Top 30 Strongest Anime Characters with Ice Power

Top Strongest Anime Characters with Ice Power

Ice anime character, Ice Elements is one of the special abilities in an anime, usually the power used to survive, protect themselves or protect the people who are sought, for war, and so on. A character Gets that ability from practice or is given from a creature or object such as food. A force of ice manipulation usually comes from Magic, Inner Power, the ability of the gods and others. Some of the Races are captivated, such as Humans, Devils, Angels, Beasts, Gods and others.

This time we will discuss about characters that can manipulate ice. Those who have the power of the ice element There are many unique techniques issued by a character. Some Anime with the power of ice usually have anime that presents the power with various elements, such as fire, earth, lightning, air, water, and others. They can cooling the room, freeze someone, and others. This time we will share 30 Strongest Characters in using ice power.

30. Miyuki Shiba ( Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei )

Miyuki Shiba ( Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei ) - Top Strongest Anime Characters with Ice Power

Is the sister of Tatsuya Shiba from Mahouka koukou no rettousei. She is a beautiful and charming girl who has great magical powers. Her beauty plus her humble attitude, Miyuki became a famous student in her school especially among men. Magical Abilities from Miyuki in the form of Magic related to Ice.

She is able to create a room in the air to cool down and can weaken a fire-powered magic attack.She can defeat the enemy by freezing him. In addition to her ice magic ability, Miyuki has the sensory ability to find out information from someone smelling or touching.

29. Tokiya Mikagami ( Flame of Recca )

Tokiya Mikagami ( Flame of Recca ) - Top Strongest Anime Characters with Ice Power

The oldest member of Tim Hokage, he was carrying a weapon called Ensui, a knife with water element ability. Tokiya is the member who has the highest intelligence,

He is called a genius by his teacher in a fight, Tokiya does not hesitate in defeating the enemy, he considers all his opponents the same, he does not care about his enemy nor is he male or female.The Esui blade has three stages in changing its ability, one of the sword's stages is where the Ensui weapon can change everything including its enemy into ice just by touch.

28. Steven Starphase ( Kekkai Sensen )

Steven Starphase ( Kekkai Sensen ) - Top Strongest Anime Characters with Ice Power

Tall man who has black hair with a scar on his left face. He is a businessman and agent who has a friendly nature. Steven has the ability to lower his body temperature on himself and also around it to freeze enemies. The name of the technique is said in Spanish. He can freeze his enemy with just a touch. In addition he can also freeze the land to facilitate the fighting.

27. Horokeu Usui ( Shaman King )

Horokeu Usui ( Shaman King ) - Top Strongest Anime Characters with Ice Power

Known as Horohoro, it is part of the Ainu tribe, the son of Usui Lycan and brother of Usui Pirika. Horohoro is a passionate, cheerful, and serious man when he is in danger. In the fight he can be said to be sly, his guardian spirit is named Kororo. Usually, Horohoro attack using his snowboard, his spirit that can make him turn water vapor into ice to fight his enemy. In fact he can make his opponent into a powerful ice block to be able to defeat his enemy.

26. Dio Brando ( Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure )

Dio Brando ( Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure ) - Top Strongest Anime Characters with Ice Power

Character Antagonists in the arc of Phantom Blood and Stardust Crusader of Jojo's Bizzare Adventure anime. Dio is a man of unlimited ambition. He wants to be rich and be the strongest person on earth. He is willing to do anything to achieve his goals including the wrong way.

He has some special powers in him, one of which is he has the ability on ice elements.It has a freezing technique, the technique is used against the enemy by freezing himself and transferring it to an object or a human being.

25. Jin Kizaragi ( BlazBlue )

Jin Kizaragi ( BlazBlue ) - Top Strongest Anime Characters with Ice Power

Jin Kizaragi is a member of the 4th magic division and is the brother of Saya and Ragna. Jin is a man who likes to be alone and difficult to get along. but he has a concern for others. He never had regrets for killing people who tried to block his goals. When reunited with Ragna,
Jin's tranquil nature becomes lost, when speaking to him Jin has a sense of pleasure.

Jin's elite status has been proved by his ability in skill while fighting. He uses an ice weapon named Yukianesa, with the weapon he can manipulate the ice elements such as shaping ice into a knife, with the power he can not hesitate to kill his enemy by easily freeze it.

