Theory About The True Power of Perfect Ultra Insinct in Dragon Ball Super

Theory About The True Power of Perfect Ultra Insinct

Mastered Ultra Instinct / Miggate Kansei Mastered Instinct !! has been officially announced as the strongest form of Son Goku who appeared in his fight against Jiren in a power tournament that has approached the final episode. Earlier in episode 110, Ultra Instinct was first shown by Goku when almost defeated against Jiren. While in the manga version, in chapter 28, Beerus is also shown using Ultra Instinct but slightly different from what Goku does.

From the theory of the anime version, Goku gets Ultra Instinct when he is exposed to his own Genkidama. Genkidama energy joins with Goku's energy that makes itself destroy the barrier of its innermost potential. While on the theory of Manga, Ultra Instinct is a technique to strengthen the instincts that make his own body move. But the reason is still less logical why goku can get Ultra Instinct. Therefore we will provide an explanation of the Theory of Perfect Ultra Instinct obtained by Goku.

Theory About The True Power of Perfect Ultra Insinct
Before the announcement that Akira Toriyama would give a silver color to goku, many say that Ultra Instinct is a technique and not a form like what Beerus does in chapter 28. However, after Toriyama gave the perfect ultra instinct officially, it made DB Lovers shocked and made a statement that Ultra Instinct is really a Form. Goku possessed the physical features of the hair and silver eyes like the physical characteristics of the Angel who became the guardian of the destructive Gods. We realizes something about Ultra Instinct from the manga and anime theory and sees what Goku and Beerus do.

Gods Ki and Ultra Instinct

It is known that Ultra Instinct is the most difficult technique mastered by the Gods of Destruction . Judging from the design of Perfect Ultra Instinct made by Akira Toriyama, it is concluded that Ultra Instinct remains a technique with physical characteristics like the Angel. Ultra Instinct is a technique instilling instinct by itself so as to evade self from various attacks and move by itself unconsciously. But behind it there is something special that happened to Gods Ki when Ultra Instinct took place.

When using Ultra Instinct, it turns out that Gods Ki who is in the user's body can remove the hidden power so that Gods Ki can work optimally. The use of Gods Ki possessed by the Gods of Destruction and other Gods, is still an ordinary Ki that is merely stronger than normal Ki. Whereas Gods Ki is not only stronger than ordinary Ki but Gods Ki also has special ability which can improve all statistic ability from, strength, speed, reflex and others.

Differences in Super Saiyan Form with Ultra Instinct

Forms such as Super Saiyan 1,2, and 3 or Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue concept as the increasing number of ki then Form will increase and Form can be obtained by increasing the larger ki can be obtained through hard training. In contrast to Ultra Instinct, for whatever Gods Ki are owned, users will never reach ultra instinct form if they have not fully mastered Gods Ki. As happened to Beerus and Goku, They have a considerable difference in the number of Gods Ki..

Beerus has a Gods Ki greater than Goku so Beerus is much stronger than Goku. But Whis says that Goku and Vegeta have a chance to defeat Beerus by mastering a capability that even Ultra Instinct can not master. If using Ultra Instinct technique, then Gods Ki in the body will work optimally so as to improve the ability of users, so it makes sense only if Goku who can optimize Gods Ki can win with Beerus who has not been able to issue Gods Ki optimally Perfect

Relation About Ultra Instinct and Angel

Theory About The True Power of Perfect Ultra Insinct
If you see the figure of Perfect Ultra Instinct, maybe some of you think that the figure is similar to the physical characteristics of the Angel, the hair and eyes are silver. From these statements found conclusion that the Angel has mastered the technique of Perfect Ultra Instinct as done by Goku. But there is a difference from Goku's Perfect Ultra Instinct and the Angel.

Angel's Perfect Ultra Instinct is permanent and can not be deactivated because basically they have been blessed Gods Ki from the beginning as an Angel and the purpose given Gods Ki is to guide and supervise the Gods of Destruction .So if there is no Gods of Destruction then, as Whis says that the power of Ki The God of Angel will be eradicated if the God of Destruction dies.

If all the above explanations are still unclear, you can see the following picture.

Theory About The True Power of Perfect Ultra Insinct

This is the Concept and Theory of Ultra Instinct Goku as is known in the graph above, Super Saiyan Change into the category "Normal KI" which means the higher The normal number of Ki then the more change of form from Super Saiyan 1 to Super Saiyan 3.While "God Ki", which Ki is stronger than Normal KI but how to get it through the exercise more difficult and harder. The increasing of God Ki then there is a change of new form like change of Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue.

After discussing God Ki and Normal Ki, the next is "Optimized God Ki", this term is a term made by Noemnime and not an official name. Optimized God KI can be said as hidden potential of God Ki that has been opened by using certain techniques such as Ultra Instinct. The Goku's Ultra Instinct  form can not be obtained by simply improving God KI like Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue.

At the bottom of the chart is a graph Goku continues to practice in a long time by increasing God Ki to equivalent Perfect Ultra Instinct. In the graph, Goku who practiced harder, did not get Ultra Instinct form although his God Ki level is very high and finally the result of the exercise is only aimed to just become stronger and exceed the limits of the power of Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue.

In the Beerus section of the Graph, it is shown that his God Ki count is much greater than that of Goku, but in using Ultra Instinct, Beerus has not been able to master it completely as Goku. As Whis claims, Goku has a chance to overcome Beerus with such techniques that even Beerus can not master.

For Whis's part as Angel, it is thought that his Optimized God Ki is already integrated into him because from the beginning he is an Angel who has been blessed by Gods Ki without doing the exercises and Gods Ki gift is only intended to guide, supervise and train the Hakaishin.

Here is the Secrets of  Perfect Ultra Instinct concept theory and this is still an animate opinion of Noemnime himself and is not an official statement, if you find a mistake then you can add or correct the theory by commenting through the available columns.