoka had never had a conversation. When a building fell towards Honoka, Ayaka immediately saved her. From this incident, Ayaka began to open her mouth and speak to Honoka. Ayaka said that actually she was a magician. Besides that the reason for staying close to him was to protect Honoka secretly from the magicians who tried to want Honoka. Now Ayaka didn't need to protect Honoka secretly anymore because she already knew the true purpose and now Honoka unconsciously was involved in a conflict between magicians.

Series with a simple and well-planned story. Initially the story was made simply with the aim of getting interesting conflicts. When entering the middle of the story, special things begin to appear. There are a lot of characters in it, but there are some who have less important roles because they only focus on Ayaka and Honoka. The visuals made are also very good, there is a blend of 2D and CGI and cool magic effects coupled with the right sound effects to become one of the best J.C.Staff anime.

9. Hayate no Gotoku (Hayate the Combat Butler)

Hayate the Combat Butler - Best J.C.Staff Anime list

Number of Episodes: 52
MAL Rating: 7.70
Genres: Action, Harem, Comedy, Parody, Romance, Shounen
Hayate Ayasaki had to suffer a bad fate. At her young age, she was just 16 years old. It is known that Hayate will be sold by his family to the yakuza with a reason to pay a huge debt of one hundred fifty million yen. Because he did not want to take his organs, Hayete decided to run away from his house so that he could survive. Now he wants to try the beginning of a new life, Hayate decides to be a bad person because he thinks if he is a good person, no other good person is not present in his life.

He did the first step by kidnapping a child named Nagi Sanzenin so that he could ask for a ransom for his family which would later be used to pay off his family's debt. However, from the crime committed by Hayate it actually made him do good deeds. When an original evil person appears to be known to kidnap Nagi, Hayate immediately rescues him. As a token of gratitude, Hayate was allowed to stay at Nagi's house which turned out to be the richest family member in Japan. But during staying at Nahi's house, Hayate must be a servant from Nagi. From here a messy life will be passed by Hayate because serving Nagi is not an easy thing to do

For Hayate no Gotoku, season 1 is producing not J.C Staff but SynergySP Studio. This anime began to be produced by J.C. Staff started in season 2. For the Art of this series was done quite well and almost the same as the previous season so that the visual changes made were not felt and it made the audience who were already familiar with season 1 graphics still be able to enjoy it.

8. Zero no Tsukaima (The Familiar of Zero)

The Familiar of Zero - Best J.C.Staff Anime list

Number of Episodes: 13
MAL Rating: 7.56
Genres: Action, Adventure, Harem, Comedy, Magic, Romance, Ecchi, Fantasy, School
Halkeginia, a world where magic and creatures like dragons, monsters, etc. can be found. in that world stands a school that is shown to witches. The school is the Tristain Academy, there is a place where would-be magicians go to school to improve their magic skills so they can become a powerful magician someday. Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallièr, was one of the Tristain Academy students who came from a noble family.

Despite being of a noble ancestry, the magic abilities he possessed are very low. Because of her poor self, she was nicknamed "Loise The Zero" by her friends because of how bad she was in using magic and every time she released magic, she would have produced an explosion in the surrounding room. On that day the Familiar Ceremony was held. Familiar ceremonies are ceremonies to summon various types of creatures. During the ceremony the students will perform summoning magic to summon "familiar" beings who will later become partners of the witch.

Some students from the Tristain Academy have called familiar in the form of animals, monsters or other creatures. When entering Louise's turn, she actually called humans from the modern world. He is Saito Hiraga, a teenager from Japan. But unfortunately there was nothing special about him which meant that Louise only called ordinary people. But when involved in an event, within Saito there was a hidden power that could not be released now that had appeared.

The story with the concept of a magic school coupled with the presence of animal partners who were summoned through a ceremony. The main character is considered a bad witch. But the unique character of the main character when calling a partner, is not an animal that appears but a human. The concept of the initial presentation of the story is very good, the character is also very entertaining and has some funny jokes, the animation presented is made so well that it becomes one of the best J.C.Staff anime.

7. Hachimitsu to Clover (Honey and Clover)

Honey and Clover - Best J.C.Staff Anime list

Number of Episodes: 24
MAL Rating: 8.13
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Josei, Romance, Slice of Life
Shinobu Morita, Yuuta Takemoto, Takumi Mayama is a student from the university majoring in art who lives in an apartment at a low cost because of their mediocre life. The three young men have different qualities but they become good friends.

One day they met a small girl named Hagumi Hanamoto who turned out to be a cousin of art lecturer Shuuji Hanamoto. Although childlike, he has many advantages and talents. Hagumi has a good friend named Ayumi Yamada whose closeness is like a brother. The young men felt each feeling of falling in love. Shinobu and Yuuta immediately fall in love with Hagumi who makes a rivalry between them to be close to Hagumi.