24. Irori (Machine-Doll wa Kizutsukanai )

Irori (Machine-Doll wa Kizutsukanai ) - Top Strongest Anime Characters with Ice Power

A girl who has a pale face and silver hair and blue eyes. Irori is a graceful girl, being mature and polite to others. She is different from his siblings, irori has a calmer nature than the others. She is very concerned about her sister, Irori will not forgive anyone against the person who has made her sister cry, and she does not hesitate to freeze someone if anyone wants to peek at her sister, Komurasaki.

It is known that Irori has magic that can manipulate ice. It can cool the entire room on a large or small scale, ice that is buried very strong and hard to melt. Many are afraid of the power possessed by Irori.

23. Haku ( Naruto )

Haku ( Naruto ) - Top Strongest Anime Characters with Ice Power

An orphaned Ninja who comes from a water country and is a descendant of the Yuki Clan. Her appearance resembles a beautiful Woman, but she is actually a man, Naruto just mistakenly thinks that he is a woman. When he was little, he did not have any purpose in his life but after meeting Zabuza, he decided to join a paying ninja with Zabuza. He has the ability of Kekkei Genkai in the form of ice techniques.

Usually he kills his enemy secretly by creating a fog around him. With his Kekkei Genkai's ability Haku uses water and wind with his chakra to form an ice. He also has a special technique in the form of a mirror of ice that surrounds his enemy, killing his enemy with his needle gun and then changing places quickly, so that its existence is not known. He can also create a very sharp ice needle and snowy weather that is used as one of his attacks.

22. Nobara Yukinokouji ( Inu X Boku SS )

Nobara Yukinokouji ( Inu X Boku SS ) - Top Strongest Anime Characters with Ice Power

The Sorinozuka partner who has the character of pale yellow hair and wearing glasses, in her appearance, is very concerned about her as a woman. In Yokai's form, Nabara wears a long Kimono with his own ice capability, in the form of Yokai she is referred to as the daughter of the snow because of her ability in manipulating the ice is so great. She can create ice shapes in the air and on land, she can also create a light ice storm around his room that causes the room froze.

21. Tsurara Oikawa ( Nurarihyon no Mago )

Tsurara Oikawa ( Nurarihyon no Mago ) - Top Strongest Anime Characters with Ice Power

Is a Yuki Onna (Snow White), and also a trusted Rikuo servant. He is a cheerful and educated Yokai. He is very protective of Rikuo and wants to protect him forever. As the story progresses, Tsurawa has a love for Rikuo. She feels jealous if there are women close to Rikuo. Her ability to manipulate the ice and turn the air around to cool. 

Just with a long breath, she can freeze his enemy and turn it into ice. Tsurara can kill his enemy by freezing it and cutting it into small pieces. In addition to freezing the opponent, she can make a person sleep by blowing cold air around his target.

20. Akitsu ( Sekirei )

Akitsu ( Sekirei ) - Top Strongest Anime Characters with Ice Power

Akitsu is the Seal of Hayato, because an excess MBI scientist makes himself wings. Because of the incident, she was given the ability to use Norito.Akitsu became one of the strongest competitors to allow him to be equal to Sekirei like Homura.

It is very cold and often shows flat expression. Like its cold nature, Akitsu has the power in controlling ice elements. Usually she attacks his enemy by issuing a rain of sharp and icy needles, she can also make conical ice in the surrounding land to cripple his enemy.

19. November 11 ( Darker Than Black )

November 11 ( Darker Than Black ) - Top Strongest Anime Characters with Ice Power

The character of the Darker Than Black series, November 11, he is the best agent of MI-6. He is also a contractor who has a humorous nature and often tells silly stories.

She is very kind and caring to his colleagues, He does not like to smoke, but his power requires that he should smoke. It has the power of ice elements, it can freeze a liquid like water or create a weapon from ice, It can also create a frozen shield that can be used as a protection.

18. Lyon Vastia ( Fairy Tail )

Lyon Vastia ( Fairy Tail ) - Top Strongest Anime Characters with Ice Power

An ice element wizard from the guild member Lamia Scale. He is a rival of Gray and also a student of the same teacher as Gray, Ur. Upon joining the Lamade Scale Guild, Lyon is given a mission with S-Class level. It can be proven that Lyon is the strongest wizard in the Guild but it has not been ascertained that Lyon has been shown as a S-Class wizard or not.

The magic from Lyon is a kind of magic-forming, which means forming something that he wants with his ice magic as both attack and defense. Lyon can form his ice magic into various living things. 
Various skill namely: Ice Make Eagle, Ice-Make Snow Dragon, Ice-Make Snow Tiger, and others. In addition to forming living beings, Lyon's ice magic can also form dead objects like  shield as a protection.

