Top 25 Immortal Anime Characters

Top Immortal Anime Characters

Immortal anime character is an anime character that has a special ability where the character has an immortal body or can't die. The main features of Perpetual Ability consist of: Being able to regenerate, neither old nor living for hundreds of years, and will not starve. But there are also characters that can only regenerate but can still be said to be immortal.

Despite its enduring abilities, the character can still be killed in a special way. Of several series, Eternal Ability comes from a curse or gift from a god. Not all characters feel happy because they have immortality. Many scharacters want to die because they do not want to live long or his life makes people around him suffering. For This time Noemnime will share some Anime characters that have Immortal ability.

25. Rory Mercury ( Gate )

Rory Mercury ( Gate ) - Top Immortal Anime Characters

Rory Mercury is a female emissary of the god Emloy who is the god of darkness, the god of war and the god of violence.Actually, Rory's age is very old but she looks more like a 12-year-old girl.

She is known as the Emloy Emissary. Rory the angel of death with her big ax gun. She killed his enemies without mercy. As Emloy Emissary, she was granted an immortal body. and anti aging. Even if she is seriously injured or his body is separated, she can return as before.

24. Manji ( Blade of the Immortal )

Manji ( Blade of the Immortal ) - Top Immortal Anime Characters

An Eternal Samurai named Manji, he is a samurai who has confessed his sin for killing 100 pastors in the church. At that time there was a priest who turned out to be "Johnny". 

An undercover hunter he shot Manji's head. But he managed to get up and he retaliated by splitting the head of Johnny. His eternity is due to Kessen-chu who is inside him. But its immortality has weaknesses, which are Famine, Burned to ashes, cold from extreme weather, destruction of vital organs, and lack of oxygen.

23. Kaido ( One Piece )

Kaido ( One Piece ) - Top Immortal Anime Characters

The character of One Piece is dubbed the strongest Maklhuk in the world. He is a creature that has a very large body and muscular. Have a strong body defense that makes itself close to eternal.

He has tried various ways to commit suicide but nothing works. He always managed to live when killed or executed.The spear used to puncture it is broken, all tools for execution are also destroyed. In fact he had tried to jump from the sky island that reaches 10,000 meters high, but he still managed to escape death.

22. Ban ( Nanatsu no Taizai )

Ban ( Nanatsu no Taizai ) - Top Immortal Anime Characters

One member of Nanatsu no Taizai, Fox's Sin Ban. It has an immortal body after drinking the springs of life that come from the forest of the fairy king. Initially Ban was an ordinary bandit who wanted to climb a fairy king's forest to drink the springs of life, the forest was guarded by Elaine, the younger brother of King.

But after learning that if the forest would die if there were no springs of life, Ban eventually befriended Elaine. An event occurred where the Devil attacked the Forest and made the lives of Elaine and Ban threatened. That's where Elaine asks Ban to drink the Water and become Eternal, after which he defeated the Devil.

21. Ophis ( Highschool DxD )

Ophis ( Highschool DxD ) - Top Immortal Anime Characters

Ophis is a dragon god called the Ouroboros Dragon or the infinite Dragon God. Ophis is also the founder and former leader of the Khaos Brigade. Ophis can change himself from body size, age, gender, and can imitate anyone including his voice. Since she is a Dragon God, Ophis has an immortal body and can not die.

20. Rin Asogi (Mnemosyne : Mnemosyne no Musume-tachi )

Rin Asogi (Mnemosyne : Mnemosyne no Musume-tachi ) - Top Immortal Anime Characters

The protagonist of the anime Mnemosyne: Mnemosyne no Musume-tachi. She's known as a great detective. She used to be just an adventurer killed by a bandit. But miraculously she was alive again. 

The first sighted person was Tajimamori, a caretaker of the Yggdrasil tree of life. Rin Infected something called Time Fruit that finally made her immortal.As long as she becomes immortal, she will not be old, can not hurt, and need not eat / drink. Any injuries it receives will surely recover.

19. Hidan ( Naruto Shippuden )

Hidan ( Naruto Shippuden ) - Top Immortal Anime Characters

An Akatsuki member who carries a three-edged sickle as a weapon. Hidan is a person who follows the beliefs of the flow of the jasin.Because of that belief, he has an ability where he can not die. Even though his body was split open he could still talk as usual.

The immortal body is used by Hidan in his jutsu, where when he got the blood from the opponent then swallowed.After which, he makes a pattern. When the pattern is formed, his body changes color. That's when the body of the opponent and Hidan's body became one.When Hidan suffered a wound,the man who had his blood swallowed by hidan also suffered injuries in the same part.

