Top 15 Anime Like Made in Abyss

Top Anime Like Made in Abyss
Anime similar to Made in Abyss, Made in Abyss is an anime that became one of the best anime in Summer 2017 season. This anime is an adaptation of the Akihito Tsukushi manga series which is serialized on Web Comic Gamma in 2012.Tells the story of a little girl and a humanoid who wants to adventure in a terrible abyss.

This series has a very interesting adventure story and has very good graphics, although this anime has a visual like anime adventure for kids, but actually this anime is shown for adults because surprisingly there are many sadistic scenes and conflicts that make the audience interested in this anime story. This time will provide anime recommendations similar to Made in Abyss.

15. Kaiba

Kaiba - Top Anime Like Made in Abyss
Number of Episodes: 12
Rating MAL: 8.25
Genre: Adventure, Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fi
Now a thought can be converted into a data and can be stored into a memory chip. Life that is dying, can live again by giving their memories stored into new bodies and in this world now theft and memory manipulation has become normal. Kaiba, a boy who wakes up in a messy room with no memory and has a pendant with a woman he does not recognize.

 In this world there are types of people who are divided into two different places. Above the sky where there is a cloud of lightning storms, it is an impassable place without the loss of a single memory and a place where many strengths and wealth and people who swap memories for the sake of personal pleasure for long life. While under the sky there is a world filled with problems where a decent body is very hard to find and money is a very rare thing.

14. Kemono Friends

Kemono Friends - Top Anime Like Made in Abyss
Number of Episodes: 12
Rating MAL: 7.75
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
Due to an incident involved with a mysterious object called "Sandstar", it is now a large zoo called "Japari Park" where various types of animals from extant and endangered animals become a wild paradise where the animals turn into moe girls humanoid called "Friends". On a bright afternoon in the savanna, there was a girl named Kaban who woke up in Japari Park without knowing who she was and why she was there.

After that he bertmu with Serval girl who appeared with the intention to eat Kaban. But Serval does not know what kind of animal Kaban is. So they both became friends and adventure into various habitats and headed to the Park Library for the purpose of knowing the identity of Kaban. Along the way they encounter various types of animals and pass through obstacles with mutual help. But behind the existence in the zoo, there is an evil evil that will soon be revealed.

13. Sunday Without God (Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi)

Sunday Without God (Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi) - Top Anime Like Made in Abyss
Number of Episodes: 12
MAL rating: 7.49
Genre: Fantasy, Mystery
In the last 15 years, God has abandoned the world and his creation that ends a life will not end and there is no new life that arises while death goes towards the anxiety between the living. Before leaving, God has renounced a miracle called "Gravekeepers", a mythical creature that can put the dead in a quiet retreat with a proper burial. A cheerful and innocent girl named Ai is a Gravekeepers from her village and also the one who buried her dead mother.

One day there was an immortal man named Hampnie Hambart with a rifle coming to his village. His arrival made Ai's calm life begin to change and made him lose his village because all the people there were killed. Having no place to live, Ai was forced to join Hampnie's adventures of saving the world left by God and performing her duties as Gravekeepers to give peace to the dead. Along the way he met with various people who he never knew and began to know a truth of the World left by God

12. Kemono no Souja Erin

Kemono no Souja Erin - Top Anime Like Made in Abyss
Number of Episodes: 50
Rating MAL: 8.44
Genre: Slice of Life, Drama, Fantasy
Nego Ryoza is a neighboring province of Tai-Kou and Shin-Ou who has lived a peaceful and calm life.  Queen Shinou who is the ruler of Ryoza country and a great general named Taikou, always ready to protect the kingdom with a war-like warrior army like a powerful dragon named "Touda". However, the two long-standing areas of relationships, suddenly experienced tension that culminated and triggered a major war.

In a village called Ake whose place is in Tai-Kou there is a 10-year-old girl named Erin. She is a cheerful girl who comes from the people of Mist who live with his mother. As a fog of people who have the features of green eyes and hair and also an ancient clan, they should practice magical abilities and stay in a foggy place. Because Erin's father was the son of the village head, they lived together there and his mother, So-Yon. Served as the chief physician of Touda.

One night, the strongest Touda belonging to the ruler had died mysteriously. Under So-Yon's law who is responsible for administering Touda as a suspect and given the death penalty. Now Erin has to go on an adventure to save her mother by walking towards Shin-Ou and meeting the creatures and people she does not know yet.

11. Druaga no Tou: The Aegis of Uruk (Tower of Druaga)

Druaga no Tou: The Aegis of Uruk (Tower of Druaga) - Top Anime Like Made in Abyss
Number of Episodes: 12
MAL rating: 7.30
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
"Summer Anu" is a long-awaited season where the power of the monsters is reduced thanks to the protection of the "God of Heaven".  The weakening of Satan's power is an opportunity for the Kingdom of Uruk to suppress the monsters and fight against Druaga.