17. Mizore Shirayuki ( Rosario + Vampire )

Mizore Shirayuki ( Rosario + Vampire ) - Top Strongest Anime Characters with Ice Power

A Yuki Onna (Snow White) who is part of the Newspaper club at Yokai Academy and also one of the people who likes Tsukune Aono. At the beginning of his emergence he is shown as a lonely and depressed girl. She is a girl who rarely shows emotion, after she likes Tsukune she thinks she wants to have children with him even in a forced way.

As Yuki Onna, she can turn into an ice monster that has the ability to control ice and cold temperatures. It can also survive with a very cold temperature where no human can survive there. It can control all the water and freeze it easily. In addition he can create ice with various forms of very dangerous weapons wanted to fight his enemy.

16. Yukina ( Yu Yu Hakuso )

Yukina ( Yu Yu Hakuso ) - Top Strongest Anime Characters with Ice Power

A girl from a Devil woman known as an ice ghost and she is the sister of Hiei. Unlike his family, Yukina has a kind and courteous nature. She does not realize that Kanbara likes her, She is also very caring to other friends. Yukina's ability as an ice ghost is that she can manipulate ice, she can freeze the room easily if she is in danger. In addition he can make his tears into ice crystals, Yukina also has the ability to heal the wounded with his ice strength.

15. Todoroki Shoto ( Boku no Hero Academia )

Todoroki Shoto ( Boku no Hero Academia ) - Top Strongest Anime Characters with Ice Power

Todoroki is one of the students of U.A who practice to be a great hero, this half-red and white pupil, has a cold, aloof, and indifferent nature to others.But in the battle against criminals, Todoroki has a great fighting experience from other students. It is proven that Todoroki is the strongest student in class 1-A.

It has Quirk with 2 elements of fire and ice. He can use both these forces or use them simultaneously. In the ice element, it can create a large and powerful gleyser ice quickly. The power of his ice attacks is completely unmatched in the fight against other students at U.A.

14. Yukihina ( Code Breaker )

Yukihina ( Code Breaker ) - Top Strongest Anime Characters with Ice Power

One of 6 Re: Code with the command "The Seeking One". He is a man who has a calm nature and rarely smiles, He is also a man who rarely shows the expression on his face. But on the other hand he actually has the respect of the soldiers and his comrades. As with his cold nature, he has the ability to manipulate ice and water. He can make ice and snow and can also freeze water vapor with ease.

13. Evangeline A.K. McDowell ( Negima! )

Evangeline A.K. McDowell ( Negima! ) - Top Strongest Anime Characters with Ice Power

Is a vampire girl who has lived a long time. Her body stopped growing by the time she was 10 years old, Evangeline should have been about 600 years old. Evangeline is a cold and evil girl. She was hunted by magicians and vampirs. In fact, she has a fugitive with a head price of 6 million dollars. Although she is evil but Evangeline has a nice and gentle side but is rarely shown.

As a vampire and black witch Evangeline has specialist magic ice elements and also dark magic techniques. Evangeline can freeze the land to slow down its movement. If the enemy touched him, then her feet would freeze and it could be a chance to defeat her enemy easily. In addition she can create ice in various forms of weapons such as powerful spears or swords. Evangeline can perform high-level magic that can create a room around to cool with a temperature of -273.15 degrees Celsius which can create very extreme weather.

12. Judal ( Magi )

Judal ( Magi ) - Top Strongest Anime Characters with Ice Power

Is a wizard who has special abilities in ice elements. She is a former member of Al-Thamen and Kou Empire. Judar is a very powerful and cruel ice wizard, but she has an arrogant nature and often acts like a child. As long as she lives, she is always pampered because she is a magician. Since childhood he has been training his magic skills with the help of Al-Thamen members. As Magi, She is a wizard with the strongest ice capability,

She attacks the enemy by creating pieces of ice in the air with a lot and very sharp, if one piece touches a place, then the place will instantly freeze. Sometimes Judar combines his ice power with the power of the wind as well as his gravitational forces to form a powerful and unparalleled stance.

11. Monet ( One Piece )

Monet ( One Piece ) - Top Strongest Anime Characters with Ice Power

A Harpy (Bird Man) commissioned by Doflamingo to keep an eye on Caesar at Punk Hazard, she is the older brother of Sugar. It has a sadistic and cruel nature, she is also a Logia Devil Fruit eater named Yuki-Yuki no Mi. With the power of her afterpower she was able to manipulate ice in the form of snow.

