30 Anime Zero to Hero List (Main Character Initially Weak and Become Strong)

Anime Zero to Hero, is anime with a story where the main character initially did not have any talent, lousy, and underestimated but over time the story of the main character becomes very powerful and even become a hero for everyone. Anime with a story like this is usually found in the anime with genre Shounen which means suitable for teenage boys. If you are confused to look for anime zero to hero from the genre Shounen because the anime with the genre is very much, I will share 30 List of the best zero to hero anime, see the following list carefully.

30. Zero no Tsukaima

30 Zero to Hero Anime List Main Leader Initially Weak to Strong Zero no Tsukaima

Tells the story of a girl who comes from a noble family named Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallièr. Louise was a pupil of a wizarding school, but her magical abilities were virtually impossible because if she used the magic there would have been an explosion, for which my friends at school called Louise the name Louise the Zero. At the beginning of the semester all the students there are required to make a ritual call a creature that will be a lifelong partner. When Louise performed the ritual, what appeared was not a creature but a male man. He is Saito Hiraga, a teenager who comes from japan. Louise finally accepted Saito, but she was treated like a housekeeper. But one day, there was a mysterious power that appeared inside Saito.

29. Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records

30 Zero to Hero Anime List Main Leader Initially Weak to Strong Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records

The Alzano Empire is one place of the world's most famous magic schools, the school was named Alzano Imperial Magic Academy. An ambitious disciple conducts magic training to make himself a great wizard. He is Sistine Fibel, and his best friend Rumia Tingel, They enter the academy to undergo magic training. But unfortunately his favorite teacher has retired. He was replaced by a man named Glenn Radar. He is a very lousy teacher, lazy, and not suitable as a teacher at the academy. Sistin who was annoyed with Glenn's behavior finally challenged Glenn to fight. The result, Glenn was defeated by a very distant power of magic. On the other hand, the evil forces hidden within the empire are active. Glenn, Sistin and Rumia find themselves caught by criminals. How is Glenn to protect his students from terrorist attacks?

28. Yu ☆ Yu ☆ Hakusho

30 Zero to Hero Anime List Main Leader Initially Weak to Strong Yu Yu Hakusho

Yuusuke Urameshi, a 14-year-old teenager who has a rebellious nature. he often fights, makes trouble to others, and often skipping school. But one day, he saved a child from the car that leads to him. Yuusuke eventually died in an accident. Sacrifice makes Yuusuke not ready to be accepted in the afterlife. Koenma, the heir to the throne of the spirit world offers Yuusuke. He will be revived to complete a task from him. With the guidance of the god of death named Botan. Yuusuke was asked to eradicate the demon that threatens humans. Together with Kazuma Kuwabara and two demons named Kurama and Hiei, who used to have a past become criminal. Together they practice and fight against evils that threaten mankind.

27.Code Geass

30 Zero to Hero Anime List Main Leader Initially Weak to Strong Code Geass

In 2010, the holy Empire of Britannia was built as a dominant military nation and started from the Japanese state. And they can master almost the entire world with a technology called Knightmare Frame. Communities lose their rights and freedom because of their actions. The Japanese name was renamed area 11, and the Japanese citizens were replaced by the name eleven. Lelouch Lamperouge, a prince who was exiled from Britannia by his father after the death of his mother. She lives with her sister Nunally who suffers from paralysis and is blind to seeing her mother's death. Knowing herself in danger of being caught in a firefight,  he manages to escape. He meets a mysterious green haired girl named C.C. the girl gave a capability called "Geass Power of Kings". Realizing his ability in the form of "Power of Absolute Obedience" Lelouch began his revenge against Britannia by using a mask and called himself "Zero"

