Top 20 Strongest Anime Character Who Wield Power of Wind/Air

Top Strongest Anime Character Who Wield Power of Wind/Air
Best Character Wind user in Anime, Wind is one of the basic elements that usually appear as a force released by a character in anime that raised the theme of magic, fantasy and others. Only some anime give the character a force of wind, because of all the fantasy / magic anime, the power that is often given to a character is the element of fire, because it gives the impression of cool and frightening to the character.

But there is also the main character in an anime that is given the power of wind elements such as characters that you must know that is Naruto. Without further ado this time Noemnime will give you a list of the strongest and best wind power user character.

20. Luc (Darker than Black)

Luc (Darker than Black) - Top Strongest Anime Character Who Wield Power of Wind/Air
It is a contractor who works to force Kozo Tahara to rejoin Meyer & Hilton by kidnapping his son Mai Kashiwagi. He is a black man with long shoulder-length curly hair tied up.

He has a personality like any other contractor that is rarely spoken, showing little emotion and cold. He has the power of air / wind manipulation that he can create weapons from knives, daggers, spears, whips, and others with air. Even from the air, the weapon is very sharp because it has a very great cut ability.

19. Kazehana (Sekirei)

Kazehana (Sekirei) - Top Strongest Anime Character Who Wield Power of Wind/Air
The fifth secretary of Minato (main character) is shown first when Musubi and Tsukiumi confront Veiled Sekirei who has attacked the Ancient and Ashikabinya. She met with Minato afterwards at the Izumo inn, he fell into his bed drunk. Kazehana is Sekirei with the appearance of a long-haired woman tied back and wearing purple china outfit with a slight showing of her body.

She has a relaxed nature and feels confused when talking about love. She is so confident with his appeal that she is not afraid when he discloses what is in his mind. Kazehana is a very experienced fighter and has the ability to manipulate the wind. It can make itself fly and can control the wind by turning it sharp and can make it an attack.

18. Keith Goodman (Tiger & Bunny)

Keith Goodman (Tiger & Bunny) - Top Strongest Anime Character Who Wield Power of Wind/Air
Heroes with the name "Sky High" which is one of the most popular heroes in the city Sternbuild and get the title of King of Heroes for two consecutive years. Keith is a hero who has a kind heart, is polite and always shares happiness but sometimes he is shown like a fool. He takes his work seriously into a great hero, often patrols at night even while out of work and is very proud of his title as the number 1 hero and never shows his pride.

He understands very well about the feelings and pressures that come from the degree he gets and the fear when he is never able to save people. In accordance with the hero's name, Sky High has the ability of wind manipulation. He can create great wind gusts with the command given by him. In addition he created a wind and a giant spinning breeze that spun to attack the enemy. But unfortunately he can not fly with his ability so that when he flies, he is assisted by the jet-Pack.

17. Fuu Hououji (Magic Knight Rayearth/Mahou Kishi Rayearth)

Fuu Hououji (Magic Knight Rayearth/Mahou Kishi Rayearth) - Top Strongest Anime Character Who Wield Power of Wind/Air
One of the main protagonists in the Magic Knight Rayearth series and became a Magic Knight that has wind-based power elements. Fuu has the features of green eyes, short blond hair slightly brownish and wearing glasses. When being a magic knight, Fuu wore armor that had a dominant green color to suit his personality and ability to control wind elements.Fuu is a polite, friendly girl, always shows her smile, and has a high intelligence. She became a strategist and a team brain by often saving those in trouble.

Intelligence is not the only ability he has, he has great archery skills because he often practices in using bows so she can direct the arrows accurately. As a Wind Magic, Fuu has the ability of wind elements and can be used in any form.She can heal wounds, carry out attacks in the form of strong winds, keep the enemy motionless, and can create a protective wall made of wind. The strongest Wind Mantra is, it can create a great wind blow with knife-like sharpness.

16. Chelia Blendy (Fairy Tail)

Chelia Blendy (Fairy Tail) - Top Strongest Anime Character Who Wield Power of Wind/Air
Is a member of the Guild Lamia Scale and is a God Slayer. Chelia is a smallish young girl who resembles her cousin Sherry Blendy who is older than her. Chelia has a shy, cheerful, and polite nature that makes her cute so many are in love with her. He was very determined to make Master Guild Lamia Scale feel good. Chelia has a sense of love for Lyon, it is shown when he always feels worried about Lyon especially when he shows his crazy attitude to show his love for Juvia. Chelia is a God Slayer who mastered the ancient magic of wind elements. Its black magic-shaped magic and can be used as a long-range strike and its power is a special force against God's creatures.