Monet can make snow as a shield, she can also create a very cold snowstorm to make his enemy weak. Monet can turn into a monster ice and its ability as it changes, She can bite his enemy with his very strong and sharp teeth, and if a person gets bitten then she will freeze and die.

10. Cygnus Hyoga ( Saint Seiya )

Cygnus Hyoga ( Saint Seiya ) - Top Strongest Anime Characters with Ice Power

The main character of the Anime Saint Seiya, he appears as a calm and unemotional character. Hyoga is a Seiya who has great ice and snow manipulation skills. By increasing its cosmonic power, Hyoga is able to freeze an object or human easily.

It has the ability to lower the room temperature in air until absolute zero temperature.His greatest strength is Aurora Execution is a jutsu he gets from his teacher. With that moment he can freeze everything easily even against the enemy. Before mastering the Aurora Execution the strongest technique of Hyoga is Holodiny Smerc. With that technique, Hyoga catches his cosmos and strikes with his blows.

9. Isaac Mcdougal ( Fullmetal Alchemist : BrotherHood )

Isaac Mcdougal ( Fullmetal Alchemist : BrotherHood ) - Top Strongest Anime Characters with Ice Power

A State Alchemist who is an icy alchemist, he is a man who holds a grudge against the military after what happened during the Ishvalan battle. He tried to betray the military and try to destroy Central. Although he is a water alchemist, he can also manipulate ice, in his ruler, Issac can freeze the soldiers by touching them and destroying them.

In addition, Issac can also freeze water and create a path of water splashes that he made then freeze it in his unlimited ice transmutation capabilities He can create an enormous and powerful ice hill and  can destroy Central. In addition to the ability of ice, Issac can also manipulate the blood into solid and sharp to be used as a weapon.

8. Invel Yura ( Fairy Tail )

Invel Yura ( Fairy Tail ) - Top Strongest Anime Characters with Ice Power

One member of 12 Spriggan, in Spriggan's empire he was nicknamed "Winter General" because of his ice magic ability. Invel is a man who is firm in deciding things and he greatly respects Zeref. He dares to punish anyone including his friends if they commit acts that violate the rules. Invel's nickname shows that he can perform high level ice magic.

In fact, he can destroy the gray ice-shaped magic with ease, Invel's ice strength can make the usual Gray resistant to ice can feel cold. In addition Invel also created a huge cold snow storm to weaken his enemy. He has a unique power called "Ice Lock" which is the power to control someone as a puppet and can do anything according to his command.

7. Rukia Kuchiki ( Bleach )

Rukia Kuchiki ( Bleach ) - Top Strongest Anime Characters with Ice Power

A Shinigami who has given ichigo the power to become a shinigami. She is the deputy commander of the 13th division led by Jushiro Ukitake, besides Rukia is also the brother-in-law of Byakuya Kuchiki, the captain of the 6th division. Rukia is a polite shinigami to other shinigami, as a member of nobility, rukia prefers to mix with ordinary people. Rukia prefers to hide her personal problems rather than open to others.

The Zanpaku's sword possesses the ability of ice elements. Shikai's ability to freeze the opponent from a distance, she can also make a path from the ice in the air. In his manga, Rukia can do Bankai Hakka no Togame. When in bankai mode, the ambient temperature around it becomes absolute zero and anyone who touches it will be frozen because Rukia body too cold.

6. Princess Snow Kaguya ( Sailor Moon )

Princess Snow Kaguya ( Sailor Moon ) - Top Strongest Anime Characters with Ice Power

Kaguya is the main antagonist in the short movie series Sailor Moon the movie. She has a goal to wrap the earth with snow and cover it with ice as a collection of snow-covered planets. As she attempts to freeze the Earth, his efforts fail because a crystal can melt his ice. The cut of her comet was gone and the earth freeze process could not proceed without that piece, she finally decided to send his servant to look for the piece.

It has a power based on snow and ice.She can make hail easily and can also create a big snow storm on earth until it freezes if she wants to. She has a boy named Snow Dancer who serve as her servant to help himself in carrying out his plan.