26. Haikyuu

30 Zero to Hero Anime List Main Leader Initially Weak to Strong Haikyuu

Inspired after watching an ace volleyball action called "Little Giant", with her short body, Hinata Shouyo revives the Volleyball club in her junior high school. The new team has been made until they follow a tournament. But in the first game. Their team was defeated by the so-called "Field King" Tobio Kageyama. Because of her defeat Hinata promises to surpass Kageyama someday. After graduating junior high school. Hinata enters Karasuno High School and joins the Karasuno SMA Volleyball Team. At the same time the rival Hinata Kageyama, was also entered into Karasuno high school. They also quarreled each other to make the seniors confused. Eventually they were kicked out of the practice room. They will be allowed in when their quarrel is over and can work together. But the real purpose of kicking them out is so they can work together well and be able to strengthen the volleyball team at Karasuno high school because they have an incredible talent in playing volleyball.

25. Eyeshield 21

30 Zero to Hero Anime List Main Leader Initially Weak to Strong Eyeshield 21

A lousy child named Kobayakawa Sena, He is a shy kid who started to go to high school just to survive. In his school life he is often in the bully and he is used to running away from the people who bullying him.

Because He often runs away, he accidentally gets the ability to run very great. His ability was seen by Hiruma Youichi, captain of the American Football Team at school.

The agility and speed in avoiding intruders is remarkable. With Hiruma's cunning, he made Sena into the American Football team named Devil Bat and hopes to become a team that originally became a captive material turned into a great team in the Japanese High School League.

To protect Sena from recruiting other teams, Sena was made secretary and when she competed with a helmet closed with a green eyelet and then disguised as "Eyeshield 21" to hide her identity. Devil bat started making their way to the Chirstmas Bowl. Annual tournament containing famous football players in japan. Eyeshield 21 struggle as the leader of Tim Devil Bat's path begins.

24. Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry

30 Zero to Hero Anime List Main Leader Initially Weak to Strong Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry

There are some people in this world who can use the power of magic to manifest their souls as weapons and control power beyond human capabilities. They are known as "Blazers". Those who are dubbed Blazer, do training at the academy to become Mage-Knight. Ikki Kurogane is one of the Mage-Knight nominees although he is considered the worst student at the Hagun Academy as the F-ranking Blazer, the lowest rank.

One day, he meets a girl named Stella Vermillion, a daughter and a Blazer with a rating of A. She sees Stella half-naked. Because of the incident. Ikki was challenged by Stella to a duel, unexpectedly Stella lost to the F-Blazer of the Tour. Finally they agreed to be roommates, and together work hard to become the greatest Blazer.

23. Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi

30 Zero to Hero Anime List Main Leader Initially Weak to Strong Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi

Kenichi Shirahama is a 16 year old high school teenager who has been a bully victim for a long time. He preferred to read books about self-development rather than fighting, but when Kenichi had the courage and will to be strong, he joined the karate club at his school. He was forced to fight with a disturbing senior student who had the intention of getting Kenichi out of the club. He meets a mysterious transfer student named Miu Fuurinji. He was given a challenge by Miu to follow the hard training in place of Ryouzanpaku.

From following some of the Master's initial training courses, his ability can be possible to defeat his seniors. But the fight brought Kenichi to the attention of the strong and evil gangs, named Ragnarok. The desire to protect the things he loves and his determination in having the power to deal with any degree of difficulty, he must learn various martial arts from the masters in dojo such as Karate, Ju jitsu, Muay Thai, Chinese martial arts and combine everything in order to get the style fight alone.

22. Heroman30 Zero to Hero Anime List Main Leader Initially Weak to Strong Heroman

Joey is an orphan who lives with his grandmother. It works in on the west coast city of the central city of the United States. Like any other kid, Joey wants the latest robot gadget gadget named Heybo. Heybo is a very sophisticated mechanic toy that has a high selling price value. He believes that if he gets the robot his life will look better and also turn it into a hero that protects his friends and family. However, it looks like the Robot is too expensive for Joey because his producer in a part-time worker is just enough to live the life of him and his grandmother.

