Top 30 Isekai Anime (Main Character Trapped in Another World)

Top Isekai Anime (Main Character Trapped in Another World)

Anime Transported another world, The best Isekai Anime is much-loved by anime lovers now because very interesting in terms of stories, characters, and others. Because of this, many writers are making a series with an Isekai-themed story, where the main character is thrown into another world.

Many studios also adapted the Isekai-themed Anime from both Manga and Light Novel sources, as the series allowed the studios to benefit more. So this time I will share the recommendation of best isekai anime.

30. Restaurant to Another World

Restaurant to Another World - Top Isekai Anime (Main Character Trapped in Another World)

In a Downstairs building with a dog warning board, precisely in a shopping area located in a nearby office. In the place there is a cafeteria called "Youshoku no Nekoya", there is a illustration picture of a cat in the door. The cafeteria has been open for 50 years and has made many customers especially employees from the nearest office happy with the services provided.

There the cafe is available western cuisine as the main menu, but there also presents another varied menu for people who come from another world, which is the only menu and only exist in Nekoya. But the Cafe has a secret. Every Saturday, the cafe is closed to the public with the intention of creating a path for special guests. When the bell rings, customers coming from different places and customers of different races arrive. They asked some strange yet delicious menu. Actually the menu is served the same as the customers of the office workers. But special guests consider it an exotic dish and different from what they eat. As a cafeteria that aims to share his work, it is called Isekai Shokudou.

29. Kyou Kara Maou

Kyou Kara Maou - Top Isekai Anime (Main Character Trapped in Another World)

The story revolves around a Japanese schoolgirl named Yuri Shibuya, one day, he sees one of his classmates, Ken Murata, having been buzzed by intruders. Thanks to Yuri who intervened in the matter, Ken survived and escaped. But unfortunately, Yuri even become the next target by the bullies. She was tortured, put in a women's toilet, and put her head in. However, there is a strange thing. The water inside the toilet is like an entrance to another world. After Yuri was tortured to fainting, he was thrown off in another world after he woke up.

The world looks like it was in medieval Europe, and people there do not use the Japanese language. After he was taken to the city and into the castle, Yuri was shown as the next Demon King because of his black hair and eyes, where only a descendant of the Demon King had only these features. There he meets some people from the evil clan of Gwendal von Voltaire and Wolfram von Bielefeld who feel that Yuri is not worthy of being the next Devil King, but because of some accidental and endless incident that caused Yuri to engage in a fight, her magic and make her win and Yuri began to be recognized as the next Devil King. As a Devil King, Yuri tries to learn how to become a true Demon King and wants to create a peace between Satan and Man.

28. Endride

Endride - Top Isekai Anime (Main Character Trapped in Another World)

A 15-year-old Junior Student Asanaga Shun, who has an optimistic and always cheerful nature, One day, Shun sees a mysterious crystal coming from his father's office which is a businessman and a scientist. When Shun touches the object, the world of distortion opens and causes Shun to be thrown into a world called Endra.

On the other hand, in the kingdom of Endra, Emilio, a prince from the kingdom of Endra has almost entered his 16th age. He hated the ruler of the Endra kingdom of Delzain. He wants revenge on him. Since his age has sufficed as an heir to the throne, Emilio tries to take weapons and attack Delzain. But the action was prevented by him because Emilio is still weak and eventually he put Emilio into prison. When Emilio was desperate, a gate of disorder opened and Shun appeared at the venue. Now Shun has two options: Help Emilio for revenge or find a way to get back to his world. The future of two children born from two different worlds has been waiting for them.

27. Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar

Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar - Top Isekai Anime (Main Character Trapped in Another World)

Mysteriously, Kenshi Masaki, a 15-year-old boy found himself entering another world. The world is called Geminar. After he enters the world, Kenshi is entangled by a mysterious organization that asked him to become a pilot of a machine that is Sacred Mechanoid.

The organization promises to return Kenshi to his world as long as he has to kill a young ruler from the Shtrayu Kingdom, the Lashara Earth XVIII. But running it is not easy. Kenshi ends up being caught as a prisoner and supervised by Lashara and one of his bodyguards. After knowing the sad situation of Kenshi, Lashara decided to make her a subordinate. After that he traveled with Lashara and his bodyguard, Chiaia Flann to Holy Land, an impenetrable fortress and a training venue to become a pilot of Sacred Mechanoid. As long as Lashara's subordinate, Kenshi had to accept some of the oddities that happened to Geminar's world and find out how he was back where it should be.

26. Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri

Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri - Top Isekai Anime (Main Character Trapped in Another World)

Japan Self-Defense Forces (JSDF)], Youji Itami, one of the JSDF troops who were an otaku was attending a doujin show in Ginza. At that moment suddenly a huge mysterious gate appeared in the city of Tokyo. From the gates, fantasy creatures emerged and some troops in medieval clothing. They appeared and tried to attack Tokyo. Youji swiftly brought the citizens to a safe place and the Japanese Army troops attacked the creatures also finally won over the progress technology owned by JSDF.