18. Sylvie Lumiere ( Baccano )

Sylvie Lumiere ( Baccano ) - Top Immortal Anime Characters

One of the thirty people who drank the Grand Panacea and became immortal since 1700. He had a relationship with Gretto Avaro before his death in 1711. Sylvie has spent 200 years with her vengeful retribution to Szilard Quates for Gretto's death.

17. Akatsuki Kojou ( Strike the Blood )

Akatsuki Kojou ( Strike the Blood ) - Top Immortal Anime Characters

The main character of Anime Strike The Blood, originally he was an ordinary student who studied at the Saikai Academy. But in fact he is a fourth primogenitor, the strongest vampire ever.

An eternal devil that is only in the legend. With his vampire abilities he has supernatural powers, speed, endurance, and others who are not like ordinary humans.His eternal ability enables him to regenerate at any time. He will not die even if his head is beheaded, or burned to scorch.

16. Akihito Kanbara ( Kyoukai no Kanata )

Akihito Kanbara ( Kyoukai no Kanata ) - Top Immortal Anime Characters

Akihito is a grade 2 student member of the literary club. He was born as a half Yomou who came from his father who is an eternal Yomou and his mother who is a human being.

Different from the Yomou he prefers not to interfere with human life. Every time he is injured he has the ability to regenerate and return as before. Ability is utilized by him to help Mirai in the face of the Youmou.

15. Celty Sturluson ( Durarara )

Celty Sturluson ( Durarara ) - Top Immortal Anime Characters

Celty or otherwise known as a black rider or a headless rider. Called as Dullahan who came from Ireland and came to Japan to look for his stolen head.

She drove a black motor disguised as a dark horse. It has a power beyond human capabilities such as making smoke the desired shape like a sickle.

14. Brook ( One Piece )

Brook ( One Piece ) - Top Immortal Anime Characters

Soul King Brook, a member of the 9th Straw Pirate Pirates. He is a devil-eating devil of Yomu Yomu no mi which is a demonic fruit that can revive the dead. Brook has lived for decades with the body of his skull.

He can be said to be immortal because his body becomes Undead. The ability of the other Brook is that he can leave his body and enter into another body by carrying his spirit.

13. Kaguya Otsutsuki ( Naruto Shippuden )

Kaguya Otsutsuki ( Naruto Shippuden ) - Top Immortal Anime Characters

The main antagonist character of Naruto Shippuden which is the origin of the chakra. She came from another world and came to earth looking for the sacred fruit.

When she ate the fruit of the sacred tree, she gained unbelievable unbelievable power. After she eats the fruit of the sacred tree, she becomes immortal and can not be defeated.

The only way to beat it is to seal it and that can only be done by Hagoromo and Hamura. After being sealed she rose again after hundreds of years, but eventually it could be sealed back by reincarnation from Indra and Ashura.

12. Ritsuko ( Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito )

Ritsuko ( Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito ) - Top Immortal Anime Characters

Ritsuko is a character who has the power level level metaverse, She is a magic user who has the ability to manipulate life and have eternity.

She traveled to the village to perform a healing ritual. Ritsuko was appointed an alchemist to protect Princess Martel. But his closest friend has betrayed him that made him pull out his particular strength to save Princess Martel.

11. Skull Knight ( Berserk )

Skull Knight ( Berserk ) - Top Immortal Anime Characters

Skull Knight is known as the most powerful figure in Berserk series. He is a mysterious figure who has fought against demonkind. He has lived for 1000 years and have a wide knowledge of the events taking place in the world also the extraordinary outlook on the events to come.

He was the one who saved the Guts and Casca from the dead. Skull Knight has a mysterious past, he holds a grudge against God's Hand Void. When he attacks into Qilpoth, Skull Knight is known that he is a former owner of Berserker Armor.

10. Ladylee Tangleroad (Toaru Majutsu no Index: Endymion no Kiseki )

Ladylee Tangleroad (Toaru Majutsu no Index: Endymion no Kiseki ) - Top Immortal Anime Characters

The character introduced in the anime Toaru Majutsu no Index: Endymion no Kiseki as the main villain. Ladylee was born in 1182, she is an immortal girl who ate Ambrosia. After eating Ambrosia she gets a curse of magic and is given eternal life.

She can not die, old, resistant to any disease, can not rot, and will continue to regenerate when injured. Ladylee has lived for 1000 years, During his life he gained various experiences in his knowledge of magic. He analyzed and then created some magical tools to kill himself. Although he is immortal, he can still feel pain, tiredness, and can also pingksan when he was badly injured.

9. Kei Nagai ( Ajin )

Kei Nagai ( Ajin ) - Top Immortal Anime Characters

Kei Nagai is the main character of the Ajin series. Kei when she was a baby she was dead, but Miracle happened to Kei, that she life again. It happens because Kei is an Ajin and the doctor who does not know it says that the awakening of Kei is a miracle.

