20 Top Anime Overpower (Main Character Strong from the Beginning)

Top Anime Overpower (Main Character Strong from the Beginning)

Overpowered anime or character anime is too strong from the beginning usually found in the series that tells about the main character who has a special ability to defeat the villain with ease. Usually such stories have a lot of badass scene, especially when the characters defeated the evil character easily.

25. Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet (Suisei no Gargantia)

Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet (Suisei no Gargantia) - Top Anime Overpower (Main Character Strong from the Beginning)

In the distant future, Earth is a planet that cannot be inhabited by humans because of the destruction of nature. They leave the earth, find a place to live to a place called Avalon and formed an Alliance called Gallactic Alliance of Humanity to build human welfare.

However, human life is threatened with an alien creature called Hideauze which then raises a war with them to defend human life, Ledo, a 16-year-old Alliance lieutenant and also an autonomous robot named Chamber. They joined in the battle against Hideauze. When the battle progresses Ledo has lost control and is thrown to an unknown place. When he woke up, he was on a planet that was inundated.

On the planet there is a large ship named Gargantia, Ledo infiltrated the ship and held a girl named Amy. One mistakenly thought that the Gartania population was not a bad person and knew that the planet he lived in was earth. Forced to start a new life with them and learn to adjust to them.

24. Is This a Zombie? (Korewa Zombie Desu Ka)

Is This a Zombie? (Korewa Zombie Desu Ka) - Top Anime Overpower (Main Character Strong from the Beginning)

Zombies are horrible-faced creatures who like to eat human brains, but different from this one Zombie. Ayumu Aikawa, a regular high school student who lives everyday life. But one night, when Ayumi walked home, he was killed by a stranger.

But Ayumu was resurrected as a zombie by a Necromancer named Eucliwood Hellscythe. In addition to being a zombie, Ayumu also became Eucliwood's bodyguard. During a zombie, Ayumu continues to live his life as a high school student and finds a person who kills him but he should not be exposed to the sun during the day because it can make his body dry.

Ayumu's life becomes stranger when he accidentally stole the clothes belonging to a Masou Soujo named Haruna who was defeating an evil creature named Megalo. Not only that, when Haruna tried to erase Ayumu's memory, his power sucked by Ayumu so he was forced to stay with Ayumu while getting his strength back.

23. The Garden of Sinners (Kara no Kyoukai)

The Garden of Sinners (Kara no Kyoukai) - Top Anime Overpower (Main Character Strong from the Beginning)

Talking about a person who has a double personality, he is named Ryougi Shiki. He has two traits, namely the nature of men by the name SHIKI and the nature of women by the name of Shiki. but SHIKI's character has died after he suffered a blunder in 1996.

Two years later, in the city where Ryougi Shiki lived there was a mysterious suicide case by the girls. Have not found the cause why they committed suicide, strangely they committed suicide to the same place that is Fujou Building. The Fujou Building is a skyscraper to be demolished, in an investigation, the suicide victims turned out to without problems.

22. The Legend of the Legendary Heroes (Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu)

The Legend of the Legendary Heroes (Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu) - Top Anime Overpower (Main Character Strong from the Beginning)

Alpha Stigma, is the ability of the eye that can analyze all types of magic, but the eye is better known as the eyes that can cause disastrous and bring death to others. Ryner Lute is a gifted wizard with an eye for "Alpha Stigma", formerly a lazy student at the Royal Wizardry Academy of Roland an elite academy school dedicated to training magicians for military needs.

 When they fought against their neighbors, many of Ryner's friends lost their lives during the war, that's when he vowed to create a peaceful country with his friend and fellow Sion Astal. Now Zion has become a King, and he sent Ryner to find a relic with a swordman named Ferrish Eris and knows the secret behind Alpha Stigma's cursed eye.

21. Blade Dance of the Elementalers (Seireitsukai no Blade Dance)

Blade Dance of the Elementalers (Seireitsukai no Blade Dance) - Top Anime Overpower (Main Character Strong from the Beginning)

The Areishia Spirit Academy is a special school of women from noble families, where they are trained to become an elementalist or spirit contractor. So they can contract with spirits and can compete in one-on-one battles. Only a woman from a noble family can do that until now before the emergence of a man named Kazehaya Kamito was the first man in 1000 years to become a spirit contractor.

