Beerus Using the Ultra Instinct Technique in Dragon Ball Super Manga

Beerus Using the Ultra Instinct Technique in Dragon Ball  Super Manga

Dragon Ball Super 1-hour special episode is the episode with the best moment in dragon ball super story. From the episode has aired an intense fight between Goku and Jiren. Super Saiyan Blue plus 20x Kaioken, was not affected by the strongest fighters of the 11th universe.

Even the strongest attack Goku that Genkidama successfully restored easily by Jiren. From this episode has also been shown Goku issued a new power that is certainly different from usual.

Many think that the power is the next form of Super Saiyan Blue, but Once it is known that the Being is a famous technique among the gods is "Migatte No Gokui" or can be called with "Ultra Instinct".

Ultra Instinct is a high-level technique and it is difficult to even the technique is difficult to be mastered by the God of Destruction. This technique is basically, only the Angel can master it and also this technique can only be done by Angel and God of Destruction. But who would have thought, ordinary Saiyan Man like Goku was able to fully master this very difficult technique.

In the Dragon Ball Super Anime episode 109-110, Goku gets the Ultra Instinct technique after losing a power collision to drive Genkidama. After losing, Goku is hit by his own Genkidama.

And that's where, when Genkidama Energy starts into the body of Goku, it happens the resistance between Goku's Strength and Genkidama's Energy Strength, thereby making Goku destroy the limits of his innermost potential, and after that, he gains a new awareness that can trigger the release of the Ultra Instinct.

On the other side of the Dragon Ball Super Chapter 28 Manga, during the Battle Royale fight between the destructive gods, Beerus also uses the same techniques as Goku's Ultra Instinct.

eople who use Ultra Instinct look with a calm face and have the ability to move on their own. with the same flat expression as Goku, Beerus avoids all attacks from the destructive Gods with his own instinct and his own moving body.

On the other hand, when Goku releases the Ultra Instinct, he has the power, velocity, and reflexes that are very different from the usual, Even the attacks of Toppo and Dyspo can be easily overcome by Goku.

From the comparison of the two battles, it has been concluded that Goku succeeded in mastering the 100% Ultra Instinct, judging by the aura around his body, the silver eyes, the cold gaze, and the different movements as what Gohan said.

But Goku Ultra Instinct is only temporary, while Beerus can use Ultra Instinct technique that is permanent but not 100%. Judging from, by the time Beerus evades the attacks of the other destructive gods by itself because of the ultra instinct he has. But since Beerus had not yet mastered it, he was caught by Mosco. Judging from the circumstances, there is no aura or a different being like Goku.