The magic of the wind can he throw through the bursts of his mouth or move his body to trigger the flow of the wind. Chelia has a great secret move by raising her arms to collect more large black air currents, after which the black feathers appear while the accumulated flow grew longer and becomes a high-speed attack that leads to her target. In addition to attack, Chelia's wind magic can also be used as a healer.

15. Wendy Marvel (Fairy Tail)

Wendy Marvel (Fairy Tail) - Top Strongest Anime Character Who Wield Power of Wind/Air
The young Dragon Slayer who is 12 years old and has an exceeding friend who has always been with Carla since he was a child. Wendy is a former member of Cait Shelter Guild and a member of the Fairy Tail Guild. She is a shy and very polite girl to the people she meets.

When he made a mistake, Carla always helped Wendy in solving a problem. Wendy is a girl who is very concerned about the guild member when initially he was described as a girl who is always not confident and doubt his ability in helping his colleagues.But as time lapsed especially when Wendy begins to become a Fairy Tail member, she becomes brave, more confident, and always does her best.

Wendy is a Dragon Slayer Heaven that makes herself able to extract wind element magic. Like the other dragon slayer, Wendy can blast a very strong current of wind and make the opponent is thrown. Most of Wendy's most ability is to use support magic such as witch healing, attack-enhancing, or temporary enhancement of defense to her partner. Wendy can become even stronger by increasing the air strikes rapidly when she changes into Dragon Force Mode that she gets by consuming fresh air containing Ethernano.

14. Fuko Kirisawa (Flame of Recca)

Fuko Kirisawa (Flame of Recca) - Top Strongest Anime Character Who Wield Power of Wind/Air
Tomboyish girl is tough and has a penchant for fighting. Fuko was declared the fastest member of the Hokage Team. She uses his fujin madogu weapon to make himself able to master the wind element. Due to his always being shown as a tomboyish girl, Fuko is always laughed at when she shows off his nature or says feminine things. Although she was not in a state of annoyance but when there is insult to his appearance, Fuko immediately became enraged.

By using his own Madogu she can issue a variety of wind element attacks. Fuko is able to extract winds that can form like a knife and its strength is sufficient to cut iron. She can also remove a clawed weapon by inserting the Oni no Tsume stone. Fuko can take advantage of the wind as a shield and can unleash his secret technique against Hisui. That is, she jumps with his angelic ability and slides to give a powerful blow that can paralyze the opponent.

13. Leon Elliott (Black Cat)

Leon Elliott (Black Cat) - Top Strongest Anime Character Who Wield Power of Wind/Air
The short, short blue-haired kid has purple eyes and is a member of the Apostles of the Star. He is often shown wearing a dark collar shirt with a high collar covered by a red jacket. Leon is a child who likes and does not trust the adults but is very confident with the power he has.

Leon has the ability to manipulate the wind, he can make a gust of wind to make himself fly while using a surfboard. In addition he can create a whirlwind and make the palm of his hand as a container to form wind and can be used as a projectile attack that can be used for close combat.

12. Kagura (Inuyasha)

Kagura (Inuyasha) - Top Strongest Anime Character Who Wield Power of Wind/Air
The Naraku Creation being the second incarnation of himself and the sister of Kanna. As the second incarnation of Naraku, his character has in common with him that is evil and likes to use others for his own sake. But she secretly hates Naraku very much and she aims to kill Naraku, the creator.

It was shown when he let Inuyasha escape to expect him to fulfill his goal to defeat Naraku and she once asked Sesshomaru for help to kill Naraku. Kagura is called a wind wizard who uses Fan to increase his strength. It can create a sharp tornado like a knife or utilize a wind element to turn the corpse on. With fur accessories on his hair tie, she can use it as a transport coupled with the power of his wind element.

11. Mimi (D. Gray-man)

Mimi (D. Gray-man) - Top Strongest Anime Character Who Wield Power of Wind/Air
Is an Akuma loyal to Lulu Bell whose soul comes from a servant while her body comes from a princess.She has the features of pale pale blue hair, red eyes, pointy ears, and a pale face. He was very loyal to Lulu Bell and always did what he commanded. 

She was very happy as long as he along with Lulu. In a fight she can form a two iron fan that can be used as a weapon by throwing it towards the opponent. In the second form of a dragon-shaped form, Mimi has the ability to manipulate wind elements by using its wings.