One day on the way home from school he found a bunch of naughty kids who were playing with Heyboy. They tried to make the robot hit by a car and damaged. Joey picks up the broken Heybo debris and he intends to fix it. He named the robot Heroman. But it looks like he has trouble fixing it. When the lightning strike hit him, Heroman suddenly became a big robot. Now he can become a real hero, on the other side the aliens of the Skrugg race begin preparations to invade the earth.

21. Tiger and Bunny

30 Zero to Hero Anime List Main Leader Initially Weak to Strong Tiger Bunny

The story takes place in place of "NC 1978" by imagining new changes from New York City to Stern Town Build. There are people with special abilities called "NEXT". They can exert power for good and evil. The unique organization of NEXT members appeared on a TV station called "Hero TV". They are pursuing crime to bring the sponsors attention and get the Hero Point to become the next King of Heroes.

Kotetsu T. Taburagi, known by the name of "Wild Tiger", a veteran hero whose recent performance has fallen. That is partly because he is unable to work with other heroes.  After a disappointing season where many heroes have surpassed the Wild Tiger, He finally gets the couple a new hero who has an identity with the name Barnaby Brooks Jr. Barnaby was nicknamed "Bunny" by his new partner.  It looks like they have a lot of differences and it's hard to unite. They will inevitably have to work together and protect Stern Build from the threat of evil.

20. Air gear

30 Zero to Hero Anime List Main Leader Initially Weak to Strong Air Gear

Minami Itsuki, is a teenager who became chairman of the Gunz East Side gang. Previously he had never thought seriously about riding Air Treck. However after he was embarrassed by the Storm Riders Team named Skull Shader.

He became interested in flying with Air Treck. One day he finds a locked room, there is a pair of Air Treck and also a sticker belonging to the Sleeping Forest street gang that belongs to his host family Noyamano brothers. One thing leads to another, Ikki's Happiness in using Air Treck and building his reputation in battle as well as Air Track races. Ikki started to create his own gang and participated in various fights, to gain control over the territory and become the strongest.

19. Highschool DxD

30 Zero to Hero Anime List Main Leader Initially Weak to Strong Highschool DxD

Hyoudou Issei, a  poor high school student who has a nasty nature. He has a habit of peeping at women and he has a desire to become a harem one day. One day A girl was looking for Issei and asked her to date. Unexpectedly, however, the woman Issei dated was an angel who later killed Issei brutally. Fortunately he got a second chance.

After he wakes from his sleep, he sees himself naked, but besides himself, there is a pretty red-haired girl also naked with her. The girl apparently intended to turn Issei back into a devil. The girl is named Rias Gremory, she is a top class devil and is the prettiest girl in her school. The reason for Rias reviving Issei is to become her maid to invite her into the school club of invisibility. Issei had to train himself to fight for survival in the battle between Satan and the Angel. The adventures of Issei and his new friends began.

18. Tales of Symphonia

30 Zero to Hero Anime List Main Leader Initially Weak to Strong Tales of Symphonia

Sylvarant, is a crisis-stricken World Which causes humans to not live with prosperity. Mana is the source of energy used in magic as well as for everyday life, To restore the World and restore Where as originally required a World Regeneration. To do the Regenarsi World needed an elected from the Goddess Martel, they had to open the seal and raise spirits in certain temples, the more he opened the seal, the closer he became to being an angel.

If the chosen one becomes an angel then the World Regeneration takes place and Mana will recover. Collete Brunel was a girl who was chosen to be an angel; she had to bear the heavy burden of being an angel at her young age, accompanied by Lloyd Irving, Genis Sage, Raine Sage, and Kratos Aurion. They are adventuring to explore ancient ruins and release all seals to help Collete become an angel

17.Guilty Crown

30 Zero to Hero Anime List Main Leader Initially Weak to Strong

In 2029, Japan has been hit by a deadly virus called "Apocalypse Virus", Riot and Chaos going on around Japan and they named the incident "Lost Christmas". After 10 years passed by 2039, Japan established an organization called GHQ, the organization to overcome the virus, but GHQ was given any freedom to people affected by the apocalypse virus so they dare to kill anyone who is infected. Talking about a high school student named Shu Ouma, he is a solitary, quiet man, and hard to get along.