Kei just realized that he was Ajin after he was hit by a truck but did not die. Like other Ajin, Kei is an immortal creature, unable to die under any circumstances including himself despite being destroyed, necks decapitated, or lacking in nutrients.

8. Meliodas ( Nanatsu no Taizai )

Meliodas ( Nanatsu no Taizai ) - Top Immortal Anime Characters

Leader and Leader of Nanatsu no Taizai. Dragon's Sin, Meliodas is the son of the demon king who got the curse from his father, he has lived for 3000 years more, and become immortal.

In addition to the eternity derived from the curse. He also gained tremendous power from the evil clan. He once destroyed the Danafor Kingdom alone. Even though he was seriously injured, or poisoned, Meliodas still rose from the curse and will recover as before.

7. Zombieman ( One Punch Man )

Zombieman ( One Punch Man ) - Top Immortal Anime Characters

An S-Class hero ranked 8th from the Hero's Association. He has a zombie-like ability, where he can not die because it can regenerate. As bad as any wound he received, zombieman can return as before and the wound that he can heal by itself. He can still move without head and body organs.

It takes 15 minutes to restore the hand if it is cut off. Although called immortal, Zombieman could die if his body was made into minced meat.

6. C.C ( Code Geass )

C.C ( Code Geass ) - Top Immortal Anime Characters

C.C is a wizard with enduring abilities. C.C will not experience aging, and can not be killed in any way. She had been shot in the fatal part several times, destroyed by water pressure, burned, and pierced with a spear.

It can heal by itself from all that. In addition to its eternal ability C.C also has the ability to give one the ability of Geass, that is, the power to influence a person. Each time she will implant Geass to someone, then Geas seal will appear on her forehead.

5. Alucard ( Hellsing )

Alucard ( Hellsing ) - Top Immortal Anime Characters

Known as the strongest weapon of the Hellsing organization that works against the vampire and against other supernatural beings. Alucard is not a regular vampire, but he is called the strongest vampire in his series.

Biologically Alucard like having immortality, he will not die of age, and he often receives severe injuries, but can still live again. As a vampire, it is not called eternal, although the Allucard is immortal, There is a special way to kill it.

4. Future Zamasu ( Dragon Ball Super )

Future Zamasu ( Dragon Ball Super ) - Top Immortal Anime Characters

Villain from Dragon Ball Super in the Black Saga story. Zamasu is a disciple of Kaioshin Gowasu of the Universe 10. The eternal Zamasu comes from the future zamasu of Trunks.He has the intention to kill all human beings because according to him, man does not deserve to live because he does not take advantage of the meaning of life from what is given by the god.

Because of his desire to be the only god, Zamasu collects the Super Dragon Ball to become immortal and kills the Kaioshin from another universe which causes the gods of destruction also to die so that nothing can interfere with his plan to become a god.After the request becomes immortal, Zamasu could not be defeated even though he received any attack, but he had lost due to the mafuba seal technique. And as he joins Black, he becomes stronger and everlasting, but he can still be annihilated by Zeno.

3. Kars ( JoJo's Bizarre Adventure )

Kars ( JoJo's Bizarre Adventure ) - Top Immortal Anime Characters

Kars is an antagonist to the Battle Tendency arc and also a leader of Pillar Men. Kars had a goal to transform himself into becoming immune to sunlight and looking for Red Stone from Aja to deceive his mask. Kars has the ability to manipulate the body like a recan.

In the form of Ultimate form, Kars becomes immortal and possesses extraordinary abilities. He is invincible, will not be old, and can not be destroyed, in addition to immortality it has other advantages such as IQ exceeds 400, Super human senses, regeneration ability, and others.

2. Aizen Sousuke ( Bleach )

Aizen Sousuke ( Bleach ) - Top Immortal Anime Characters

Former Captain of the Gotei 13th Division 5. Aizen is a talented shinigami, and also a genius. During his time as captain, he became a respected and respected person by the troops for his greatness, hospitality, and courtesy.But it turns out Aizen betrayed and formed Arrancar troops.

Aizen brings Hogyoku into his body so that he becomes immortal. It was proven when Ichigo issued Mugetsu but Aizen still survive and regenerate.

1. Zeref ( Fairy Tail )

Zeref ( Fairy Tail ) - Top Immortal Anime Characters

Zeref is known as the strongest magician who has great and dangerous magic. At such an easy age Zeref has mastered some illegally black magic until it concerns the life of Satan. Zeref became immortal after he performed a forbidden magic.

His eternity is a curse for him. Another effect of illicit magic besides immortality. The people around Zeref will die if they are close to him. For that Zeref created many devils including E.N.D so that anyone can kill her immortal.