Will Vegeto be returning to the Tournament to Against Jiren?

Will Vegeto be returning to the Tournament to Against Jiren?

Vegeto reappear to fight Jiren ?? the destiny of the 7th Universe is getting closer. Goku and his comrades began to struggle against other enemies of the universe, especially Jiren. In episode 114 Dragon Ball Super fans have been surprised by the allowed use of potara in the tournament.

It has been shown in episode 114 that Cale and Kaulifla perform fusion using potara. Whereas in the rules, should not use tools to fight, but unexpected that Potara was allowed to be used in tournament strength. And because of this, Is there a possibility of a vegeto emergence once again after fighting zamasu ??

Will Vegeto be returning to the Tournament to Against Jiren?

Inside the tournament have been explained some rules to the participants one of them the participants should not use tools or weapons to facilitate the fight, but during the tournament there have been some rules that have been violated.

it turns out the rules may be violated if the god of everything or Zeno interested in the ability of the tools used. Just like when Muten Roshi was wearing a bottle while using a mafuba technique to seal a 4th class universe warrior named Dercori.

It should be against the rules but, Zeno says that it is safe because they are interested in Muten Roshi's Mafuba stance. So for the Potara usage case Zeno is also likely to see it and they allow the merger between Kale and Caulifla into Kefura.

Will Vegeto be returning to the Tournament to Against Jiren?

From this, it is possible that the 7th Universe will also use the potential for participants especially for Goku and Vegeta. Yet although there is a possibility for fusion, Goku and Vegeta will probably refuse to fuse because of the self-esteem of a saiyan and the nature of the fighting maniac of pure saiyan from within them.

They prefer to fight on their own rather than borrow power to others. If they have not been in a very urgent and difficult situation, they will certainly refuse to merge potara, even situations such as against buu and zamasu, where they have no chance to win and the earth are threatened to perish, they have refused to join even though finally joined also by forced.

And in their current situation in the tournament, there has not been a very urgent situation that happened to the 7th universe, even the jiren may still be able to be defeated with the power of Ultra Instinct Goku without the help of the merger of Vegeto.

But if it is Toei Animation or Akira Toriyama's will, then Vegeto may be able to come up with a variety of other reasons and there is a time to be forced to rejoin such a state when they are confronted by the Buuhan or Merged Zamasu.