One day he meets a girl named Inori Yuzuriha, a funeral parlor member who wants to free japan from GHQ, he is being chased by GHQ because he is accused of being a terrorist. Inori asks Shou to bring a funnel containing a tube called the void genome, but the void genome breaks and makes Shou have power.

16. Tokyo Ghoul

Ghoul is a human-like creature that likes to eat human flesh. They are in every district of Tokyo. At noon they are invisible because they can mingle with other humans. But at night they reveal themselves and prey on humans with their red eyes.

Ken Kaneki a student at a university meets a woman named Rize and makes Kaneki fall in love with her. Kaneki does not know that Rize is a Ghoul. When Kaneki is taken to a dark place, Kaneki's life is threatened because he will be made a prey by Rize. Kaneki also managed to escape and hide in a building construction. Rize tried to chase Kaneki, but what happened Kaneki even buried buildings collapsed and died.

After the incident Kaneki lives again as a half ghoul due to the operation of organs that are combined with Rize's body organs. His life was threatened because there is a special police organization called CCG who is in charge of hunting ghouls. Kaneki who is now Ghoul has no appetite with ordinary human food but his appetite increases as he sees human corpses.

Kaneki chose to restrain his lust and did not want to eat humans. He meets Tohka, a girl who is also a Ghoul and orders kaneki to eat the corpse. Tohka also invites Kaneki to the Ghoul organization and meet a ghoul grandfather but has a good personality.

15. Hi To Genshou No Grimgar

30 Zero to Hero Anime List (Main Leader Initially Weak to Strong)

Talking about a bunch of kids thrown into the video game world, Haruhiro realizes that he has entered a world surrounded by darkness, Why here? What place is this? He felt confused about his existence. Some people also experience the same thing, all they remember is their own name.

When they come out of the darkness, it turns out they are in a fantasy world similar to a video game. Without any memory, without the ability to fight, without carrying money, they must survive. Therefore they condemn a party or a group of several people to hunt together and learn self-defense, this is where they begin to live and adventure together in the grimgar world.

14. Tokyo Ravens

30 Zero to Hero Anime List Main Leader Initially Weak to Strong Tokyo Ravens

Onmyoudou's magic, was once a force technique used by the Japanese during the Second World War so that they could gain excellence and build their Country as a State with a formidable power. But unfortunately Japan suffered a quick defeat after the venerable Onmoyuji Yakou Tsuchimikado brought a catastrophic catastrophe in Tokyo to this day. Because of this incident, the Onmyou Agency has been established to ward off disasters and fight against the demons that hinder their path. Now Onmyoudou is becoming more modern and simple.

Can be used in medicine and technology. But not everything is used with magic. Like Harutora, who is a family member of Tsuchimikado. With his long promise to protect Natsume, heirs of the main family of Tsuchimikado and Yakou are supposed to be reincarnated. Harutora has no talent and chooses to living with normal life. But when prominent members of Onmyou's body tried to re-create an experiment that led to the destruction of Japan, Harutora haurs makes the right decision and fights on Natsume's side.

13. Katekyou Hitman Reborn

30 Zero to Hero Anime List Main Leader Initially Weak to Strong Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Sawada Tsunayoshi, a junior high school student who is regarded as a loser, in his school he is very bad at various lessons in particular he has no talent in sports. Tsuna also has a problem in terms of romance that his favorite person named Sasagawa Kyouko already have a boyfriend.