80 years ago a King named Gilgamesh managed to defeat the Tower Druaga alone.  Now entering that summer the three towers reappeared and the Uruk Empire tried to defeat the monster and built the Meskian fortress on the first floor.

Inside the tower there is a rumor that a legendary treasure named "Blue Crystal Rod" who had fallen asleep on the floor of the top Druaga. Jil, a young soldier whose mission is to get the Blue Crystal Rod treasure, and he has to fight and adventure to get to the top tower, before the royal army of Uruk gets it for personal gain.

10. Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter - Top Anime Like Made in Abyss
Number of Episodes: 148
MAL rating: 9.12
Genre: Action, Adventure, Super Power, Shounen
Hunter, is one of the professions that can perform any task like catch a criminal, search for lost treasure, and others. Gon Freecess, a 12-year-old boy who is determined to be the best Hunter so he can meet the father who has left him as a Hunter.However, Gon soon realizes that in order to fulfill his purpose as a hunter, he has to undergo many challenges he has never imagined.

In the journey of becoming a Hunter, he meets interesting people who will later become friends who travel with him. Paladiknight Leorio, a physician in training, a vengeful named Kurapika, and an ex-killer named Killua. They are adventuring to reach their goals, and start the first step by taking the hunter test in order to become an official Hunter. but to pass the test, it takes high courage because it can risk the lives of participants.

9. Log Horizon

Log Horizon - Top Anime Like Made in Abyss
Number of Episodes: 25
MAL rating: 8.10
Genre: Action, Game, Adventure, Magic, Fantasy
Tells the story of a game called "Elder Tale", a popular MMORPG-based game that many fans want to play. But there is a terrible and surprising event happening to Elder Tale players. At one time, when Elder Tale was experiencing an update, suddenly tens of thousands of players who were playing the game, can not log out and make them trapped in the game knows how long.

Shiroe, one of the high-intelligence Elder Tale players who can strategize well. In the real world, Shiroe is just an unemployed person who is not good at socializing. In an attempt to survive, Shiroe decides to establish a Guild called Log Horizon, to develop her guild, Shiroe starts searching for members, and adventures together to survive into Elder Tale.

8. Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions

Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions - Top Anime Like Made in Abyss
Number of Episodes: 12
MAL rating: 7.83
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
Stricken with fear of survival in a strange world, a group of teenagers are suddenly thrown into the world of video games. Haruhiro, one of the people who was thrown into the world experienced a confusing thing. Without any memory except his name along with some others who are experiencing the same thing. After seeing the situation around, They soon realized that they were in a fantasy world called Grimgar.

Without having a memory, money, even a fighting experience, they have to start surviving by practicing martial arts and hunting monsters. To make it easier to meet the needs, they together form a party with a number of people. Together they fight fear and must work together to fulfill common goals.

7. Blame! Movie

Blame! Movie - Top Anime Like Made in Abyss
Number of Episodes: 1 (Movie)
MAL Rating: 7.38
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Psychological, Drama, Mecha, Seinen
In a future, civilization has now reached the network. A virus suddenly infects an automated system and makes the city multiply to innumerable in every corner. Because it is now humanity has lost contact access to the city's controllers and their lives are threatened by being hunted by the "Safeguard" security system because it does not have a Net Terminal device that can make a presence recognized. In every region there are many threats that make it difficult to get food, causing food supply to decrease because human life has been threatened by Safeguard.

Zuru, a girl who has the ability to fight, began his journey in search of food to fulfill life in his region. But when the tower became aware of Zuru's presence, the tower immediately summoned Safeguard who was ordered to kill him. She got away but his colleagues were killed. After the incident she meets a nomad named Killy who has the task of searching the Net Terminal Gen in order to restore the city back to its original state.

6. Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (Kaze no Tani no Nausicaä)

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (Kaze no Tani no Nausicaä) - Top Anime Like Made in Abyss
Number of Episodes: 1 (Movie)
MAL rating: 8.47
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy
A thousand years have passed after a major nuclear war that created a tragedy called "Seven Days Filled With Fire" and made almost all life destroyed. Now the remaining human must fight to survive in a dreadful forest that developed after the nuclear war and into a forest filled with giant monsters and poisonous insects that can spread rapidly throughout the earth and eat the remains of human life.

Behind the forest there is an agricultural empire with a peaceful and serene life called "Valley of the Winds" located in a place free from the spreading of deadly toxins from the forest. However, one day, a princess from the Valley of the Wind named Nausicaä found a cargo plane coming from the Kingdom of Tolmekia that made the quiet life of the Wind Valley threatened.

Once it was known that the Kingdom of Tolmekia wanted to arouse dangerous weapons that made the tragedy of Seven Days of Fire happen again. Now Nausicaä had to fight to prevent the Kingdom of Tolmekia and protect the Valley of the Wind from the poison of harmful insects.