One day Kamito accidentally peeked at a girl named Claire Rouge and ended up making a spirit contract. Because of the incident, the principal of the Areisha Spirit Academy, Greyworth, summoned Kamito and asked him to attend a two-month tournament.

20. The Fruit of Grisaia (Grisaia no Kajitsu)

The Fruit of Grisaia (Grisaia no Kajitsu) - Top Anime Overpower (Main Character Strong from the Beginning)

Yuuji Kazami is a man who works in an intelligence agency from a secret organization. He is fed up with his job and dreamed of living in a regular school, also living a normal life. Yuuji was eventually transferred at a school called Mihama Academy, a special school to accommodate students with a unique background.

Yuuji initially thought that his dream would come true if he was there, but the reality was the opposite of what Yuuji wanted. There is only one teacher and 5 students who are all female students with a unique background. Yuuji befriends them, gets along with them, and starts to discover the truth of their personality through their lives from the past.

19. Hamatora The Animation

Hamatora The Animation - Top Anime Overpower (Main Character Strong from the Beginning)

Minimum, is a supernatural ability only possessed by certain people who can create a miracle. People who have Minumum ability are called "Minimum Holder". The Minimum Holder is trained to develop their talents at the Facultas Academy, and when graduated they will gain great abilities, Nice, a 17 year old teenager, including a Minimum Holder trained at the Faculty Academy.

He graduated faster because of his high talent and genius. He and his partner Murasaki, the second man who graduated after Nice, became Yokohama's detective agency, called Hamatora. They set up a Cafe to serve as their gathering place and meeting place with clients. One day they accepted the case of serial killings to the Minimum Holder. Nice and her friend began to take the case and know the secrets.

18. Darker Than Black

Darker Than Black - Top Anime Overpower (Main Character Strong from the Beginning)

Since 10 years ago, a strange phenomenon emerged known as Hell's Gate which appeared in Japan. The same incident appeared in America but different from what is in japan. The phenomenon in America is called Heaven’s Gate. The sky and the stars become unnatural and disastrous. The appearance of these two gates causes humans to acquire supernatural abilities and powers known as Contractors.

The Contractors are identified from their star messenger catalog number. In secret from society, the contractors are known as cold-blooded killers. In Japan around Hell's Gate, Chief Misaki Kirihara finds himself at odds with the famous Contractor codename Hey who is called as "Black Reaper". In the underground world, Hey performs several missions including homicide missions. Gradually he found something that threatened the existence of the contractor.

17. Beelzebub

Beelzebub - Top Anime Overpower (Main Character Strong from the Beginning)

Ishimaya High School is a school filled with violent and violent students, Oga Tatsumi is one of the high school students, he is nicknamed "Rampaging Ogre" Because of his evil, powerful and unforgiving nature. He is feared by other rogues because Oga is such a tough person, one day when Oga beat up the people who interrupted his sleep he saw someone drifting in the river, after Oga saved him the man split open and appeared a cute baby with green hair.

After he sees Oga, the baby is interested in Oga. Finally he took the Baby to his home because if the baby was left, he would cry and throw lightning on the people around him, after several hours passed someone came to Oga, he was Hildegard, a Demon King servant. Hilegard explains that the baby is the son of the Demon King who was cast into the human world and Oga has been chosen by the baby as his successor father.

16. Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero (Hagure Yuusha no Estetica)

Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero (Hagure Yuusha no Estetica) - Top Anime Overpower (Main Character Strong from the Beginning)

A group of earth people are chosen to be called to another world, and the chances of those who can return are few. One of the chosen people was a young man named Ousawa Akatsuki, he was sent to Alayzard to defeat the demon king who was their enemy. When he overcame him, the Devil King delivered his last message to Akatsuki to bring his daughter Miu. To conceal Miu's identity, Akatsuki says that Miu is her sister who has been lost.

