Super Saiyan Blue Anime Vs Manga Dragon Ball Super

Super Saiyan Blue Anime Vs Manga Dragon Ball Super

Super Saiyan Blue or Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, is a new form obtained by Son Goku and Vegeta after undergoing training under the guidance of Whis by admitting various difficult exercises to gain and control the Gods KI to be fully controlled. This form is a special form that is not haphazardly used to fight the enemy. In order to use this Form, it takes an opponent with a very strong level of strength. But it is known in the Anime and Manga versions, it turns out there are big differences in the use of the strongest Form. What is the Difference? Which is more appropriate? Let's look at the following discussion.

Super Saiyan Blue Anime Version

Super Saiyan Blue Anime Vs Manga Dragon Ball Super

Basic Theory of Super Saiyan Blue was originally no different from the manga version, It has been said before that Super Saiyan Blue is the only strongest form that only two Saiyan, Goku and Vegeta.

However, in Goku's battle against the 6th Universe Hit, a new fact is found that Super Saiyan Blue is an easily controlled form compared to the ordinary Super Saiyan because the Blue form is the Form used with the Gods Ki which can be controlled quietly, and can be expelled anytime.

That's why Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken is created, where Super Saiyan Blue is used with good ki control and not too burdensome body, can be added with North Kaio creation technique that can cause side effects in the form of user's body load after finished using it.

Super Saiyan Blue Anime Vs Manga Dragon Ball Super

Another theory of the anime Super Saiyan Blue has been revealed when Goku undergoes training with Krillin and Android 17. In the fight, Goku uses Super Saiyan Blue power.

Scriptwriter of the Dragon Ball Super anime, also revealed that Goku who uses Super Saiyan Blue can be used for the purpose of motivating his / her friends. That means Super Saiyan Blue that uses the power of gods, its level can be lowered to the lowest level.

This is evidenced when Goku who use Super Saiyan Blue Form against Krillin and Android 17, they can give a little resistance when fighting with Goku. Something similar happened when Goku fought against Kale who went berserk.

Goku uses Super Saiyan Blue Form and attacks Kale with Kamehameha, but surprisingly Kamehameha Goku does not work at all. of the fight, it is likely to be said that Goku refrained with his Super Saiyan Blue form to fight Kale.

Super Saiyan Blue Manga Version

Super Saiyan Blue Anime Vs Manga Dragon Ball Super

Super Saiyan Blue here is considered as the strongest form and its use should be highly noticed, unlike the Anime version that can be used anytime, in Manga, if it does wrong on its use, then the combat power can be reduced. Like what Vegeta did during the tournament between Universe 6 and Universe 7. When against Hit, Vegeta using Super Saiyan Blue form can be defeated. But after Goku also use the same form, the result is different and Goku Power is superior to Hit.

In the Dragon Ball Super Chapter 13 Manga, Whis says that Super Saiyan Blue is a form that can not be used to continue to take care, to change into that form takes a lot of Stamina. seen from the defeat of Vegeta while against Hit, the possible cause is strength of his Super Saiyan Blue weakened because, in the previous fight, which is against Cabba, Vegeta already uses it.

Another fact gained from the Super Saiyan Blue Manga version is when Goku against Merged Zamasu in Black Saga. of the battle is shown that the Super Saiyan Blue that is owned by Son Goku, has not reached full strength and after their battle, Goku only reached Full Power.

A similar occurrence when Vegeta mastered Super Full-Power Super Saiyan while being training a match against Beerus. Full Power Super Saiyan Blue, in the manga, a blue aura that is usually seen, has been sealed in the body, and its power increases sharply.

For this level, in the anime version does not exist. Because in the anime version, Super Saiyan Blue from the beginning has been controlled 100% can even be added with Kaioken technique.

From Comparison of the two theories, it was concluded that the Manga Version should be more appropriate and more organized than the Anime version because the Manga version is made as directed by the creator Dragon Ball Akira Toriyama. Many assume that Super Saiyan Blue can be used in a state of no seriousness, and some combine theories of manga and anime versions and culminate in confusing the Dragon Ball fans. Hopefully, with articles that are shared, you can compare the Super Power of Saiyan Blue correctly. If there is another opinion. You can write your opinion in the comments field.