The sad life of Sawada changed when a person came with a small body called Reborn which turned out he was a number 1 hitman. The purpose and objective of Reborn came to Tsuna's place was to appoint himself as mafia chairman because he was the 9th of the famous Vongola family. Reborn gives Tsuna the ability to "Dying Will" by firing a gun at Tsuna. Afterwards in his life at Tsuna's school who was originally a loser to be a hero.

12. Bleach

30 Zero to Hero Anime List Main Leader Initially Weak to Strong Bleach

Ichigo Kurosaki is a regular high school student from the town of Karakura. He has a mysterious ability to see a spirit of the dead around him. He also often chatted with the spirits. One day he meets a girl wearing a black kimono and uses a sword, he is surprised that ichigo can see the girl. He is a shinigami named Rukia Kuchiki, his reasoning coming to ichigo's house is to exterminate an evil spirit creature named Hollow who likes to eat humans.

The Hollow comes and threatens Ichigo's family because the Hollow feels a strong Ichigo (Reiatsu) spirit pressure. Ichigo tries to fight the hollow but Rukia forbids it, although Ichigo has been warned to keep doing it. But apparently his strength is not enough to fight the Hollow and he is saved by Rukia and badly wounded. Rukia offers Ichigo and tries to give him a little power, but accidentally all the power of Rukia is taken by Ichigo and becomes a powerful Shinigami and eventually he can defeat the Hollow.

Because Rukia's power runs out, now Ichigo must replace Rukia as a Shinigami who eradicate the Hollow in the city of Karakura. As long as he exterminates the Hollow one by one Ichigo's friends help him like Uryu Ishida, Orihime Inoue, and Sado Yasutora.

11. Eureka Seven

30 Zero to Hero Anime List Main Leader Initially Weak to Strong Eureka Seven

In a remote town of Bellforest, there lived a 14-year-old boy named Renton Thurston. He has a desire to leave home and wants to join a mercenary group called GekkoState. Hoping to get an enlightenment that enlightens his life, but he is stuck with his grandfather's insistence on becoming a mechanic like himself and the pressure on his father's legacy of a military researcher.

Renton's excitement is only when he does his hobby, which is a wave of Tapar particles, scattered in the air. On one day there was an object that fell into Renton's garage which turned out to be a robot that could ride a Tapar wave. The robot is known as the Nirvash TypeZero. There was a pilot in the form of a girl named Eureka, a Gekkostate member. A request to fix Nirvash started the new life of Renton with Eureka and the Gekkostate Member.

10. Hajime no Ippo

30 Zero to Hero Anime List Main Leader Initially Weak to Strong Hajime no Ippo

It's about Ippo, a high school teenage student who is often bullied by a rogue without being able to resist. One day, when he was plagued by a rogue, Ippo was helped by a professional boxer named Takamura. He succeeded in getting the guys to flee after removing all their buttons in a few moments.

Ippo is impressed to want to be a boxer like himself. The next day Ippo was brought under a tree and taught using a jab. He must take ten leaves that fall from the tree quickly. After success, he then went to Kamogawa and become a boxer. Ippo boxing career begin from here.

9. Hunter x Hunter 2011

Zero to Hero Anime List Main Leader Initially Weak to Strong Hunter X Hunter

Set in a world where Hunters can do all kinds of dangerous tasks such as catching criminals and daring to find lost treasures that are in unknown territory.

A child, named Gon Frecess is determined to be the best Hunter in hopes of meeting his father who has neglected his son during the Hunter. But Gon soon realizes that his decision is a challenge that he has never imagined. On the way to becoming an official Hunter, he befriends , a training physician Paladiknight Leorio, Kurapika, and Killua the former killer.

To achieve their Goal, together they follow the Hunter Exam with a low success rate and high mortality rate. Along the way they are together fighting against adversity and confronting beings, monsters, and others while learning the meaning of becoming a Hunter.

8. Tengen Toppa Guren Lagan

Zero to Hero Anime List Main Leader Initially Weak to Strong Tangen Toppa Guren Lagan

In the future where humans are forced to live underground without knowing the sky and stars there. On the surface, there is a human-threatening creature called the Beastmen. To fight the beastmen, it takes a robot called Gunmen.