He intended to return to the human world but he was prevented by the guard forces sent by the Queen of Slyphid named El da Sherfied Listy. But easily the guard forces that prevent Akatsuki can be defeated. When he made it back to the human world. Akatsuki and Miu were forced to join a special school named BABEL. There they were asked to train the strength of those who were cultivated from Alayzard, so that one day they could serve mankind. Can Akatsuki and Miu keep their secret identity?

15. Unlimited Psychic Squad (Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited)

Unlimited Psychic Squad (Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited) - Top Anime Overpower (Main Character Strong from the Beginning)

Spin off Zettai Karen Children tells about Hyoubu Kyousuke, an Esper who has been betrayed many years ago and now he is the strongest Esper and he is also a fugitive. Yet he is in fact a good-hearted person, he has a mission to rescue the human-made Esper, albeit violently.

 In the way he has saved many Esper and now he is the leader of the P.A.N.D.R.A. he recruited the esper to join his organization. After defeating the government troops. He deliberately surrendered and made him go to the prison where the esper was, he also met a man named Hinomiya Andy who had strange power of eye and made Kyousuke interested to recruit him, but he did not realize that Andy is a member of USEI trying to infiltrate the organization P.A.N.D.R.A.

14. The Sacred Blacksmith (Seiken no Blacksmith) 

The Sacred Blacksmith (Seiken no Blacksmith)  - Top Anime Overpower (Main Character Strong from the Beginning)

In the past, an incident where the war took place and the war involves the forces of the devil. After the war, the demonic forces used for battle have been banned and the world returns to peace.

 A female warrior named Cecily Cambell, she is looking for a blacksmith to repair the old sword which is a gift from his father. In his seekers he sees a man who fights criminals, where the criminals use a collection of demonic powers. The man defeated the villain with a single blow by using his strange sword. Apparently the man is a blacksmith named Ainsworth Luke. The beginning of an adventure starts from the meeting of Luke and Cecily.

13. Overlord

Overlord - Top Anime Overpower (Main Character Strong from the Beginning)

Yggdrasil is a virtual reality online game that will be closed and shut down, Momonga, a player who likes the game does not want to go out and choose to stay logged in because he still wants to enjoy the game. But it turns out Momonga cannot get out of the game, forced Momonga had to live with his skull-shaped avatar (Skeleton Lich) which has the power as the strongest magician.

The strangeness happens not only Momonga is trapped in the game, but the NPCs in the game who previously behaved based on the program now have their own emotions and minds. The story begins where Momonga wants to protect her beloved guild from the royal soldiers.

12. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. (Saiki Kusuo Psi-nan)

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. (Saiki Kusuo Psi-nan) - Top Anime Overpower (Main Character Strong from the Beginning)

Telling about the story of a student named Saiki Kusuo who from birth has supernatural abilities. his ability makes it possible to live life easily and anything can be had.

In his childhood where Saiki is still sitting in kindergarten benches, many media are attracted to him because Saiki always wins all the Janken games (Rock paper scissors), Saiki is annoyed that it makes Saiki decide to save his power and not use it in public so there is no people who know that Saiki is a psychic.

11. The Devil is a Part-Timer! (Hataraku maou sama)

The Devil is a Part-Timer! (Hataraku maou sama) - Top Anime Overpower (Main Character Strong from the Beginning)

Tells of the king of demons and his generals named Alciel, those who have a dream of controlling a place called Ente Isla but have been defeated by a hero named Emillia Yusha. The king of demons and Alciel eventually retreated but they are actually stranded on earth precisely in Tokyo City.

On earth they can not use magic as they please in Ente Isla, and they must limit their magic usage. The Demon King and his General decided to stay temporarily there by making the ID card, the Demon King was renamed Maou Sadao and Alciel was changed to Shirou Ahsiya.

They go through life and share their respective duties, Ashiya searches for information and Sadao works for a part time job at a restaurant called Mg. Ronalds to survive on earth. They also chose a simple home as their home. In addition to Sadao and Ashiya who live in Japan turned out to be a hero who also changed the name that Yusa Emi plans to follow and supervise them especially Sadao. Silly, unique, and interesting stories start happening among them.