5. Girls' Last Tour (Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryouko)

Girls' Last Tour (Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryouko) - Top Anime Like Made in Abyss
Number of Episodes: 12
MAL rating: 8.18
Genre: Adventure, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Slice of Life
Human Conversations that initially experienced growth and prosperity have finally met at the end. The end of the world is imminent, most of mankind meet their doom with other beings who also died. The towns that usually stand firm, now only become a mere ruin.

In a dead civilization, Miracles happen to Chito and Yuuri, who are the surviving human race.With the Kettenkrad vehicles they love, they travel and wander the world without knowing the place and no purpose in life. Every day of despair, they seek food and fuel to continue their journey. As long as they are together, even a gloomy life from them even though there is still a light within them. Two girls who are in an empty world share their experiences and feelings between them to give life.

4. School-Live! (Gekkougurashi)

School-Live! (Gekkougurashi) - Top Anime Like Made in Abyss
Number of Episodes: 12
Rating MAL: 7.69
Genre: Slice of Life, Mystery, Horror, Psychological, School, Seinen
Yuki Takeya, a teenager who loves her life as a schoolgirl at school until she has a desire not to leave her school in Megurigaoka High School where there are many uniqueness and happiness. Yuki joins a club led by Yuuti Wakasa. Together with the other members of an athletic girl named Kurumi Ebisuzawa, an adolescent girl named Miki Naoki, a teacher supervisor named Megumi Sakura, and a dog named Taromaru.

They together build and fill the happiness in school. However, their happiness is just an illusion like a bubble that just waiting for time to crumble. They had to face the fact that they had to survive in a school surrounded by zombies who ruled the city. Now those who are deemed to be the only survivors have to fight to survive against those dreadful zombies.

3. Hoshi wo ou Kodomo (Children Who Chase Lost Voices)

Hoshi wo ou Kodomo (Children Who Chase Lost Voices) - Top Anime Like Made in Abyss
Number of Episodes: 1 (Movie)
MAL rating: 7.74
Genre: Adventure, Romance, Fantasy
Watase Asuna, is a girl who lives alone because her father has died and her mother also rarely came home because of work in the hospital. In his dwelling, every day he does his own daily work that makes him an independent child. He is not alone, Mimi who is a favorite cat always accompany Asuna when feeling lonely. He also likes to enjoy his life by going to the hill while listening to the voiced radio from the crystal pieces made by his father.

One day Asuna went to the hill, he was attacked by a creature that resembled a bear. Fortunately he was saved by a man named Shun who by throwing stones like a diamond towards the creature. Shun, is a man who calls himself from the land of Agartha. After the meeting, Asuna and Shun started to be friends and got closer. However, their meeting was very short after Asuna learned that Shun had died.

Not wanting to accept the fact, he decided to look for Shun.  However Search Shun did not get results and it made Asuna very sad. However, after he met a teacher who talked about the country of Agartha, Asuna was interested in the country and went on an adventure to go to the land of Agartha where Shun lived.

2. Puella Magi Madoka★Magica

Puella Magi Madoka★Magica - Top Anime Like Made in Abyss
Number of Episodes: 12
MAL rating: 8.47
Genre: Drama, Magic, Psychological, Thriller
Madoka Kaname, a simple girl and also a junior high school student who lives life with great pleasure. One day she dreamed of seeing a girl with long black hairs. The next day, it turns out the girl meets Madoka who turns out she is a school student named Homura Akemi who has a cold nature. Then Madoka meets with a strange creature in the shape of a cat named Kyuubey. The creature gives an offer to Madoka that he will complain of any request but on condition that he must become a Magical Girl and eradicate the crime.

Madoka who was interested in the offer tried to agree, but Akemi who turned out to be a Magical Girl prevented Madoka from refusing her offer because the thing that Kyuubey meant was very different from what she thought. When the contract is approved, everything has changed, and now the life of Madoka filled with excitement, turns into a life filled with despair.

1. From the New World (Shinsekai Yori)

From the New World (Shinsekai Yori) - Top Anime Like Made in Abyss
Number of Episodes: 25
MAL rating: 8.50
Genre: Sci-Fi, Mystery, Horror, Psychological, Supernatural, Drama
Utopia, is a world dominated by people who have the power of psychokinesis. Watanabe Saki, one of the people living in the world learned about psychokinesis at an Academy called Sage Academy. Together with 5 themes are Shun Aonuma, Satoru Asahina, Mamoru Itou, Maria Akizuki, and Reiko Amano. One night Saki's power has awakened, making him officially a resident in Kota Kamisu 66. But he starts to notice something and feels strange. Thinking about the fate of children who can not awaken his power, it is not thought of by others but he tries to hide it.

One day Saki and his friends meet a mysterious creature showing them in a history 1000 years ago. It turns out that in the history, there are many incidents and they begin to realize that the world they live in is not what they think and they also realize that the world they live in has been threatened. Saki and his friends decide adventure for the purpose of protecting the world and protecting those they care about.