5. Silver Fullbuster ( Fairy Tail )

Silver Fullbuster ( Fairy Tail ) - Top Strongest Anime Characters with Ice Power

The character of Fairy Tail, a member of the 9 Tartaros Devil Gate, is a devil slayer and also the father of Gray Fullbuster. Silver should have died during the incident of Deliora along with his mother Gray, But after Gray's parents were buried, Keyes stole his body and raised him as his experiment, After Silver's resurrection, he intends to take revenge on the devils who have taken his family, but after he realizes that Gray is alive.

He decides to continue his revenge on Gray. As an ice slicker devil, he is able to freeze a wide range of places in an instant even he is able to freeze eternal flames that have lived for hundreds of years. He can eat ice including any ice magic attack except from his ice to increase his ability in fighting.

4. Hitsugaya Toushiro ( Bleach )

Hitsugaya Toushiro ( Bleach ) - Top Strongest Anime Characters with Ice Power

A Captain of the Gotei 13th Division 10, Toshiro is a Shinigami who has enormous ice power. By the time Toshiro was young, he was not as good as anyone else. But he was able to listen to the spirit of his zanpakuto sword, Hyorinmaru, but he thought it was a dream and he did not want to tell anyone. Hyorinmaru is Zanpakuto's strongest ice element. It can create ice and can control it.

When he removed his Bankai, namely Daiguren Hyorinmaru. A wing of ice appeared on his back. In addition to his wing-creating, his right hand also froze and he has a long tail of ice. He can remove ice with a large dragon shape and can freeze his enemy in an instant. If exposed to Toshiro's Hyorinmaru attack, he will instantly freeze and crumble to pieces.

3. Esdeath ( Akame ga Kill )

Esdeath ( Akame ga Kill ) - Top Strongest Anime Characters with Ice Power

Esdeath is General with the highest rank in the kingdom. She is the most dangerous enemy for Night Raid members. Esdeath is a human who likes to oppress the weak people because for him, the weak people are the useless. Esdeath is known as a cruel woman, she does not hesitate to kill innocent people in order to fulfill her wishes. She is very fond of Tatsumi who is a member of Night Raid. Esdeath has a Teigu weapon named Demon Extract that allows him to manipulate ice. With high battle skills and experience, Esdeath was able to extract his Teigu power to the maximum.

With his ice capabilities, she can create ice shapes at will, freeze enemies and destroy them, even he can freeze a lake with ease, Esdeath is also capable of creating ice soldiers to ease himself against the enemy. Mainstay technique from Esdeath is that he can memebekukan / stop time for a moment. But the technique is so much power that Esdeath just put it out in a precarious state.

2. Aokiji Kuzan ( One Piece )

Aokiji Kuzan ( One Piece ) - Top Strongest Anime Characters with Ice Power

One of the Admiral members who came out of the Navy after his fight against Akainu because of the seizure of office. Aokiji is one of the strongest figures of the anime One Piece which is a devil-type fruits type Logia is Hie-Hie no Mi. Aokiji looks to have a relaxed and lazy nature. But he has respect for others, and sometimes he can make wise decisions. With his ability as a Devil Fruit-eater, He can sail through the seas only with the provision of bicycles and the ability to freeze water.

Because he ate the Logia type fruits, it does not work against any attack and is hard to beat. The only way to defeat it is by using the Haki technique that can defeat the devil's fruit-eaters especially the Logia type. He is able to create ice shapes at will and can freeze opponents in an instant. Aokiji is also capable of freezing the place around him in extensive stamps, as when Law runs off and brings Luffy, he can freeze the ocean quickly but to some extent.

1. Gray Fullbuster ( Fairy Tail )

Gray Fullbuster ( Fairy Tail ) - Top Strongest Anime Characters with Ice Power

Gray Fullbuster, is a member of the Fairy Tail S-Class that has ice-forming magic. Gray is one of the strongest wizards of the Fairy Tail Guild, he has a habit of undressing accidentally. He always fights with Natsu in any case. Once upon a time he was a disciple of Ur with Lyon Vastia, together they practiced to be great ice magicians, but during the attack of Deliora he lost his beloved teacher because he had sacrificed his life with the ability of Iced Shell.

Gray is able to create ice in various forms, but unlike the green Lyon magic and can create living beings, Gray's Ice Magic is blue and he used to form ice with weapons, such as swords, spears, and others. After defeating his father in a fight against Tartaros, he gets the ability of a Devil Slayer, Gray can automatically eat Ice to add strength, and can unleash the Devil Slayer ability. After becoming Devil Slayer, Gray becomes an unbeatable strongest ice magician.