10. The Irregular at Magic High School (Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei)

The Irregular at Magic High School (Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei) - Top Anime Overpower (Main Character Strong from the Beginning)

Magic. It is not a legend or a fairy tale, but it has become a real technology since time unknown to man. Supernatural power becomes a systematic technology through magic, whereas magic becomes a technical ability. A "User of supernatural powers" to "Magical Technician".

Magic technicians or magicians raised through high school magic and university. This story tells of a brother who has a low achievement, is terrible in using magic but is a perfect student and sister and is able to do all things well. After the two brothers went into high school magic. The envelope of a stage of upheaval in their daily lives is open.

9. Blood lad

Blood lad - Top Anime Overpower (Main Character Strong from the Beginning)

In general, Vampire is a very dangerous creature and often threatens humans by sucking their blood. But that does not apply to Blood Staz Charlie, instead of following what his ancestors did, they prey on humans, preferring to spend their time lazily reading manga, watching anime, playing games, and more. Staz is a vampire who becomes an otaku and loves human culture, he is eager to meet human beings. One day her bottom told Staz that there was a human being who appeared in her territory.

Staz surprised and curious about the man, he wanted to meet and chat with him. After he changed into a suitable outfit and prepared to meet the Man, he brought a girl in a tied state, named Yanagi Fuyumi, Staz told him to come out and want him to talk to the girl alone. They talked for a while but Staz's phone rang instantly. Apparently there are merchant plants that are trying to attack the region. Staz is upset with the incident and he is annoyed that he still wants to chat with Fuyumi

. Staz hurriedly left Fuyumi for a moment and solved the problems that were going on in his territory. After Staz got to the scene, he easily defeated the merchant of the plant by destroying his heart. Upon returning to Fuyumi's place it turns out he has been swallowed by one of the plants and died, Staz tries to destroy the plant and helps him but all that remains is the skull from Fuyumi. Staz and his men were surprised to see that Fuyumi was naked, he turned into a ghost. Staz vowed to help Fuyumi by reviving him.

8. Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online - Top Anime Overpower (Main Character Strong from the Beginning)

By 2022, a VRMMORPG (Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Play Gaming ) game called Sword Art Online has been released. Sword Art Online is a favorite game in Japan that has many fans who want to play the game. Kirigaya Kazuto or Kirito (Character Name) one of the Sword Art Online players who have followed the beta game and then log in the game.

There, he met his first friend Klein and asked him to teach how to play Sword Art Online. After Klein finishes playing and wants to log out, suddenly the button is gone. Kirito was also surprised, after that all the players suddenly moved to the same place and became the mysterious person. He is Kayaba Akihiko, The man who created the Sword Art Online game, he said that the loss of the log out button is one of the fiture of the game, and tells how to get out of the game by completing the game to the very top level.

All players were panicked because they realized that they had stuck in the game. Unlike the other players, Kirito prefers to decide on his own adventure and go to the next village to hunt and level up to complete the death game.

7. The Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai)

Nanatsu no Taizai - Top Anime Overpower (Main Character Strong from the Beginning)

It tells the story of the 7 legendary Knights who have extraordinary powers, but they are slandered by Holy Knights (holy knights of feared and revered kingdoms) as murderers. They are expelled from the kingdom. And they are nicknamed Nanatsu no Taizai (7 Great Sins).

Everyone remembers them as horrible, ferocious, and evil. Even every year there are fugitive posters taped to various places. Meliodas, leader of Nanatsu no Taizai ordered all members to disperse to avoid their identity revealed by the public.

Ten years later it was discovered that the Holy Knight rebelled against the kingdom and captured all the kings' families, but Elizabeth's daughter escaped. The escaped princess looked for Nanatsu no Taizai to help defeat the Holy Knight.

6. Assassination Classroom (Ansatsu Kyouhitsu)

Assassination Classroom (Ansatsu Kyouhitsu) - Top Anime Overpower (Main Character Strong from the Beginning)

about a class from Junior High School Kunugigaoka that is Class 3-E, where students who get a bad score will be placed in that class, now 30 students are in Class 3-E,

One day when the bell entered school and the start of the lesson, enter the strange creature shaped octopus, he is Koro-Sensei, he was appointed as their teacher for no apparent reason, Koro-Sensei told the 3-E students that he would teach how to become a murderer, and as long as he taught in the school the disciples had to do any means to kill him for a period of 1 year, otherwise he will destroy the Earth, Koro-Sensei is not an ordinary creature easily killed, he has a speed of 20 Mach or the equivalent speed jet, he is also a creature that has destroyed part of the moon so as to change its shape becomes crescent moon.