While on the other hand Ayumi fell in love with Mayama but unfortunately Mayama fell in love with a widow designer named Rika Harada. Now the young man is involved in a complicated triangle love conflict while living his life as a student.

As explained in the synopsis, this series has a lot of tension about the love triangle conflict because the elements of drama will make this anime fun to watch. But in addition to the tense drama elements there is also a very funny and entertaining comedy element. Character design is similar to the 3-gatsu no lion that characterizes knowing that mangaka from both series is the same person, Chika Umino.

6. Bakuman

Bakuman - Best J.C.Staff Anime list

Number of Episodes: 25
MAL Rating: 8.32
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Shounen
At a young age, Moritaka Mashiro had a desire to become a mangaka like his uncle, Tarou Kawaguchi. It is known that his uncle was a mangaka who made a very popular manga gag. But something happened to his uncle that made Mashiro not want to be a mangaka and chose to become an ordinary office employee.

Now Mashiro has reached the age of adolescence, all he wants now is to spend his junior high school time doing things other than being a mangaka. But someone has changed Mashiro to awaken his dream back as a mangaka. He is Akito Takagi, Mashiro's classmate who has a desire to become a writer. One day he accidentally saw an amazing picture of Mashiro. After that he suggested becoming a mangaka with Mashiro as an illustrator while Akito as a story writer.

At first Mashiro refused, but Akito did not give up. By utilizing Mashiro's favorite girl, Miho Azuki, Akito finally managed to convince Mashiro to become a mangaka again. Now they both struggle together to make a manga that will reach popularity until it is adapted into the anime series.

At first glance, this series looks boring, but if you start watching it then this series will make you not want to stop and want to continue watching the next episode because it makes you curious. The main plot of the story is also well-made and impressive. The story of the main character who likes to dream but he continues to struggle and try hard to achieve that dream. Many things can be learned from this series to become one of the anime made by The best J.C staff studios.

5. Toradora

Toradora - Best J.C.Staff Anime list

Number of Episodes: 25
MAL Rating: 8.39
Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, Romance, School
Ryuji Takasu, a teenager who has creepy eyes, makes many people consider him a delinquent.
Whereas in fact Ryuji is a good child, good at cooking, and likes cleanliness. Ryuji lives in a small modest house that cannot be exposed to sunlight because it is closed to an apartment building. At school there is a short-bodied girl named Taiga Aisaka who has a naughty character called the Palmtop Tiger, which describes a tiger.

The two students who were considered terrible met each other colliding. Their meeting made the atmosphere tense and became the center of attention of the other students because the two students were thought to be competing to be the strongest. Initially Ryuji did not realize that he collided with Taiga because of his short body. Ryuji's unconscious became a taunt for Taiga and he immediately hit Ryuji loudly. After school when Ryuji rushed home, he saw tables and chairs scattering because of Taiga's rage.

When Ryuji smoothed it and took a bag, there was Taiga who also took the bag and finally they pulled each other. Feeling very upset Taiga came to Ryuji's house at night to intend to beat Ryuji's head in the hope that Ryuji would forget his memory. Besides hitting him Taiga forced Ryuji to become his servant and finally Ryuji was forced to follow Taiga's request to help him date Yuusaku Kitamura. But Taiga also had to help Ryuji by helping him to get close to his friend, Minori Kushieda. Both of them began to devise various plans to pursue their respective goals.

The beginning of the story presents two characters who are collaborating to get their loved ones. As the story progressed, they helped each other make themselves closer. Many stories that will make the audience surprised and the comedy scenes that are made intelligently and unexpectedly that this series is more interesting. For the depiction of this series, it was made well, there were only a few mistakes so it became one of the best J.C Staff's anime.

4. Danmachi (Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?)

Danmachi - Best J.C.Staff Anime list

Number of Episodes: 13
MAL Rating: 7.83
Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy
Every day the atmosphere in the city of Orario is very crowded, living there is the right decision to calm down because if you are already in the city, those who live will feel happiness and not easily bored. Besides that, in a place not far from the city, there are areas that are the main concern for adventurers.

The area is underground and the place is a large labyrinth that can be referred to as a "Dungeon", a place to defeat various kinds of monsters to get high-value booty like a kind of crystal fragment that can be used for adventurous needs such as processing weapons or being sold and exchanged for money. But it's not easy to defeat monsters in a dungeon. Those who want to defeat him need a "Familia", a group that needs cooperation in order to easily defeat monsters.

The story revolves around Cranel Bell, a solo adventurer who has the dream of being the greatest recluse in the region. One day, he met a girl dressed in white who was known to be a lonely goddess named Hestia. Because together, they decided to form a Familia together with the name "Hestia Familia" with two members. Now with Hestia's presence, it might help Bell quickly reach his goal

Anime that has a suspenseful action scene and is very exciting to watch. Concepts and settings have a style like RPG in games. The thing that makes this series tense is the main character, Bell is made as a weak character from the beginning of the story so that during development, the strength of the main character will be shown. The animation presented is also good, the movement when fighting against monsters is well made and the sound effects are very tasteful.

