Top 10 Anime Like Tsuki ga Kirei (As the Moon, So Beautiful)

Top Anime Like Tsuki ga Kirei (As the Moon, So Beautiful)

Tsuki ga kirei (As the Moon, As the Beautiful), one of the best anime in the Spring season of 2017. One of the reasons this anime became the best anime is its fine graphics and interesting romance stories. Tsuki ga kirei story where the conflict experienced by 2 character pairs is not as heavy as other romance anime. Tsuki ga kirei was released on April 6, 2017 and produced by studio Feel. This time I will share some anime like Tsuki ga Kirei.

10. Scum's Wish (Kuzu no Honkai)

Top Anime Like Tsuki ga Kirei (As the Moon, So Beautiful) - Scum's Wish (Kuzu no Honkai)
Number of Episodes: 12
Genre: Drama, Romance, School, Seinen

Yasuraoka Hanabi, is a teenage girl who loves a young teacher named Kanai Narumi who is in school and is a man who is familiar with his family. But Hanabi must accept bitter reality because Kanai prefers a woman who is also a teacher, she is named Minagawa Akane. While in the hall she meets a man named Awaya Mugi, Mugi is experiencing the same thing with Hanabi. Since junior high school he likes Akane who is his private teacher. 

After knowing that they were abandoned by their loved ones, they decided to dating. Many people think that Mugi and Hanabi are the perfect partner. But actually their goal dating is nothing but just to fill their emptiness, intimacy until sexual intercourse is done only as an outlet and substitute of the person their loves. Mugi imagines Hanabi as Akane, and Hanabi imagines Mugi as Kanai.

9. Clannad

Top Anime Like Tsuki ga Kirei (As the Moon, So Beautiful) - Clannad
Number of Episodes: 23
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School, Slice of Life, Supernatural

Clannad, tells of a man named Tomoya Okazaki whose family is in turmoil. He lives with his father in a modest home. His family often quarreled because his father was often drunk, His dream of becoming a basketball player was also shattered, his hands can not be used to play basketball. making Tomoya give up with his school life and live with as he pleased.

Tomoya's life changed when he met a woman standing in the middle of a hill toward school, called Nagisa Furuka. She is a school-aged woman with Tomoya, But she should now have graduated. Nagisa had to stay in class because of her mysterious illness in the winter, she had a fever that never healed, even for months. Therefore, she has to stay in class because her attendance at school is not enough.

8. My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU (Oregairu)

Top Anime Like Tsuki ga Kirei (As the Moon, So Beautiful) - My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU (Oregairu)
Number of Episodes: 13
Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, Drama, Romance, School

Telling about the daily life of a high school student who rarely even never sosialize, he named Hachiman Hikigaya. He had a strange view and slightly different from what happened. When he saw his classmates talking excitedly about their teenage life, he says that they are a group of liars and when he was asked about his future dreams,  he replied "does not work" It is what makes his teacher forced him to join the club Volunteer Service, the most beautiful girl in school, Yukinoshita Yukino.

7. Golden Time

Top Anime Like Tsuki ga Kirei (As the Moon, So Beautiful) - Golden Time
Number of Episodes: 24
Genre: Comedy, Romance
The Golden Time Anime tells of a new student named Tada Banri who just entered a university student in Tokyo. This is where Banri started his new life because before moving to Tokyo Banri lost all his memory due to an accident. Banri decided to become a new person. On his first day as a freshman Banri could not find his way to the campus and strayed down the street. And in the time of getting lost Banri met Yanagisawa Mitsuo who both get lost while heading to campus.

They decided to find a way to campus together. Arriving in front of the gate of Banri and Yana surprised by the appearance of a perfect girl named Kaga Kouko who immediately congratulate Yana by using a bunch of roses. It turns out Kouko is a childhood friend of Yana who loves it, but Yana blindly runs away to this university because he wants to run from Kouko.

6. The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior

Top Anime Like Tsuki ga Kirei (As the Moon, So Beautiful) - The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior
Number of Episodes: 12
Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, Romance, School
Tells about Usa Kazunari who entered high school by planning to live independently and seek peace with a single stay. One day in his school library, Usa saw a mysterious class sister who made her attractive. Once in Kawaisou, where he lives, Usa was so surprised and happy to know Ritsu Kawai, The sister of the class he saw earlier, was also living there.

But the calm that is expected to stay a dream when Kawaisou is a place that is populated by unique people who will make life Usa more strange, exciting, and more colorful.How did Usa's struggle to gain the heart of Ristu and how did Usa's life in Kawaisou with the people who lived there?