5. Code Geass

Code Geass - Top Anime Overpower (Main Character Strong from the Beginning)

In 2010, the holy Empire of Britannia was built as a dominant military nation and started from the Japanese state. And they can master almost the entire world with a technology called Knightmare Frame. Communities lose their rights and freedom because of their actions. The Japanese name was renamed area 11, and the Japanese citizens were replaced by the name eleven.

Lelouch Lamperouge, a prince who was exiled from Britannia by his father after the death of his mother. She lives with her sister Nunally who suffers from paralysis and is blind to seeing her mother's death. Meg knows herself in danger of being caught in a firefight, she manages to escape. He meets a mysterious green haired girl named C.C. the girl gave a capability called "Geass Power of Kings". Realizing his ability in the form of "Power of Absolute Obedience" Lelouch began his revenge against Britannia by using a mask and called himself "Zero"

4. No Game No Life

No Game No Life - Top Anime Overpower (Main Character Strong from the Beginning)

Sora and Shiro, two brothers who are NEET and Hikikimori gamers, every day they fill their time by playing games, they are also experts in playing online games, they always reach the top rank in various kinds of online games, their game gets my nickname. One day they get a message via e-mail, the e-mail is fixed on an online game, when they have finished, suddenly they are thrown into another world. The world where everything is determined by a game.

3. Mob Phsycho 100

Mob Psycho 100 - Top Anime Overpower (Main Character Strong from the Beginning)

Telling about the story of a child named Shigeo, otherwise known as Mob, he is a student who still sits in 8th grade in a high school. Mob is a student who has psychic ability that he can easily in spoon bending, and also he can lift the things he wants by using his mind.

Though they are an advantage he has, he is still trying to hold them back, in order not to be known by many people to avoid the negative things that will come later. At this time what Mob wants is to be friends with a girl who is in his class named Tsunomi. and he also wants to live his life like a normal person in general, but every time he tries to reach it, there is always a new problem coming to him. And worst of all, he realized that the psychic power he possessed was a very dangerous force which he might someday not be able to control, and so he now lives under emotional shackles.

2. Problem children are coming from another world, aren't they?

Problem children are coming from another world, aren't they? - Top Anime Overpower (Main Character Strong from the Beginning)

Izayoi Sakamaki, Asuka Kudou, and Yu Kasukabe are a group of teenagers who have been blessed by supernatural powers. They feel bored with life on earth because it has supernatural abilities that are not fair and have the power beyond ordinary people. One day each of them received an envelope containing an invitation to go to the mysterious place called "Little Garden".

After the envelope was opened, Izayoi, Asuka, and Yu were thrown off in another world and fell into the lake. Their arrival was greeted by a rabbit-dressed girl named Kurousagi, explaining them that they had been in a place where there was a power called "Gifts". They are given once a chance in a lifetime to follow a game called "Gifts Games" on condition that they have to join a community. The three of them who had been thrown into the "Little Garden" joined the Kurousagi community named "No Name" and fought the Demon Lord who ruled everywhere.

1. One Punch Man

One Punch Man - Top Anime Overpower (Main Character Strong from the Beginning)

A hero who does his work because of Hobby, he is named Saitama. He is a man who has super powers who can defeat his enemy with 1 blow. He lives in a city z, an empty city filled only by monsters, every day Saitama defeats the monster just a single punch until he gets bored and wants to find a tough person to be able to cheer him up.

Saitama's life changes when he meets a young 19-year-old Cyborg, he is Genos, after Genos sees Saitama's incredible power and confesses that he is very strong, he decides to make him a Saitama disciple, besides Genos suggests Saitama to join the Hero Association's group so that Saitama's actions to become heroes are recognized by everyone, unfortunately many are disdainful of Saitama's innocent physical form and some even call themselves false heroes. Saitama's journey to become a real hero so he became famous began