10. Temari (Naruto)

Temari (Naruto) - Top Strongest Anime Character Who Wield Power of Wind/Air
Kunoichi from Sunagakure and is a member of the Kazekage clan and became a member of the nara clan after marriage to Nara Shikamaru and has a son named Nara Shikadai. Temari is the eldest of her two siblings, KankurĊ and Gaara.

Temari has a wise attitude, rarely complains and is not afraid to reveal what he thinks. By being the son of a Kazekage, Temari undergoes strenuous training at Sunagakure and makes himself a gifted ninja and highly skilled in long-range combat. She has the expertise in using the wind element ninjutsu he passes through his big fan gun.

9. Vento of the Front (Toaru Majutsu Index)

Vento of the Front (Toaru Majutsu Index) - Top Strongest Anime Character Who Wield Power of Wind/Air
The only female member of the secret God's Right Seat organization with a frightening appearance. She was dressed in a dominant yellow and brown color with a pierced face that looked scary. She has a spiteful personality and always provokes someone to trigger God's Penalty. One of his magic powers is the power of the wind element, he can issue a large hammer with a complicated pattern made of wind to defeat his opponents.

8. Kazuma Yagami (Kaze no Stigma)

Kazuma Yagami (Kaze no Stigma) - Top Strongest Anime Character Who Wield Power of Wind/Air
Kazuma Yagami or Kazuma Kannagi is a member of the Kannagi family who has been expelled for not mastering the power of fire and is considered a disgrace in his family. After Kazuma was expelled, he practiced very hard in the Chinese territory until a few years later, he has again become a very strong man with wind power that he had for having contracted with the Spirit of the Wind God. Although originally shown as a mean character for a while, Kazuma is portrayed as a person who cares deeply about the people he considers very important.

But he is often shown as a man who has a selfish nature because of him who is now very strong and different from his old self. Kazuma is the strongest character in the series and has a very far-reaching power with others. The power of manipulation can make him do anything by using his wind. It can form a very strong boomerang with its angle, creating a tornado, a wall to protect from any attack, direct the attack, and also fly. It can also track people by sensing presence through the wind and can make itself disappear.

7. Uzumaki Naruto (Naruto)

Uzumaki Naruto (Naruto) - Top Strongest Anime Character Who Wield Power of Wind/Air
Ninja from Konohagakure and is a Jinchuriki Kyubi. In his childhood he was always shunned by the villagers because it is considered a disgrace that has made Konoha destroyed by the nine-tailed civet monster that is now in his body. At the time of the genin Naruto can only master the stance of a thousand shadows as his main stance to fight the enemy, but after meeting with Jiraiya and became his disciple, Naruto learned various stance from the caller stance, the technique of using kyuubi chakra, to the fourth hokage creation technique called Rasengan.

When practicing with kakashi and Yamato to develop his rasenganya technique, there is the fact that the basic element of Naruto is a wind element. Utimate elemental wind technique is Rasen Shuriken, which is a wind element technique that has a tremendous destructive power and is very deadly. The effect of the stance is shown when he is against Kakuzu but the stance still has side effects on its users. Naruto managed to master Rasen Shuriken when he fought Pain by throwing the rasengan. After that the technique was developed in various variations especially when he changed into Kyuubi mode.

6. Kensei Muguruma (Bleach)

Kensei Muguruma (Bleach) - Top Strongest Anime Character Who Wield Power of Wind/Air
It is a member of the Visored or can be called the Masukan Bertopeng, whose members are Shinigami who have Hollow powers. After the fight against Aizen, Kensei was appointed captain of the 9th division of one of the Gotei 13 to replace his previous captain, Kaname Tosen. Kensei has an appearance as a tall and muscular man with white hair. On his chest there is a number 69 which means that number 6 means the last name of the kanji with the name Muguruma while the number 9 means that he is the captain of the 9th division.

Kensei is a Shinigami who has the power of wind element with his zanpakuton named Tachikaze. By slashing the air, he can make the surrounding wind into several wind knives that can cut off the opponent from a distance and cause severe injuries that are even capable of cutting large Hollow.

5. Jin (Yu-yu Hakusho)

Jin (Yu-yu Hakusho) - Top Strongest Anime Character Who Wield Power of Wind/Air
The first character is displayed during Dark Tournament Saga as a member of the Mashotsukai team. He is a member of the strongest team while the team leader Risho is chosen because his intelligence and his ability to lead is great. It looks like a demon that has a small horn on its head, long ears, and overlapping canine teeth and has red hair. Jin is a man who has a cheerful and always excited.