Three months after the assault, Youji was assigned to enter the world behind the gate and set up a reconnaissance team. He got the task of learning what was there and as much as possible to make friends with the local people there to establish good relations with the kingdom there. But if they fail, they have to face the consequences of facing war between the two worlds.

25. Re: Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

Re: Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu - Top Isekai Anime (Main Character Trapped in Another World)

While shopping in a shop, Natsuki Subaru, a teenage boy who runs his daily life. The strange thing happened after he shopped, Subaru suddenly thrown into a different world without knowing who called him. While in a fantasy world, he is very confused and feels that something is not good. Soon he encountered a rogue. Unable to deal with it, only the groceries and mobile phones that he brought, Subaru was beaten to the battered by the rogue. After that he was helped by a beautiful silver-haired  girl who was a half-elf.

She is Emillia, coincidentally Emillia is also looking for such a delinquent for stealing her badge. After being helped, Subaru offers Emilie's help to find what he is looking for. At night, Subaru finds the badge sought, but they do not know that he has been watched by a mysterious figure. After they find the badge, Emillia and Subaru are killed. But after the murder, Subaru was shocked and he was at the starting place he appeared, Subaru finally realized that he had an ability to return from scratch after death.

24. Overlord

Overlord - Top Isekai Anime (Main Character Trapped in Another World)

Yggdrasil is a virtual reality online game that will soon be disabled and closed, Momonga, a player who really likes the game, does not want to log out and prefers to keep logging in because he still wants to enjoy it much longer. But surprisingly, Momonga cannot get out of the game.

Momonga is forced to stay alive with a skull-shaped avatar (Skeleton Lich) who has the power as the strongest magician. The strangeness happens not only that he is trapped in the game, but the NPCs in the game that previously behaved under the program now have their own emotions and minds like humans. Momonga's survival story in the game begins with her starting to defend her guild from the royal soldiers.

23. In Another World With My Smartphone

In Another World With My Smartphone - Top Isekai Anime (Main Character Trapped in Another World)

After Death due to a mistake committed by God, Touya Mochizuki is permitted to demand any request instead by the Godhead and he will be reincarnated to another World.

He just asks his physical body to be more useful and keep bringing his Smartphone but useful in another world. After he was in the next world, He meets important people and gets various allies. No Longer then, Touya also gained inheritance from ancient intercepts and he adventurously relaxed for gaining power beyond the power of the kings of various ancient civilizations.

22. The Boy and the Beast (Bakemono no Ko)

The Boy and the Beast (Bakemono no Ko) - Top Isekai Anime (Main Character Trapped in Another World)

The story of two people who have a stubborn personality and a high fighting spirit, At the age of 9 years, a child named Ren, has been left by his mother for having an accident, his father also left Ren somewhere where, while his extended family is very far away. Feeling hopeless, Ren decides to leave home and try to fight for his own life on the streets.

On the other hand, in a Shibuten Beast world, there is a dreaded, disliked, and even disrespected animal warrior. He is Kumatetsu. One day, when the King decides to retire and will become a God, Kumatetsu becomes one of the candidates to replace his position. He and Iozan are the strongest in his country. But Kumatetsu is a person who has an anti-social nature that never gets the least followers. He will prove that he can, and if still cannot prove it, he will not be a serious competitor. One day he meets with Ren who is feeling desperate. Ren initially refused Komatetsu's offer to be his student. However after Ren follows him to get lost into the animal world and cannot return to his world, Ren finally becomes Komatetsu's pupil and he changes Ren's name to "Kyuuta". Destiny that brings two people who have a stubborn nature, They teach each other, but both have a sense of worry, nothing is done easily. As Kyuuta, Ren adjusts his new life in his new home. Realizing himself that he has been in another world.

21. Drifters

Drifters - Top Isekai Anime (Main Character Trapped in Another World)

In 1600 there was a fight, called the Battle of Sekigahara. Toyohisa Shimazu, one of the soldiers who were in the rearguard of the retreating troops and severely injured. But as he was walking with his bloody body, he was suddenly taken to a mysterious place.

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A white aisle with many doors on either side. He was only confronted by a bespectacled man named Murasaki. soon Toyohisa opened the door closest to him, and behind the door, Toyohisa was in a world different from the world he lived. There are many living fantasy creatures such as elves, dwarves, dragons, and others. But in the world, it was in a state of war. There Toyohisa met with other Soldiers like himself who have experienced the same thing. They are a group called "Drifters".

They must fight the "Ends", those who have established Orte's rule, take over the world, and kill the Drifters. To get stronger, "Ends" tortures the elves and other creatures. The destiny of the world is determined by the actions of Toyohisa and other unusual group members, protecting the earth and against the Ends.

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