3. Toaru Majutsu no Index (A Certain Magical Index)

A Certain Magical Index - Best J.C.Staff Anime list

Number of Episodes: 24
MAL Rating: 7.62
Genres: Action, Magic, Sci-Fi, Super Power
Now Esper is a reality, in this world supernatural power comes true and is considered normal. Those who have mastered the supernatural power of the elementary level, will get a magic book or can be called Grimoire to get new powers to increase the power of Esper. The story revolves around Academy City, a city located in the western part of Tokyo. The city is home to a center of technological research that excels in matters relating to supernatural power.

Touma Kamijou was one of the teenagers who lived around Academy City and became one of the students in a school near the city. Each student has an esper level to find out how strong the supernatural power is. But for Touma, he was a level 0 Esper who was the lowest level and it made him ridiculed by students around the school. But behind Touma's misery, the strength he possessed cannot actually be explained by scientists.

Touma is known to have a unique ability called "Imagine Breaker", which is a supernatural ability to cancel other abilities. One day Touma met a nun girl named Index who looked weak. It was known that Index was running away from a dangerous organization. The organization is eyeing the minds of the Indices which contain hundreds of thousands of forbidden magic books that have been removed and may not be spread by the church. Now to protect the Touma Index must be involved in a major problem related to a dangerous organization.

Anime that has the main story where magic and science are combined into one that creates a plot with unique and interesting concepts. In addition to the main character is also very interesting where he has the power that is not owned by others, namely the power to cancel the power of others. The story prefix is ​​also quite good, although it is quite ordinary where the story begins with the main character who starts to get into trouble after helping a nun in which there is a forbidden force.

For the quality of animation, some scenes are made in detail, besides when entering the battle scene, the movements of the characters are made as real and the effects of the supernatural power are well made so that it becomes one of the best J.C Staff anime.

2. Saiki Kusuo Psi-nan (The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.)

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. - Best J.C.Staff Anime list

Number of Episodes: 24
MAL Rating: 8.56
Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, Supernatural, School, Shounen
Having the ability to do everything, is what everyone wants. But for Saiki Kusuo, he considered this ability a curse. Saiki is a child born to an ordinary family but endowed with an extraordinary power. when he was born he was able to speak through the mind, can see an object behind other things, read thoughts, fly, and so on. Because of the abilities he has, there are things that are taken away from him, namely the feeling of how someone achieved something, or a surprise.

But for now all he wants is a quiet life, but that sometimes doesn't happen to him. Every day there are events that disturb him and make his life fall apart. In addition there is a thing that is not liked by Saiki, which is to become a striking person or attract the attention of others because in his childhood he had experienced it and made himself disturbed. Now with his current self, Saiki decided to hide his strength from others.

Together with the students at the PK Academy where Saiki school, they consist of Riki Nendou whose mind cannot be read Saiki because it's too stupid, an acute chunibyou named Shun Kaidou, Teruhashi Kokomi who is known as the perfect girl in school, and some other strange people who disturb life calm down Saiki.

Best J.C.Staff's anime that has a comedy story that will make the audience laugh in each episode. Episodically presented stories with jokes involving supernatural elements make this series have an anti-mainstream comedy. Supporting figures from this series play an important role in making perfect jokes, while the main character usually resolves a conflict in a unique and interesting way that keeps the audience entertained and wants to continue watching the next episode.

1. Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma

Food Wars! - Best J.C.Staff Anime list

Number of Episodes: 24
MAL Rating: 8.59
Genre: Ecchi, School, Shounen
When little Yukihara Souma had a big dream to become a full-time chef and take over his family work by defeating his father, Jouichirou Saiba. While increasing his cooking skills, Souma helped his father work and cook in a restaurant. But after Souma graduated from high school, he was very surprised that his father would close his restaurant and go to New York because of an offer from his friend. This had made Souma not excited but he immediately got up after he was challenged by his father to enter a cooking school.

The school is the Totsuki Academy, a cooking school for elite students famous for cooking competitions or "Food Wars". Besides entering, Souma also had to continue to stay there because at the school only 10% of students there were able to graduate. When Souma began attending Totsuki Academy, he met one of the elite students named Erina Nakiri, a student who was known to be very sharp in assessing cuisine and liked to criticize the cuisine very spicy. Now Souma's struggle to pursue the new father starts from here.

Anime about cooking which has a typical story of shounen. When entering the scene where the characters follow a food competition, it becomes an exciting and tense part. For the depiction animation section, for this series it is very good, the depiction of food is made as real and will make some of the viewers feel tempted to taste it, the ecchi scene in this series is also presented adequately This is one of the most popular shounen series with a cooking theme that has become one of the best J.C Staff's  anime.