5. Orange

Top Anime Like Tsuki ga Kirei (As the Moon, So Beautiful) - Orange
Number of Episodes: 13
Genre: Sci-Fi, Drama, Romance, School, Shoujo
Naho Takamiya, a teenage girl who had her first day of school in her second year. When she woke up late to leave for school, she found a strange letter that was shown to her, but the letter is written that it comes from her 10 years. At first she did not believe that she in the future wrote a letter to him, But after passing events and repeating one of the same mistakes, Naho believes in the existence of the letter. In his future document, there is written about the regrets made by Naho. The letter aims to correct mistakes made by future Naho.

He in the future hopes to himself in the present to not make the same mistake. In the note also written that he must help every problem faced by his new friend named Naruse Kakeru, So that later Naho did not experience his greatest regret. From Naho's future guidance note, he is trying to correct his mistakes and be careful in making decisions especially if it is related about Kakeru.

4. Momokuri

Top Anime Like Tsuki ga Kirei (As the Moon, So Beautiful) - Momokuri
Number of Episodes: 25
Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, Romance
Talking about a girl named Yuki Kurihara, she has a desire to date a man named Momotsuki Shinya who is her first love affair.

Although Yuki looks like an ordinary girl, but in fact she is very funny and also a girl who is very infatuated with the Momo until Yuki  record Momo activities, so that she was not left to see the opportunity cute thing done Momo. On the other hand, Yuki's favorite person, Momo, is a man who is experienced in love and just wants to make Yuki happy and happy.

3. Bokura ga Ita (We were there)

Top Anime Like Tsuki ga Kirei (As the Moon, So Beautiful) - Bokura ga Ita (We were there)
Number of Episodes: 26
Genre: Slice of Life, Drama, Romance, Shoujo

Entering the first year of high school, Nanami Takahashi departs in the hope that he will have many new friends, he meets the shy Yuri Yamamoto, after meeting him, he heard about a very popular boy in school, he was named Motoharu Yano, he initially hated Yuri, but he became fond of him for various things. Yuri is a little concerned with Yano because Yuri is the older brother of Yano's first girlfriend who has died, he is named Nana Yamamoto.

After his death due to car accident, he always remembers himself. At that moment Yano finds out that Nana is having an affair with his ex-girlfriend, after that incident he does not want to trust anyone else, especially talking about his relationship with Nana. But unlike Nanami, he wants to continue to support and encourage Yano, they become friends who end up with each other. Talking about Yano and Nanami's love story is full of struggles and overcome misunderstandings.

2. Wandering Son (Hourou Musuko)

Top Anime Like Tsuki ga Kirei (As the Moon, So Beautiful) - Wandering Son (Hourou Musuko)
Number of Episodes: 11
Genre: Drama, School, Slice of Life

Shuuichi Nitori, a boy who was destined to be a man but he preferred to be a woman, by the 5th grade he was transferred to a new school. There Shuuichi quickly became friends of other students. Shuuichi has a friend who also does not like his gender. He is Yoshino Takatsuki. Although he was destined to be a woman,

he prefers to be a man by transforming himself and looking like a man. They both shared the same secrets and similar problems. Their goal is to find their true identity. Their lives start to become complicated when they have stepped on a new school. They try to make new friends,  and struggling to maintain the old. Faced with problems that are difficult to overcome, and must accept destiny and must keep growing by adjusting to their gender.

1. One Week Friends (Isshuukan Friends)

Top Anime Like Tsuki ga Kirei (As the Moon, So Beautiful) - One Week Friends (Isshuukan Friends)
Number of Episodes: 12
Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, School, Shounen

Yuuki Hase, a 16 year old high school student, finally ventured to speak to a girl he liked and asked to be his friend . She is Kaori Fujimiya, a cool and calm girl who keeps herself away from others for not wanting to have friends.  One day Yuuki finds Kaori having lunch on the school roof during break time. That's where Yuuki began to decide to meet Kaori every day in hopes she can know and understand it well. The longer they spend time together, Kaori begins to open herself, but as she approaches the end of the week, Kaori begins to tell her reason for avoiding others and being cold. Every weekend, Memories of Kaori Memories with his friends, unless his family will disappear and on every Monday Kaori memories will be reset.

Kaori's missing memory once a week was caused by a car accident when she was in junior high. That's why Kaori does not want to hurt her friends and prefer to own. On Monday Kaori does not remember anything about Yuuki. Because Yuuki's determination to be more than just friends, Every Monday he always asks "Will you be my friend again?"