In one village called Giha village, there lived a child named Shimon, he was a shy and humble child. He befriends a man named Kamina, one who is always excited about his modern glasses. One day Shimon dug the ground but he tripped over a luminous object. It shocked Shimon and he showed it to Kamina. Shimon and Kamina realize that the object is the key to controlling the Gunmen robot.

7. Naruto

Zero to Hero Anime List Main Leader Initially Weak to Strong Naruto

A few years ago a nine tailed weasel monster attacked a ninja village called Konoha village, many casualties due to the rampage of the weasel monsters, the ninja there too were overwhelmed to stop the raging monster. The 4th Hokage stopped the rampage of the weasel monsters and sacrificed his life for the safety of the village. Finally he sealed the monster into a child's body, and the child was named Uzumaki Naruto. In his childhood Naruto always live alone, he is shunned by the villagers because they consider naruto as the incarnation of the nine tailed weasel monster.

One day he wanted to become a Hokage and make villagers confess him. Naruto always trained hard in order to pursue his ideals. At the age of 13 at the time of college graduation, Naruto is the only student who did not graduate. But because of an incident where Naruto was asked by Mizuki to steal the forbidden scroll, he could use a thousand shadow stance and his teacher Iruka finally passed it. And now he becomes a ninja and undergoes some dangerous missions with his team of Uchiha sasuke, Haruno Sakura, and his teacher Hatake Kakashi.

After that pass the chunin exam and meet a sanin named Jiraiya who will become the teacher naruto. Some events occur after chunin exams such as the death of the 3rd hokage and the discharge of sasuke from Konoha village. After that Naruto decided to go with Jiraiya and train hard with him for several years. 3 Years later Naruto finally returns after practicing with Jiraiya and getting the progress out of his training.

6. One punch man

Zero to Hero Anime List Main Leader Initially Weak to Strong One Punch Man

A hero who does his work because of Hobby, he is named Saitama. He is a man who has super powers who can defeat his enemy with 1 blow. He lives in a city z, an empty city filled only with monstrous monsters, every day Saitama defeats the monster just a single punch until he gets bored and wants to find a tough person to be able to cheer him up.

Saitama's life changes when he meets a young 19-year-old Cyborg, he is Genos, after Genos sees Saitama's extraordinary power and confesses that he is very strong, he decides to make him a Saitama disciple, besides Genos suggests Saitama to join the Hero Association's group so that Saitama's actions to become heroes are recognized by everyone, unfortunately many are disdainful of Saitama's innocent physical form and some even call themselves false heroes.

5. Shingeki no Kyojin

Zero to Hero Anime List Main Leader Initially Weak to Strong Shingeki no Kyojin

In an age of unknown, mankind almost became extinct because most of them were wiped out by a creature named Titan. The human race was left to survive in an area that is surrounded by three layers of wall called Wall Maria, Mary Rose, and Wall Sina, each wall has a height of about 50 meters a impossibility earned Titan only has high a maximum of 15 m. In the year 845, the startling things that happen,  suddenly appeared a Titan with 60 m height, it was the Colossal Titan.

Colossal Titans easily destroy the door in the Wall that leads to a lot of  8-15 m Titan could go into Wall Maria easily. This causes the inhabitants should evacuate to Wall Rose. Among residents of a displaced Wall Maria there is a boy named Eren Jaegar who viewed his own mother's  death eaten by a Titan who was smiling.

The death of his mother made a vow to finish off the entire Titan that is on the face of the Earth by way of being a soldier and get into the Scout Legion even though previously opposed by his mother before death. 5 years has passed, Eren, Mikasa and Armin has entered the Legion Scout members.