He is very talented in the fight but greatly underestimates his team-mates especially against Bakken. The genie has something in common with Yusuke in so many ways that they make friends. Jin has Aerokinesis ability or wind manipulation ability. It can control the wind as an attack, defense, or escape. The power of his wind manipulation can allow him to create gigantic explosive tornadoes and the technique is capable of defeating the S-Class monster, the strongest monster in Makai.

4. Yuno (Black Clover)

Yuno (Black Clover) - Top Strongest Anime Character Who Wield Power of Wind/Air
An orphan who grew up in the Little Church in Hage Village and was a member of the Golden Dawn army. Yuno is a wizard who has a Grimoire with 4 clover leaves, the same number of leaves as the first Emperor of Magic. Yuno has a cool personality and always talks with just a few words. He is always calm in situations and rarely shows his emotions. But despite his cold nature, Yuno has a strong passion and ambition to become a Magic Emperor whom he has dreamed of since his childhood along with his rival Asta. When he was a child, his personality was very different from him now. As a young Yuno is shown as a child who is always crybaby and not confident with his ability. After Asta continues to encourage and support him, Yuno turns into a passionate man in reaching his dream.

The main element of Yuno's magic is the Wind Element. By his power he can create a Tornado, forming a sharp wind blade, and can form his angle into an arrow, a sword, or a spear. In addition he can also master the forming magic by creating a hawk-shaped wind or form a wind that can be used as a vehicle. Yuno possesses a spirit calling magic, a rare kind of magic that can make the user summon spirits to increase the power of a magical element. When in the dungeon Yuno accidentally finds a scroll that made him gain Slyph's spirit magic, and accidentally expelled against Mars.

3. Wamuu (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)

Wamuu (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) - Top Strongest Anime Character Who Wield Power of Wind/Air
The antagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series that appears in the Battle Tendency story and is a Pillar Man who respects his attributes. Wamuu is described as a very large creature with a sturdy body and very tall. He has a fondness for battle and has the respect of being without cunning when the fight has been shown when Wamuu waits for Joseph to stand up so they can fight back. T

he most prominent thing in his nature is his very high respect to his parents Esidisi and Kars who had raised him since he was a baby. He has the strength that exceeds the common man and has the ability to manipulate the body as a Pillar Man. In addition the body cells can remove acids that can melt organic substances. Wamuu also has the power of wind element in him as Pillar Man, one of which when he entered Wind Mode, the power of Pillar Man that he can control freely so that it can attack with a sharp knife of wind coming out of his body.

It can also create a wind spin from its destructive arms and can cut human beings into pieces. In Fashion Finally Wamuu can release a large amount of high-pressure wind and very sharp like a knife but the technique causes side effects and make Wamuu's body torn.

2. Fuusuke (Ninku)

Fuusuke (Ninku) - Top Strongest Anime Character Who Wield Power of Wind/Air
A child who has a weird appearance of 12 years old and is a former captain of Ninku troops. He is a powerful warrior from the Ninku martial arts school who teaches the combined types of ninjutsu and kung-fu martial arts. Fuusuke adventures to gather the former Ninku members after the war against Satan. Fuusuke is a ninja that has the ability to manipulate wind elements. Fuusuke can create a powerful wind ball from his palm so it is very useful for close combat.

The technique is called "Kuatsuken", an air attack technique that can destroy various types of metal from armor even to be able to damage organs in the body. The strength has been calculated that it has 9320 gigawatts. In addition to the Kuatsuken technique, Fuusuke can also exclude genjutsu or illusionary techniques through leaves that blow by the wind and make enemies confused. He can master a high level technique that can issue a dangerous storm to defeat the opponent but the technique causes side effects by making the user injured.

1. Aquila Yuna (Saint Seiya Omega)

Aquila Yuna (Saint Seiya Omega) - Top Strongest Anime Character Who Wield Power of Wind/Air
It is the Saint Bronze of the Aquila star and is a friend of Pegasus Kouga. Aquila is shown as an independent and loving woman towards others. She is also very polite, gentle, kind, and known as a very clever girl. With his acute astronomy he can know about the unknown Cosmo Miteri. But sometimes Yuna also has an irritable nature when being provoked.

Yuna is a Saint Bronze who has the power of air and wind element manipulation. It can create a very powerful hurricane or tornado as an attack against an enemy and its Tornado can be combined with other techniques to increase its strength.