4. Fate / Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works 

Zero to Hero Anime List Main Leader Initially Weak to Strong Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works

The Holy Grail War or Holy Grail War is an ancient tradition held to win a Sacred Grail that supposedly grants any wish, one who follows the holy grail war consists of 7 people, and each of them is required to call a spirit named "Servant", they are Saber, Archer, Lancer, Rider, Caster, Berseker, and Assassin.

To win the Holy Grail War the participants killed each other until only 1 master and his servant left. Tells the story of Tohsaka rin, a girl who follows the holy grail war to continue her family as a Tohsaka family and while performing a spirit-summoning ritual she gets Servant Archer.

Once while Archer was battling with Lancer, a disciple saw their fight and ran away, Lancer stopped the fight and chased him for murder because there were no eyewitnesses during the war. After Rin helps her turn out she is Emiya Shirou. Emiya also accidentally called Servant Sarber and followed the holy grail war with Rin.

3. Danmachi

Zero to Hero Anime List Main Leader Initially Weak to Strong DanmachiOrario is a city with a huge maze underground so the city becomes attractive to people, a man named Cranel Bell who is an adventurer and wants to one day become a strong man.

One day he meets a girl named Hestia, it turns out he is a lonely goddess for having no followers, eventually Bell becomes a follower of the Goddess Hestia and joins Bell for adventure. It began with Bell and Hestia's great adventure to achieve their desires.

2. Dragon Ball

Zero to Hero Anime List Main Leader Initially Weak to Strong Dragon Ball

Son Goku is a young man who lives in the woods alone after his grandfather who named him Gohan has died. He meets a girl named Bulma who makes Goku an adventure looking for a magical object called "Dragon Ball" that is, a ball of 7 pieces and if collected it can grant any request. In his adventures various challenges have been faced until he fought the demon king Picollo.

Until a few years later Goku reappeared for the world martial arts tournament. In his last fight he fought Picollo, the reincarnation of the king of Picollo when he was a childhood opponent. After winning against Picollo, Goku passes another challenge and until finally he lives happily and Married to Chi-chi then having son named Son Gohan. Soon a stronger enemy appeared before the goku, until the appearance of Raditz (Brother of Goku), Vegeta, Frieza, Cell, until Majin Buu. A few months later After the Majin Buu Incident is Goku's last enemy in the Dragon Ball Z series. Goku and others live the ordinary everyday life. But the Earth is threatened again by the coming of a creature that has awakened from its sleep for thousands of years, it is named "Beerus", the gods call it the "Destroyer God".

He has a tremendous power, he can destroy the universe if he wants. He intends to meet the remaining Saiyan people to find information about Super Saiyan God. One day when Goku drills to North Kaio's place he meets with Beerus and asks about Super Saiyan God but none of them know about him. Goku is curious with Beerus's power and asks him to show his strength. Apparently after demonstrating his strength and fighting Goku, the result was unexpected. Goku's strongest form of Super Saiyan 3 defeated easily. Next Beerus intends to come to earth to ask Super Saiyan God, if there is a thing that bother Beerus, then he did not hesitate to destroy the Earth. How is Goku's fate and the creature of the earth in the face of Beerus. Can Goku know about Super Saiyan God ??

1. Boku no Hero Academia

Zero to Hero Anime List Main Leader Initially Weak to Strong Boku no Hero Academia

In A world where the unique power that emerges in the human being is called "Quirks", ie An ability where people possess that ability then they gain unique power such as manipulating elements. Midoriya Izuku, an ambitious schoolboy and has no desire just to be a hero like her favorite All Might.

Yet he himself suffered a less fortunate fate. He has no power whatsoever, when he comes from a powerful parent. One day Izuku meets her hero's idol All Might, the legendary hero who is on the statue, He says that he chose Izuku as his successor.

For months Izuku practiced the class, Her powerless self did not make Izuku give up to pursue her dream. Eventually he enrolls and joins the Yuei School (UA) to become a hero, assisted by All Might. Izuku Struggling to enters Yuei School and competes with other students start from here.